Garmin Striker 4 ON THE WATER REVIEW!

Review of the Garmin Striker 4 on the water! I promised I would do a video where I review the Garmin Striker 4 while actually fishing on the water about a year ago in the last Garmin video. Sorry for the delay, but it’s here now. I will do more in-depth videos on just features to really give you guys some great details on how to operate this fish locator.

Garmin Striker 4 in-depth review:

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Alex H says:

I wish you would spend a little time showing how to spot different sizes of fish and how to read the fishfinder (how to tell between fish and plant/debris etc).

Kevin Gould says:

Ordered mine! Thanks for the tips. Going on a sit-in kayak.

Maj Scrap says:

This was no help for this newbie. I suppose if you had these things in the past and kenw all the terminology, this was helpful. For someone who has never used one. Skip this. All the things I wanted to find out or confirm what I may have already had an inkling about went 100% unanswered. For instance what is the f over t next to the large number, I am sure ‘f’ is feet but ‘t’?


What is the difference garmin 4cv and garmin 4dv fish finder ¿¿ thanks for help and very good video ¡¡

Jr Crawford says:

I just installed the striker 4 on my kayak last week and had it out for the first time this weekend. Unit worked flawlessly for 10 hours on Saturday and another 8 on Sunday.
When I’m paddling in shallow water, 1-4ft, for 15-20 seconds or so, the transducer continues to scan the bottom but the depth reading locks and begins to blink. It will continue blinking until I paddle out of that depth and into deeper water.
I would like to turn this off and have the striker 4 to continue to show water depths no matter how shallow the water. Is there a setting where I can turn this depth lock or whatever it’s called off?
I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through every menu but can’t find anything except to turn off the sound alarms for shallow water.

Ronald Howard says:

does it show drop offs and structure using it on my aluminum but I fish in the ocean

Jadiel 254 says:

I figured it out.. I just need to know how to read or understand what bass look like on this fish finder. I’ve never used one or have played with one till now it’s very easy to use I know how to work the features I know what to do I just don’t know how to locate fish or know when bass pop up on my screen.

dwheeler016 says:

I wanted to see it work. I heard “customizable” and “basically”, but never saw it actually work

LUckybones25 says:


Gary Lundgren says:

Great video. I’m sure these finders have improved a lot in 15 yrs since I used one. On way points. Can you name them, even if with just a few characters, rather than using numbers? Thanks!

mtdstc says:

Can the striker 4 be used to find the thermocline?

Brooke Newton says:

I have a strange question, I fish on other peoples boats from time to time. Can I plug this into a battery or cigarette lighter without using a transducer to use just the GPS to mark points when I am on another boat?

Scene Seekers says:

Because of this cool video… I bought one for my kayak. Thanks bro. check out my Gamin vid.

Tation Rommel says:

What does the brown and blue wire do and if they do something then does blue go to negative and brown to positive or blue to positive and brown to negative?

Tom Gaudette says:

Great video. I do have a question. I’m on the ocean mostly and I’m in the market for a gps/fish finder like this. Do you know if it shows ferry tracks on the waypoint map or if you have to create your own?

brian reynolds says:

Here’s one for you Carl. The mode you use for ice fishing or straight down fishing. How would that work if I wanted to do a little drift fishing in 60-80 feet?

Dan Chervinko says:

How is the unit with detecting the thermocline?

Steven Farmer says:

Hi Carlson, I just rigged up the Striker 4 CV. I’m on a southern Ontario lake with is quite tea stained so I do get a lot of interference. I’m having trouble locating the thermocline on the Striker. Can you comment on the best frequency/settings to see this? What would it look like on the Striker?
Thank you!

Tomas Klimas says:

How does it work in shallow water? My old raymarine wouldn’t function well in around 3-4 feet and under

Brett Ekelmann says:

is there anyway to get ClearVu on the portable one?

Scene Seekers says:

Bought mine today. Thanks for the extra info! now Im really glad I purchased it.

Yourworst NIGHTmare says:

hey ya,i was just wondering if I find a waypoint code from somewhere else,can I take the code and search in my garmin striker 4?or I need a map?

G Dan says:

hey Carlson what does it.mean on the waypoint map when it asked to “add turns” do you manually have to add Every turn you make when your navigating away from a waypoint that you want to get back to?

chris gore says:

could you show us when you get over a school of fish what it looks like thank you

hulkhuggett says:

I had no idea there are so many options on this thing. I’ve had one for a while but I don’t know what half of the shit is. Thanks for the video.
Can you show us how to find fish on it or what they look like? Thanks again!

Vito Hugo Rizzo says:

I watch most of your videos and I enjoyed all of them thank you very much on the Garmin 4 is there a way to change the way the fish look by any chance

Anthony Lind says:

Would you recommend this for an i/o boat? I only do a small amount of fishing and am looking for something that would be suitable for that as well as give me temp & depth readings when not fishing.

NorthBoundProductions says:

Nice video, will come back to it once ive picked mine up

Ronald Howard says:

nice is there a Bigg deference between the striker 4 and striker 4 CV?

Gary Lundgren says:

Great video. Can you mount the transducer inside the kayak hull? Thanks

Adrian Quik says:

Does this garmin run on batteries or you hook it up to a 12V battery that runs your motor? Tx Adrian

Thomas Pastor says:

Will it tell u how fast ur going in knots or mph

Lambert 2000 says:

I want to get a fish finder for rental skiffs since I don’t own my a boat. Would the striker 4 portable kit work without having to drill holes? ( I don’t think my skiff rental place would appreciate that )

chris gore says:

Hey thanks a lot I got one for my peddle boat I’m ready to install and take test it out thanks

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