Garmin Striker 7 SV on the water


Travis Asbury says:

When I hooked mine up the side scan and down scan would not work and was saying there was a short circuit for some reason (regular sonar worked fine). However I didn’t run a wire from the negative post of my battery up to that yellow screw on the back; do you think that could have been the problem? I went ahead and ordered a replacement and sent mine back because I assumed that transducer/cable may have been messed up. Not having much luck finding information on this particular problem.

silentbravo says:

How is this holding up, still working well?

Armin Gradisic says:

great video, waiting for mine to arrive and can’t wait to use it!!!!


Do you have a part number?

Wesley Wardlaw says:

Nice video man. This really helped my opinion. Subscribe to me and I will shout you out.

Syco Man says:

How bad is the glare on a sunny day compaired to others.

Fifty0ne says:

This on Moraine? Looked like it judging by the launch in the background. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new unit, at least something with down scan/chirp. Been looking at some of the lowrances.

RollTide35756 says:

Great detailed video! Viewing this video just cost me $419. I’m ordering one now! Thanks.

Travis Parsons says:

If you unplug the unit does it lose all memory settings you made??

Stephen Johnston says:

Thanks for taking the time to share man. Great work. Great Sounder!

Scotty says:

Will this fishfinder survive a Capsise in a kayak ?

crvic93 says:

thanks for posting this video. im going to buy my first fish finder this weekend. im just gunna buy the striker 5dv. next time you get a chance it would be awsome if you could explain more about identifying the fish and how you can estimate what they are on the sonar. . thanks agin.

kim herrick says:

Thanks, I am just as enthused seeing what the bottom looks like as the fish~ appreciate the share –

Mooch says:

Where did you mount this on the transom, dead center, jack plate ect.

Godsson5335 says:

have you tried to put in way points by coordinates yet on this unit

PucketyCrik says:

This is the best demonstration of the Garmin fishfinder I’ve seen. No hype, no trying to sell me something. Just you showing how it works in real life. I’m looking at the 5cv and it looks like it’s worth buying. I guess I’ll retire my old Lowrance x-25.

D Kat says:

Great video thanks this is better than a tv program thanks!

Mark Schuckert says:

Very good video. What is the max. depth scan?

stump265 says:

Lol I like your style bass chaser ” when there stacked up like that they could be crappie I don’t know” most of the time I don’t know either. Technology can be overwhelming.

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