Garmin Striker 5 DV/CV Overview/Review

A quick rundown of the new unit I just picked up!


Td Heaton says:

hello just wondering how you go about setting the time on this unit.any help appreciated

Noel Muscat says:

garmin straker7sv with tranduser gt15m works in 150 miters???

Peter Haskin says:

Very nice!

The Bopper says:

Will it pick up fish in shallow water 4-8′??

Michael Reagan says:

Nice overview, very helpful. Thanks!

sebastian niemiec says:

Thank you so very much for that video.
I just learned from it that I cant use real maps.
So I stay with my black and white lowarance with maps. Save.

Eric Ulch says:

Hey how do I identify which transducer I have? You have to select the right one during start up but the manual does not tell you which one came with the unit


how do you change the sensitivty? thanks

Mike Ramos says:

my fish icons look different. plus they don’t actually show on the screen when i’m in the water. any ideas?

Jayson Hinton says:

Did you put this on your Heritage?

Dawid Grusza says:

I just got my Striker and I don’t know how to set a current time…could You help?

Vladimir Guerrero says:

would you recommend that for sailing?

Buck Nasty says:

How do you get it out of split screen,, right now its showing two in traditional view,,and its annoying 🙂

Domenico De Caro says:

buon giorno a tutti ma nn ce un vidio italiano per caso

John Boyd says:

the frequency is in megahertz likely not size of view more likely a faster send and return of signal.

Jim C. says:

Useful video, thank you. The 7SV is my first fish finder and you pointed out a couple of things I didn’t know I could do. I’ve been having difficulty with waypoints in particular. I guess I need to edit them to give them a name in order to save them. I’m looking forward to using the flasher off the docks this winter.

BassGeek says:

kHz stands for kilohertz and you are correct larger the number smaller the area. Good video and trust me once you get used to the down scan you won’t be about to live without it. Wait until you try Side Scan.

Jeff Georgalas says:

Stop using the word “basically”.  You sound like a fucking idiot.  It either is or it isn’t.  Nothing is basically.  Basic, basically……fucking moron.  You might as well start using the word “like” every third word like the rest of the fucking morons.  You didn’t “just basically set it on the simulator mode”.  You either did set it on the simulator mode or you didn’t asswipe.

Vittorio Satta says:

Ma in lingua italiana non esiste

John's Fish Tales says:

Finally a good video explaining this unit.

kyliebug1212 says:

What is the difference between the CV and DV models. Thanks great video

John Carrascal says:

Does this take a bluechart chip to help with navigation?

Ed Nesbit says:

very helpful I just bought my first fishfinder the 5dv and I have no clue how to use it there’s no dvd and need even more than this ï need to learn how to use the GPS and track the boat all day

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