Garmin Striker 4 Review! Full specs + Why it’s the best $100 range fish locator on the market.

Review on the Garmin Striker 4. Why I think spending $20 more is worth it!
Garmin Striker 4 ON THE WATER:
Garmin – Amazon link: (Affiliate)

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Patrick Hershey says:

Thanks for the review. Just bought one for my Outback.

YakMan NC says:

Just got into kayak fishing.. and looking for <$150 FFs.  This is one of the two that I like.  The other is the Raymarine Dragonfly 4, which is only $99.I have to find more reviews specifically ones with kayaks.

bobby lathem says:

question,, when I cut the simulator on,, I get the screen I am looking for ,,, but when I go to the lake,,, my screen does not show that screen when I cut on the traditional ,,, it will only show that format that is a simulated tape ,, I need it to show my lake,, is there something I need to cut on to make it show that type screen when fishing my lake.. thanx

Matthew says:

can u only hook the transducer onto a trolling motor or can i attach it to my 2.5 hp outboard motor

Gra S says:

Great video! Thanks for posting =)

ljeffe says:

Great video. A lot better than most. Thanks

josh shep says:

Thanks for sharing, I ordered one yesterday and your video sealed the deal (wasn’t sure what I wanted at first). #Garminpaythisguy

Yourworst NIGHTmare says:

hey ya its me again,the sounder is good but I still have a problem to know which one is fish which one is not fish.can we change fish simbols on the sonar?

keeganz papa says:

If I am fishing from a canoe would this unit be advisable? If I mount the transducer on the bottom of the TM, which Is next to me so I can steer, I would then pass over the fish by the time they show up on the screen? Turning around while sitting in a canoe to cast is not easy. Any suggestions on a more forward mount?

Biggp279 says:

Does this give water temp as well? Do I need any other hardware for that? Cool video. Thanks!

Lou LouM says:

Thanks, nicely done. Sold me

Lorne Smith says:

Thank you for your time and insight. Very helpful.

zacharycchen says:

Hi there, how tall is the unit from the bottom of the base to the top when positioned horizontally? (Fully tilted so it is flat or parallel with the ground) I am planning on purchasing a unit but I am also going to purchase a hard case to make it portable so I am trying to figure out which case to buy. Thanks in advance.

Dennis Morris says:

i plan on buying one for my sailboat. thx for the review.

Franklin Owens says:

great video. …. what mode do you use to find catfish on the bottom???? I used it on a lake I found fish I seen the icons for as fish etc but never seen fish at rhe bottom so my question is what would u look for

damion trinity says:

thanx for ur awesome video!! I will be purchasing this unit for my 17ft deep v nxt wk!! for all the features it has and the amazing price I cant go wrong! as a guy thats got a family too feed and cant afford the high dollar shit this is gonna be perfect!!!!

lawrence600rr says:

Can you search a waypoint on this?

Mujahed Siddiqui says:

Nice video,
Is there another video which is showing the bottom structures and fish arch?
I see many other videos for Striker 4 but didn’t get the clear image of the fish.
I am planning this to buy for my Hobie Kayak and confused to choose between Striker 4 or 4dv. appreciate your help on this.

Armin Gradisic says:

in case anyone is wondering, the simulation mode’s Split Frequency only has 200kHz (even though it shows both frequencies) – it’s a limitation of the simulator. Found out the hard way so just a heads up!!

Wava Peters says:

We want to use this in the marshes of Louisiana. Will it show depth of 1 foot. I read another review that said it would only go to 3 feet.

bze06FishinBwai says:

Great Vid and tips…Thanks!!!


I like the unit but I think I may have failed to notice the map screen only give you your waypoints and does not display land and other depths. ? do i need to download something and if so how?

damion trinity says:

not too happy with my new striker 4! not givin accurate readinds. not able to figure gps out! depth keeps jumpin around. says im goin 1-2mph…..while im sitting still on water! any suggestions? no manual is a huge disappointed! cant even download the manual from garmin!!! HELP!!


I adapted and bought a very nice App from Garmin on my Iphone its like having a handheld GPS on my iphone and give me a few other cool option weather and Captain to captain communication. But like you said the striker unit is great for fish speed depth and other cool features.

McScott76 says:

Trying to decide between a Garmin Striker 4DV and the non-CHIRP version of the Garmin echoMap 43DV. The echoMap has a larger screen, micro-SD slot and built in Lake Vu maps. The Striker’s only advantage is CHIRP. Both are available for the exact same price through Cabela’s. If it were you, which would you buy? This is my first sonar and will be mounted on a sit-on kayak with in-hull transducer.

walkabout29 says:

Ther is no video tutorial for this product. Good luck figuring eveything out on your own.

Addicted Angler says:

great video buf, i wasnt sure bentween humming bird and lowrance but after this i know im getting a Garmin, i subbed u as well

Yourworst NIGHTmare says:

this is awesome thanks for the details,this will be my first fish finder for our boat!

bobby lathem says:

I went out this morning and tried the Garmin striker 4…. It took several minutes to start showing the depth… Now my question is… it stops picking up the depth and blinks on a depth close to the depth it was showing,,, and it does not show any of the floor of the lake… Is it losing signal or is there something wrong with the unit? It does it pretty often and it is very irritating to be trying to run a certain depth of water and it does not work continuous,,,, Let me know what you think,,, thanks,,

River Wolf says:

Just bought one of these I had to replace my Garmin 551c DV as the head unit died. In Aus the 551 is about $500+ no GPS but a bigger screen when I spotted the Striker 4 on the shelf at $299AU with GPS i went weak at the knees I bought it installed it in my yak and spent a few hrs on the water playing around. What a great little FF $200 cheaper than the 551 and has GPS! easy to use easy to install crisp clear screen, I use a 12v 7ah battery and spent 4 hrs on the water with only a small drop in Volts.
I would recomend this for a great budget FF in a yak or tinny.

Selina Schell says:

Does it seem to detect fish very accurately? And is the screen easy to read as to where the fish are at? I’m looking to get this for both depth and fish finding. More importantly fish finding.

Jeremiah Giles says:

great! mounting one to my kayak


so i just installed, and got to play for a couple hours and am very pleased so far. I still have to play and tweak personal settings, but looks fairly simple. my biggest challenge will be the way point GPS. Going to Lake george NY next month and have a spot from when I was younger I remember, that was a bangin spot. I went on Google Earth and wrote down the Coordinates lat and long. lets see if it works/..
thanks for you videos!! they were a great tool in making my decision to purchase

Minh Tran says:

how do you change ft to metre?

damion trinity says:

already downloaded that 7 times and all it says is no file!

Allen Caldwell says:

how do you turn on the 4

mike sholty says:

What are the dimensions of the transducer

garry greening says:

can the transducer be mounted as a see thur the hull on a fiberglass boat

Logan Hissong says:

so all the little eyebrow shapes are “fish” in thsi case

Caleb Leger says:

Are you familiar with the upgraded version – Striker 4 cv? I think it’s $179 and has CLEAR VU. If you didn’t already have this model, do you think you would have purchased that instead?

Scene Seekers says:

nice vid bro!

Richard C says:

thanks for the video.. what did you do with the other two wires for accessories coming out of the power cable?   It looks like you just taped them to the cable?

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