Garmin Striker 4 portable sonar review

Video review the 2016 Garmin Striker 4 portable kit sonar.

To see this sonar in action while ice fishing, click here:

I chose this sonar / fish finder to use on my Pelican Catch 120 kayak and it’s perfect for this purpose. However, I’ve also used it on other boats while fishing with friends and it has met or exceeded my expectations on every occasion so far, considering that this is an entry level sonar at a relatively low price yet it’s packed with features. Added bonus: Ice fishing with this unit is also a blast.

Hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment below if I’ve missed something, if you have any questions about this unit or if you have suggestions about what I could improve in future review videos.

Thanks for watching. Tight lines!


Walt Woolvett says:

No fish pictures. How do you adjust find the fish? My garmin 240 was excellent but have no clue how adjust this unit to see real fish.

Magnificent Bastard says:

Nice ! I was just looking at one today , my second season of ice fishing and want to get with the times . And being able to put it on my kayak is a plus ..nice review

originaLkomatoast says:

You answered my question in the first minute, the amperage of the battery. Thanks

Sam Hamilton says:

Great video Alex. I wanted something I could take on my fly in trips to northern Ontario. This seems like the answer. I am going to order it today.

Mrbluesky says:

Just bought the unit. Thanks so much for the review very useful. Fish on.

Armin Gradisic says:

nice and helpful vid! thanks man! waiting for mine to arrive for the bass opener this weekend =D

Corsa says:

Nice review. thanks for doing it.

dome204 says:

Man, great videos you’ve put out on this product! I was looking at ice 35 flasher and lowrance ice machines but wanted something a little more budget friendly. Your videos answered any questions I had and I’ve ordered one up to finish off my ice season! Thanks and keep up the wicked reviews!

Tanju Kara says:

Hi Alex
Very nice demo….thank you. I just ordered one after I watched couple other videos as well as yours. I am gonna install it on a small boat I just worder if the direction of transducer is important. I mean to say which direction the transducer should poimt at?
Thank you in advance

Ozark Mountain Man says:

I take it you would choose this over the Lowrance hook 4 .
Looking at both, going to use unit mostly on a Catch 120 kayak and am not sure which one to go with.

Fred Fable says:

Absolutely the best option for a Kayak fishing…

jaybrown29 says:

If you take off the suction cup for ice fishing it doesn’t hang right. Keep it on.

Trevor Kendall says:

Thank you for this video. This is my first sonar device and was worried when I saw a few negative reviews when it comes to ice fishing. Nice to see the use of the pool noodle and how it will be fine for ice fishing. Would love to see some video of it being used ice fishing.

Simon Reynolds says:

Perfect timing finding this review,
I’ve just purchased a Catch 120 NXT and I’m hunting around for a fish finder, so far this package from Costco $270 (free shipping and handling) seems the best option.
Where have you found the best placement for the suction cup and is it reliable once attached or does it fall off occasionally?
I like the fact you can move it around and don’t need to bolt into the yak but do you tie it down to the catch in case you were to flip? is the unit waterproof or water resistant?

chris gore says:

I got one I’m gonna use it on my peddle boat I’ve never used one any videos using it on the water

Kato Khaelan says:

Alex, I can’t thank you enough for posting this video. You covered everything I was wondering about his unit. I’m going to pick one up. Thanks man!

K.C. Schellhammer says:

U said the battery lasted 3 days, How long did you use the unit each day?

Mike O'Hara says:

this is a great product. Bought mine for my kayak.

Alex Goldsmith says:

Hey to anyone who uses this on a Kyack is it waterproof? It doesnt seem to be, aren’t you guys scared of getting the battery wet on the kyack and breaking it? Is there a way to put the battery in a waterproof case within the carrying kit? Do you let the case sit in your lap, bungee it down, or do you mount it other ways?

cochinaable says:

So the GPS does not have a map? Just a blank screen?

Tokolosh says:

thanks so much for the video. i bought one second hand and came with no manual. you gave me information i have battled to find elsewhere. good job

myoutdooradventures1031 says:

Great video, I’m just getting into kayak fishing and wanted a nice little mount for my setup. Great price for what you get it seems. Thanks for this review it really helped me make my decision.

Ade P says:

thank you great video short well presented . with all the info a man or woman could ask for .. I was wondering is the battery of the gel type or LA ? . What’s the weight of the whole kit ?.
many thanks .

GoopgaGaming says:

I have a question, Does it come with a Ice fishing transducer? Because all i see is a boat mount transducer, Can you use that for ice fishing to?

Dustin & Jennifer Wynn says:

great video Alex. I appreciate this review. garmin if you’re paying attention this guy just helped sell another of your products.

Jaye Strandell says:

How can I get institutions .

Luke Rayburn says:

What kind of battery?

Brian Gaignery says:

One of the best, informative and concise videos I’ve seen on here. I ordered one from Amazon last night. Alex should get resuduals from Garmin for his great explanation skills.

G Dan says:

Hi , what setting would You recommend to be best for tracking a new route on the way point map.. the (” Navigate Route” option or “Track” option)

Bobby M says:

Thank you Alex I found your video very helpful and just ordered it. Once again thank you.

Sam Hamilton says:

Alex, my unit arrived and it is everything you say. I ordered it from Cabela’s website, $199.
Can’t wait to use it.

What Was I Thinking? says:

Thx for the video. Do you know if this can be used out of the box for ice fishing or do different accessories need to be purchased? TY

owascolakeman says:

hey how do u assemble this thing

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