Good, Inexpensive Fish Finder that works for Catfishing: Preview/Review

This time on wildcatters TV, Steve guides you through the confusing and expensive world of electronics or fish finders
Steve shows some real on the water demos with one of the best inexpensive depth finders that will work right out of the box for anglers with little or no experience.
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Voice over by Uncle Harley


Orlos The Druid says:


On SUNDAY June 3, 2018…..I was shopping AMAZON and found some casting spoons and irons for spanish macks and kingfish that I wanted for a coming trip to Florida. I also picked up on a new Penn reel and a new tackle bag.
When I went to check out, it was about 9:30 AM…..S U N D A Y ……..SUNDAY DANGIT! My order was delivered by 7pm that same day…..SUNDAY!

S U N D A Y……….

All I can say is….DAYUM!

ggonguet says:

i used to buy cheap fishing gear, unless you are fishing for monsters that reef you regularly on 100$ lures, then i would highly recommend buying something that will last first time around. Now that i have my top end setup, i have all these cheaper gear from when i was younger that i am trying to sell of and get rid off and their is quite a bit of money there

Nathan Warrick says:

I work for usps and we enjoy having the extra business from amazon, but at the same time we don’t get paid any extra to deliver it and are still expected to get back at certain times

Shawn Powell says:

I don’t know if anyone noticed but the jigs have a very strong resemblance to savage gers jigs that go for last time I looked $15

Armen V says:

We get it you’re a racist Donald trump supporter

Joe Bleaux says:

I run an optical business. Thankfully my business can require special care(that cannot be found online) to satisfy patient needs. At the same time i sell some of our products online as well with the benefit of having a professional that can take care of them.

I have many younger patients that get burned with ordering crap glasses online and they come into an actual optical to get taken care of properly. Many of these online shoppers come in to my shop and are blown away because they are not getting harassed or goaded to buy this or that on display! We actually tell people what products are good for them(and why) or a waste of there money(and why). Most products in my business cost the same if not less then they do online. (People do not know that there is more then one single vision lens for example)

There are many people that will buy products(and services) from real life people because it is getting harder and harder to find places that really take care of you. Most humans remember how they are treated more then the cost of products.

As a brick and mortar store I have to combat with other stores online and off line everyday. I can compete with prices online and off line well enough. What i offer that not all stores do is top notch care and service that makes many people lifetime patients.

This is a reason why i shop in person most of the time. I frequent amazon and other online stores for those times like you said in this video.
One of the biggest changes i see coming in the business world is more and more small businesses with big backers such as buying groups that enable a small to compete.

The scary thing is this though,There are people out in this world who really do not like to interact with other people because they are afraid of dealing with humans.

…i just had a mind dump happen…i’m sorry! I hope you read this. Your video really got me thinking about a lot of things that are important for people to think about.

Tight lines!

Robert Gerber says:

You have to do your research on everything you come across before you buy. If you can’t pronounce the brand name or the name has nothing to do with fishing it’s a big red flag.

JCaprice Florida Fishing says:

I have been researching China lures to import and re-sell in the states. There are a lot of cheaply made lures that look good in photos, but are inferior lures. Those big poppers, made by NOEBY, are high quality lures. That particular model is actually a surface trolling lure. I have only identified 3 manufacturers that offer high quality lures with VMC 4X trebles. The next problem is purchasing 1000 units of the same model and size. Add in freight and import taxes and its a scary chunk of money. As soon as I have the money to invest and the nerve to buy, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the video. You have identified more lures to avoid!

CG Max says:

Chinese junk…typical Amazon crap….they need to be broken up with anti-trust laws. Great video Elias.

David Coderre says:

love the coffee mug bro…and the digital “lure weighing scale” lol


seen that crazy af chit that looked like dik-n- balls last week i was lmfao bigtime was going to get for a prank lol.

Broaaakkkaaa says:

I’ve watched about 10 videos of yours today and I gotta say this is my favorite channel

Christopher Ickes says:

review some fishing products off of joot or wish app please!

Paul Merritt says:

Great video explaining what you are seeing on the lowrance….Thank you so much!

charles c says:

I do not see what you are talking bout cause I sure as hell aint seen no hit or fish


I wouldn’t buy I twice if the hook was bent
and the jig looks very good I bet it works well for sea bass especially if you changed the white skirt too a red one

I just fishing says:

Thanks really helpfull

tlsmoke23 says:

To my #1 local yacker. I could sell those poppers $50 each. lol


$100 pryanha 197 from hummingbird is way cheaper. I seriously think anything more than a depthfinder is bs for fishing. Know your species of fish and known depths. Anything more is just as bad as deer hunters who have feed bins year around and camp for easy kills. Completely destroys the idea of hunting and fishing. Sport fishing is crap too. As they say dont shoot an animal unless you plan on eating them. Sorry dave but some of the stuff on youtube push for cpr, tagging fish etc defeats the purpose of fish conservation just especially those who tag fish etc and still still sportfish. Cant say dont out fish and hook them in same breath without being a hypocrite. I love fishing but i eat what i catch. Im not there to make a sport out of it. Fishing should be %10 skill and %70 patience %20 luck not throwing dynamite in a bucket.

Uncle Heffe says:

Don’t assume they are junk, you are not the one eating them. I have spent years dumping cheap, stiff rubber lures away. On two tone baits especially. While the tail looks too stiff to wiggle, the whole bait can have a wobbling cadence, and presents a light/dark thing.(i.e. Tsunami eel).

greg Sean says:

The intro is kind of corny

David Ward says:

The dick is no joke

John Beaman says:

Its just a bunch of lines on a screen. you cant tell what is what on that. 4:12 “The orange is the fish” Which orange I counted 21 orange spots on that screen.

Tom Waskom says:

Excellent video Steve.  Very well described and illustrated.  Just can’t get much better than that.  Thanks, Tom

jbolin105 says:

Another great video Steve. Was wandering where your transducer is located for that unit.

Jonathan Watts says:

I got the elite7 chirp and wanna get another or the 5x

W Barney says:

right on alias. spot on assessment of the market

W Barney says:


Clarence Smith says:

Thank You Steve on all the information on how to use a Fish Finder and how to identify fish and your bait,I just recent picked up a Humminbird 798ci SI HD Combo,I want to buy a 2nd fish finder to have setup on the bow of my boat and I think the Lowrance Elite-5x CHIRP Fish Finder or the Humminbird Helix 5 DI Fish Finder GPS Combo will be one of my next purchases..

David Wagner says:

Everyone should/do have there own Opinion on everything thru life..I’ve bought things on amazon and stuff was broke but also was perfect but if it is/was broken or wrong item AMAZON WILL REFUND FULL COST OR REPLACE IT… so it is a great biz..

Frederick Rassmann says:

beach bomber fishing bought the penis looking lure and he used it in one of his videos and believe it or not he actually caught fish with it. the funny thing about this was when he caught fish he would ask other anglers to unhook the fish,you should have seen their reactions ..priceless!!

Dale Feazell says:

waest of money if u know where to fish I had 1 just like yours and I Dropped it in the 57 foot of water with a 30 Lbs .of brinks ! and it was new!

Rachel Thompson says:

I bought plumbing parts from Amazon and sent them back due poor quality. I bought a brand name from them instead, I got the parts, it was the same junk but with a different badge. Lesson learned, when I need quality construction material I go to an industry supplier like I always did before. It’s hard to find a trade professional lumberyard,plumbing or electrical supply house anymore with box stores and Amazon eating the markets. Customers don’t know that the quality of everything is way down and they generally won’t pay for quality anyway when its offered. People are stupid and that is how Amazon and box stores get away with selling junk. Quality doesn’t matter anymore to the market. Price is, sadly, king.

PonyFoot123 says:

Chinese bullshit. I hate seeing that junk

CatFish 911 says:

ok $400.00 to $600.00 is a cheap fishfinder for him… Maybe he needs to be in the real world and not sponsored and have to pay for more… Title is so misleading… Good, Inexpensive Fish Finder that works for Catfishing The key word is INEXPENSIVE….

LatdkaTube says:

All I got was whiptail shad and jigging shad for Chesapeake Bay made by some guy in NY…

Welder Nate says:

I went with the Deeper fish finder since I don’t own a boat.

Cody Blandford says:

I’m Kevin blandford’s son. Just wondering if you’d ever have time to let me tag along on the Ohio some time?

Will T says:

Same here, great job describing how it works!

LouisianaSuperdome says:

These are all sold by resellers that buy bulk from China. You can go on aliexpress and buy all this stuff for at least half the price with free shipping.

Steve Shull says:

That’s awesome, I have watched your prior videos an try to understand what you were seeing.  Now I get it, that is great info, simple an easy love it

Quabbin with Coop says:

Great video as usual Elais. But you really cant knock the hooks. Even Sebiles and Daiwa SP Minnows have crap rings and hooks out of the box. And those are 10-20$ ea..

FISH ON says:

Glad to see the another manufacturer offering CHIRP.  It makes a big difference.   I’ve been using CHIRP for the last couple years really like it. Thanks for the video

KentDrumz says:

Good video once again,

pete langevin says:

Great video, well though out and reviews are spot on.

Ross McClure says:

Elite 7*
Wow. Big difference in price from the hds7!
The elite5 is still a way better unit than my 5ds. The one I got won’t hardly show a dang catfish on the bottom. Can’t hardly tell the difference between a fish and structure.
I’m ready to upgrade. Thanks.

TheOutdoorsman says:

nice rig, ive always used hummnbirds but might be in the market to upgrade. This one might due just fine. The way we used to drift fish back home was to drag it on bottom(lakes) havnt done much river drifting. I never tried 3-5′ off the bottom, but im not used to fishing for blues. You get any flatheads up off the bottom like that?

Abraham Rojas says:


rainy78 says:

What do you mean wont break the bank? LOL You must be wiping your ass with $100’s

Hostile123 says:

Steve, Will this unit show a thermocline in sonar mode?

PIPELAYER 818 says:

Lowrance Fishfinder Hook-3X with XDCR 83/200. is this a decent one Steve or do you know. it’s a cheaper one i don’t have a big boat etc 6hp Johnson if that tells you anything lol. but i have been wanting a cheaper one that can still show the thermocline as well as most things you see on your big screen. i don’t need all the GPS split screen etc etc I just need to find the fish lol

Catfish and Carp says:

How to your transmitter does your rod need to be to pick up bait on the sonar? Looked like your rod was about 4 feet to the side of your sonar but still picking it up at 50-60 feet down.

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