Fish Finder Interview with Bass Pro Shop Expert

Do you see the face in the fish finder screen shot? — Interview at Bass Pro Shop about the latest things in Fish finders–
Modern fishfinders are capable of providing far more information than sonar units of yesteryear. In addition to downward looking sonar, new units are capable of displaying near picture-quality views of the underwater world on each side of the boat (side imaging), as well as detailed charts and precise GPS functionality.


Fish Finder says:

Cool video, thanks for taking the time.

craig robertson says:

I spent 2 weeks learning about the next finder I’m going to get. It was all summed up in 30 min and great tips

rangerbull says:

would love to spend a day on a lake with this guy explaining this to me

hmongwild says:

cant believe i spent 30 mins of my time watching this. that guy works in that department cuz he is knows what he is talking about. well worth my 30mins. now i understand how a fish finder works and what i be looking for to fit my needs. everything he explained made scence. lol on the fish id. we use to have one it always lied to us.

Aldean Louis says:

Hi. I’m looking for a fish finder with gps that would give me good deep depth.  not necessarily DI nor si.  what unit should I be looking at?

Shawn Kratochvil says:

Thank you. Made shopping much easier!

Anonymous says:

Dam lot’s knowledge!

Jimmy Coulbourne says:

Great video. Well worth the watch.

Brett Henson says:

Get me a Garmin GPSMAP series over these any day.

Ken Shorey says:

Great video. Very informative.

Chase says:

This man needs a RAISE!!!

dixieoutlaw4x4 says:

give this guy a raise

barcelo55 says:

what an awesome video! great help! Ive been searching videos for a while and this is by far the most informative! thanks!

Mike Caldwell says:

Lookup Lowrance HOOK 7 LIKE THE ELITE 7, THEY SUCK. NO videos because no one is praising them. I have 2 boats 2 lowrance HOOK 7 NEW and they are crap, see fish when moving, next to nothing. Guy is talking all this crap with DEMO not on the water PROVING, where you would see broken arches, no arches, GARMIN is better or HummingBird. It also FROZE on occasion. Football field/ He is gotta be kidding. Salesman sales talk cheap crap, getting rid of my LOWRANCE HOOK 7’s, support was no help, after purchase I was one my own.

Jose Velasco says:

Yeah very good Gary, I need a new fish finder for my boat and had lots of questions that got answered in this video
Thumbs up!

Richard Race says:

I got a Garmin echomap chirp with the gt51 thru hall transducer and it out performs all of the Lawrence non 3d units I’m pretty sure.

Leon Peterson says:

very good at explaining what you are seeing on the monitor, Thanks. A new-bee to the lawrence elite 5

Tim Deans says:

great video, awesome info

brandon benavidez says:

Met this guy the other day looking for a first time buy for a fish finder. Very helpful and made my purchase easier.

Dean nead says:

Great video!! Where was it shot? A few things seem sorta familiar.

Jimmy Cartwright says:

ZzHummingbird 5000 ft I fish a high land lake z can you help me .? I would like to see people that really fish ? The feet is now 200 ft he grew up knowing this and use it 7 days a week ? Hummingbird is a great product every fat boy wants to be on you tube ?

Brandon Stoner says:

loving me some hal ketchum in the background

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