Deeper Pro+ Review – Ice Fishing

The Deeper Pro Plus is the top of the line smart phone fish finder from Deeper. This unit communicates with your smart phone or tablet using WiFi. This review focuses on ice fishing, specifically looking at features like signal delay, interference, display modes, battery life, target separation, and overall usability.

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tnblaser91 says:

One of the best and most in depth reviews I’ve seen, for anything, on YouTube. Awesome video. Thanks for the information.

Fishing Montana says:

Awesome well made review, you just got another subscriber! Keep up the high quality content! I am excited to use the deeper ice fishing myself 🙂

Team TBQ5 says:

Is the pro just as good?

Maineiac fishing says:

I use it
I like it

Patrick Manganello says:

Just ordered one using your link, hope you get a kick back for the great advertising.

westsidewil says:

First off, as always your videos and reviews are great. Secondly, I don’t do much shore fishing and don’t have a kayak or boat. Looking into getting into ice fishing (I mostly fly fish during the warmer months on the WB of the Delaware in NY) and am debating whether to invest in a flasher or a Deeper. I can get tip ups and other ice fishing equipment from my father in law so the only real investment I need to make is a sonar device. Opinions/suggestions?

Mark Pinther says:

Nice job. Nuttin but the facts, awesome videos. Battery Rape… from the comments below. It’s the “me too” of the fishing world.

xxgg says:

Never dunk it in the water like from the beginning of the video. There is a chance of it going under the ice. Don’t even bother risking it like that.

luke.g Giampetruzzi says:

because i dont have unlimited data so at that point it would be useless to me

luke.g Giampetruzzi says:

dose it use data

jesse weitkuhn says:

kids just by a vexilar

Donnie Constransitch says:

How is the images in reference to the bottom? I’m asking because I have been hired to dive in a river under a bridge to look for shoot guns that was lost when boat flipped over. I want to know if any trees or other objects.

Fred Neville says:

how well does it work with 3 plus feet of ice? is there lots of junk on the screen with that thick of ice where the transducer is not close to the bottom of the ice?

Jerry Baker says:

Dont see lures jigging or fish on the screen just a bunch of lines and dots seems like junk to me

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

Will it read through ice? Have you tried that?

Scott J says:

Rapes your phone battery

chetyoder says:

what if you 2 deepers in the same shanty?

Janet Conover says:

How much does the deeper pro plus cost and do you have to hook it up to your phone?

Brad Jr. says:

You get what you pay for. Buy a real flasher

Angling In Secrecy says:

nice video. Great Channel! I just Subbed you mind helping out by subbing back to me? id really appreciate it

marks79z28 says:

How does it really do on lake of the woods. When the ice is thick? This is were we fish most of the time.

Rob Summerville says:

how do you get the flasher on your phone

Teddy cooke says:

Thank you for clearing up the Wi-Fi and not needing the Wi-Fi though

Donald Nemcovsky says:

This video was exactly what I needed to help make my decision thanks

Adventure Fishing says:

How can it read in 12in of ice?

ThistleDewOutdoors says:

What was your thoughts of this when you were casting it from a rod/reel ? It seems like it would be a pretty useful tool when shore fishing or even for those who don’t have side imaging units rigged up on a boat..

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