Don’t make the same mistake!! HELIX 10 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G2N Review

Don’t make the same mistake!! HELIX 10 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G2N Review. I go over my likes and dislikes after 2 months of owning this model. I am still learning all of the hundreds of settings the Helix has to offer, but it has kept me safe and helped me find fish.


Chris Turnbull says:

Press and hold the view button and it pops up a menu so you can select the screen you want without cycling through all of them.

360 Fishing says:

knowing what you do now. would you still buy that one or something different…

gixxxer1k says:

Humminbird is trash

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

Lowrance Elite Ti series is cheaper than Helix, and it is touch screen.

Keith Tidwell says:

where did you get your mount for your screen ?

breathe and squeeze says:

I have 2 boats, no fishfinder/sonar/gps on either, and I catch fish just fine. I prefer to relax and enjoy my time on the water. awesome-looking unit though.

John Hinton says:

There is nothing hard about using a Humminbird Helix unit, I have three of them and I love them very easy to use. I don’t understand what all the fuss is all about. If you like a different make or model unit tha’t fine use it and have fun finding fish and stop bashing Humminbird If I want to pay 2000 dollars for a unit what is that to you!

Tom Haines says:

YOure very confusing.

Randy Holder says:

So the only thing you don’t like about it is you’d like more presets. Wishing you’d bought two of them is not a dislike about the unit. Love being on that kind of mirror flat water. Which rarely seems to happen on lakes around me.

Pits McGoo says:

The dog knows more than he’s saying.

ErichTheRed says:

I have come up with a simple solution to solve your “mistake”, go buy another one! 😉

PJ Jackson says:

when you look at side imaging, is everything on the image directly to your side as you see it or is it behind you since the transducers are mounted in the rear of the boat? thanks!

Phillip R Zuhl says:

Just got my hummingbird lots to learn my question is, to find the right place left or right front Side or back side : and how far away from the boat to hit a pile of bait fish with cast net, what settings would you use? Hope you understand my question.

Curtis Needham says:

Humminbird=junk. Mine worked for 2 weeks and have had nothing but problems with warranty. It’s going to the garbage. I don’t care who makes the product as long as it works.

dparel says:

Did you get any locks for your helix?

Chris H says:

You can also run just a LCD screen as second monitor at the front or side of the boat. Of course u will not have the ability to change screens but only a couple of bugs instead.

Eric Teipen says:

I’m still trying to figure out just exactly what the big mistake was that you referred to . I have ran a Helix 10 SI for over 2 years now and love it. Super clear and it works. What more could you ask for? More buttons? lol. All the damn presets in the world won’t catch you fish. It takes time on the water, a bit of talent, and good old fashion patience. I absolutely hate it when people give a less than positive review of something when they don’t even know how to operate it properly…Use it for a year or so, figure it out. then i’m sure that you will have a different opinion of the Helix

Nicholas Lesyshen says:

You say DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE leading people to believe there is somthing wrong with unit but your problems with the unit is 2 less quick access buttons and the fact you didnt buy 2.

John Moua says:

I like the way you say you hate it because you didn’t buy 2 as I dislike I think that great units. Prior to watching your video I thought about buying a 10 and a 9 Mega Imaging one for the front one for the rear

David White says:

Your biggest mistake was purchasing the hummingbird. The Lowrance HDS is superior to hummingbird.

tennesse2010 says:

How do you like the color shading for water depth and the map

dparel says:

Hey man! Thanks for the review. Looking at maybe getting a couple of the 9s. Is the only difference the size between the 1299 and 1699 10? Does it come with the right transducer for HD? Read a review at TW that said it didn’t. Also what mount or mounts do you have for it? Thanks!!

chiefbiglew says:


The SAFIRE Project says:

Agreed, I bought a Helix 10 and 9 for the front and 360 imaging. The problem is when i’m at the front i don’t get the charts, or other views i have with the 10. Wish i had bought both too.

Jean Bernier says:

Just hit the “View” for a few secondes and you’ll see menu to fast change to any view, this make the needs of more shortcut buttons less important

skankhunt42 says:

Just sell that lowrance and buy another bird. There’s plenty of lowrance fan boys out there that will buy. Link the birds together with the minnkota and add the lakemaster chip. You’ll be able to following whatever contour you choose and fish it hands free. I have all the above plus the 360 imaging. OMG!

Raymond Butts says:

What type camera are you using?

ridaz18192002 says:

maybe you can donate used helix 10 that we can use on finding drowned victims here in the philippines it will help us a lot especially my fire department

Joseph Leggio says:

Great video. I have the same machine with the platinum chip by navionics, How do I get the best detail from the chart.? Seems like I have not much detail and bought the best chip. I need to see all the contour lines and depths,

Randy Holder says:

Sell that Lowrance and buy a Helix 5 gps DI. for the bow

Lee Yarbrough says:

Hummingbird makes things so difficult an don’t know why , make it like raymarine an lowrance nice video my friend runs these

Jimmy C says:

Instead of trying to click bait everyone with some “mistake” you should’ve titled it “Should’ve bought two”. Had to watch the video twice to try and figure out what you’re big mistake was. That’s where you’re getting your dislikes from guaranteed.

Brian Allen says:

I went witb helix 9 and with difference in price, I was able to buy two. I installed one on left of steering wheel and one on right. I bought maps for one and use it for searching water debths and use other for mostly switchfire which makes it easier to see bait and fish.

glen Scherbing says:

I have the helix 10 and pretty happy with it. I would like to have gps map, SI and DI on the same screen. is that possible. I’m tired of switching screens all the time.

Jadiel 254 says:

I’m stuck between hummingbird helix 9 si gen2 or lowrance HDS 9 gen 3

Juris Lipiniks says:

I bought new sensor

XHS 9 HDSI 180 T Transducer

for my

Instaleed new Versions

HELIX 9 SI GPS,Vers.1.46 and Basemap,Vers.1.051.

Fishing deepth 4-7 meters.

After updating cannot see any of fish symbols on the sonar
screen.No fish alarms(alarms-On).

I am using 455Hz.

What reason could be???

Jeff McGrath says:

Just a question why would you review this product when you said you were to we’ll versed in its use ? I am not a troll I’d just like to know about your reasoning

redrum says:


Izzy Morgan says:

So was the mistake that you didn’t buy two of them? Or was is something else?

Scott Carlisle says:

Wow thanks man that was really helpful. I’m investigating the untils to buy 2

Maine Bassin says:

I can’t decide if I want the mega or not

BigRiverMike says:

The Helix 9 is an amazing device using Auto Chart.  You can’t imagine the benefits from using Auto Chart and a Zero Lines Card.  I have used it during fly-in trips in Canada and mapped lakes that have no contour maps.  Simply a great product.

von owens says:

Move it to the front

Crappie Head Tv says:

Hummingbird right on great units great company. They provide you a good price point for a very good product. Lowrance units can’t comprehend why they cost so much. Great video

Jonathan Hill says:

So there isn’t many dislikes and the dislikes you have are manageable ?

Randy Holder says:

Hey Josh, is there a difference between a helix 9 chirp SI wth the XM-9-20-MSI-T transducer,  and a helix 9 SI chirp mega? Or is what makes the mega is only the XM-9-20-MSI-T transducer, ?

Jennifer Mondora says:

Hi Great but need for you to go slower and show ME which buttons you are pressing Thank you

Scott Carlisle says:

Question – so I’m sure it comes with the transducers but what if you need to use one upfront I wonder if the U2 sonar in trolling motor can do/handle all the same

G says:


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