Deeper Fish Finder Review! Ice Fishing Sonar

Ultimate Deeper Fishfinder Review | Ice Fishing

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Deeper fish finder testing and review. This sonar has really splashed onto the ice fishing scene recently. Over the past couple years, castable sonars that communicate with your smartphone or tablet have become extremely popular. Two companies that I’m aware of, Deeper and FishHunter, provide an “Ice Fishing” mode with a circular flasher. This is a review of the Deeper.


Budd Garrett says:

We fish lake trout at 155 ft. This unit just won’t cut it. Put your money in a Marcum LX7

Mike Caldwell says:

I love the Deeper and my Garmin 70s, great review, you taught me good things I could use and many BIG thanks for leading me to Navionics, I been looking for Web based,, mobile based additional resources for charting. Battery life is great on deeper for me.

Skylar Sell says:

if ur in Minnesota u should try out circle lake

2fast65 says:

great video thanks.

Charsept says:

Have you had to send the battery in to be replaced?

Senimor says:

What kind of rod are you using there?

John Motschenbacher says:

Thanks for probably the best product review I have ever seen. Any final thoughts on the deeper post video upload?

William Larkham Jr says:

Great review, I just charged up the deeper for the first time, will be field testing the deeper throughout  the year, watched a few reviews & this was probably the best. Here in Labrador it has warmed up a bit but were still at the extreme end of the operating temp of -20 C so I want to be efficient when I head out to test for the first time & must say I got a lot of great tips from this video, even as simple as having a good vertical cut hole……thanks

Skuzoneur1 says:

Pour les Français…. J’ai acheté un deeper, le produit me semblait très attractif, seulement voilà, si vous n’avez pas un téléphone de dernière génération, vous perdez la connexion a plus de 2 mètres de distance. Puis vient ensuite le problème d’autonomie réduit a 4 h d’utilisation, et ce, si votre téléphone est chargé a 100% et qu’il est en mode économie d’énergie, bref un vrai casse tete de coordination pour pouvoir espérer l’utiliser de façon utile. Dernier détail, l’alarme poisson et l’alarme profondeur….elle ont l’air de bien vouloir fonctionner comme bon leur semble. Je suis dejà passé sur des bancs de gros poissons sans que celle ci ne s’active. L’alarme profondeur ne sonne que sur mon iphone, sur le samsung rien pas un bruit. Autant dire que 220 euros pour ce gadget c’est bien to mutch.

maharba flores says:

how do you read the sonar with no images and just rings flashing?

Brandon Tamm says:

AWESOME REVIEW! This is THE best and most informative review I’ve ever seen. Keep this up and let me know what you recommend for an underwater camera – that’s my next purchase. I’ve got a lake home on osakis so let me know if you ever want to come out and fish.

Glenn Krzeminski says:

Thanks for the information. Not that these two pieces of information are not vital, but can I sum up this product as an instrument that will telegraph suspended fish and whether you are fishing on their level. I guess what I’m getting at is that if the definition/differentiation is not fine enough to display an impending strike (other than “there’s a big glowy blob that tells me my jig is at the proper level”) and you still have to actually fish (meaning you did not know when the fish would strike, just when it was likely because perhaps the fish has raised to the proper level) might some of the cheaper, hand-held units be almost as useful? What does anyone think?

Surge Che says:

Thank you. It was informative and interesting to watch real life ice fishing presentation.

jackdaniels432 says:

and then u kick the phone down the hole

mylovebugcat says:

OK, it is good for 4 hours, but if I don’t get the wireless service at lakes, will the Deeper and Fishhunter worK?
Please let me know, 

Mathieu Bastien-Gagnon says:

Great review I fish alot few hours every day and this is the perfect for my daily use thanks

Victor Raczok says:

Great review!

FPR Outdoors says:

Have you fished Lake Hiawatha or Lake Harriet?

Skylar Sell says:

if ur in Minnesota u should try out circle lake

Robert Fernandez says:

Thanks for the review. What rod/reel are you using?

Reel Survival says:

I bought the deeper before I saw this video. I also could not justify the cost of a flasher and fish finder for my kayak. My wife bought me the deeper and now I use it ALL the time.
I hole hop for ice fishing.
I use it for deeper water while fishing on my kayak.
I also have one rod dedicated to the deeper for shore fishing.
My only concern is the weight and amount of splash and noise it makes when I cast it.
but like you said, better quality=lower battery life.
longer battery=low quality.

Your video was educational and well made!

Brandon B says:

Was this using Bluetooth or wifi connection?

Donald MacNeil says:

So this should work for about ten minutes until the cold shuts off your phone.

josh wagner says:

what power is that tickel stick

rd6elite says:

Great video review very informative

Nikos Ozmorio says:

2:30 what camera do you use for that time laspe?

MarkTheTechGuy says:

I have the Deeper I got it for Christmas and I love it but the battery life does not last four hours in the cold I notice that you can watch it drop fast but then you take it out of the cold water put it in your pocket let it warm up then put it back in the water then it will show the battery life went back up but when it gets cold it drops fast again. 

Kendall Fletcher says:

Hey man, you say you prefer Sony Action Cams over goPro. Can you tell me why? Pros and Cons, anything you think I’d need to know for hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, and mudding. Thanks bud

Cigarfellas says:

This sealed the deal for me buying one of these, great review.

Hunt. Eat. Sleep. says:

Another good video. Keep’em coming.

Shawn McShane says:

Hey thanks for the thorough review. I think were in the same boat. I haven’t been able to justify buying a flasher for $500 or more just for ice fishing. I did make a portable unit from a cheapo fish finder. but it’s a pain to set up/move. I do a lot of canoe tripping and ice fishing. One quick question…Dis you but the deeper? or did they send it to you. your review seems unbiased but just wondering. thanks again.

Kelvin Olson says:

Marvelous review. I just bought one, and will decide this winter whether I will keep or sell my Vexilar.

Hoping to get out to my nearest lake by boat yet this fall to collect bathymetric data in preparation for this winter’s hard water season.

Out for trout says:

My brand new deeper connected once for 10 mins. I put it in snooze mode to hole hop and it never connected again. I trouble shooted it and tried everything, multiple phones iOS and android. I emailed “customer service” and they’re almost as unreliable as the deeper itself!

Jim Hickey says:

Great comprehensive review of the Deeper sonar! … I really appreciate the time taken to document the use while actually fishing and not just an un-boxing review…

Now that the 2015 open water season has passed, any additional insight using it from your kayak or shore?

Thanks in advance 🙂

zog noty says:

when crappie dont bite
e give them a teardrop ans 2 maggots,they will grab it guaranty

Jason Higgins says:

Thank you for this detailed review.  This is exactly what I have been searching for the last few days.

Danial Fanar says:

here is the problem I been having, with this Deeper, it take a long time to sync to my iPhone 6 if I take it out of the water and go to anther spot it keep saying that the signal was lost

isoplus3513 says:

Wow, this was a very good and informative video about the product. I believe I can actually make a informed decision about purchasing Deeper based on this video alone. Nice job and thanks for the video. liked and subscribed 🙂

smithlikeswessen says:

This is a cool idea but one issue I have is that the battery on my phone takes a dramatic plunge in the cold weather. Heated shack would prevent that. If these are anywhere near $300 I’d much rather stay with my fl-8

zenas chhoeum says:

thanks so informative. thumbs up I’m sold. gonna get me one for sure.

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