Garmin PanOptix All Seeing Sonar…..See what you’ve never seen

With Panoptix All Seeing Sonar, fishermen can now see the bottom, structure, fish swimming and even their bait all around the boat – in real time – even while stationary. LiveVü Forward provides a more live-video look that shows fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat. Updates are provided with a single ping, providing real-time moving images of what’s in the water.

With LiveVü Forward, users can even cast a lure out and watch it as it’s reeled back towards the boat right on the screen. The user can control how quickly the forward area is scanned to provide greater or less detail, making it very easy to identify where the fish really are.

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John Hansknecht says:

Claims to be real time, but I did not see the fish “literally taking the bait” and fighting on the line afterwards as he reeled it in at 3:38. Fool me once, shame on me. I’m already paying $1000 per fish with all my fishing toys.

Jason Edmonds says:

I am sorry but at what point do we get to where we are either fishing watching our line actually fishing.  I guess if i wanted this thing i might has well buy me a video game and stay at the house.  I will stick with my lowrance.

Striper Soup says:

Fancy sideways flasher.

Patrick Tharp Kayak Bass fishing says:

How do you think this would work on a kayak? Looking at the trolling motor shaft transducer.

ejlarson249 says:

That picture quality is a joke. Maybe in ten years this will be usable but this looks like garbage.

พงษ์พันธุ์ โปรณะ says:

The sensor be placed in front of you boat ? Could we change to automatic mode to adjust quality of picture

24KSportFishing says:

We can see gosh dam mars from earth , but we can’t see 50 feet into water with any detail WTF

jane kaiser says:

Amazing! Well done to all involved.  

FishermansHandbook says:

#Garmin #PanOptix #Forward Looking Sonar #using  fishing sonar

wilsocn says:

Technology is changing fishing. Soon the only skill involved will be being able to read the screen on your sonar. May as well sit over a brush pile and haul bluegill up all day.

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