Can You Trust Your Fishfinder?

Lowrance DownScan Imaging vs. Garmin ClearVu.
One product has true downscan, one doesn’t
Check out this video to see how hard it is to get an accurate picture of what’s under your boat when you don’t have a down-facing element in your transducer.


Andrew Wastney says:

lowrance . how dose ray marine dragonfly compare ?

MIXI 11 says:

What Garmin transducer model was used, please?

Ricky Sutphin says:

The Garmin unit they used was a discontinued unit, It was not a chrip unit.

Flukemaster says:

Wow!!! This is disgusting. I’ve been a user and supporter of Lowrance for years but I’ve never made a video about the laundry list of things that have gone wrong with all of my units. It’s just not something you do. Even though I’ve got plenty of reason to do it. I’ve never received any satisfaction from their horrible customer service and Lowrance has never owned up to any of their reoccurring problems. I’m done with you guys. Shameful!

bass 1992 says:

so what can be done if this information is true ?

Josh Childers says:

You try and compare the images but this is clearly a biased opinion and it’s also very obvious that the boat makes a different path when you show the low range. Maybe only miss a few feet but that’s all it takes to miss something on downscan. What a joke of a comparison.

Kendall Mitchell says:

wow this shit reminds me of a Sprint vs Verizon commercial… no longer a lowrance buyer

Pickwick Bassing says:

I’m very disgusted with this video. If you watch the end of vid, they cut through the middle of garmin transducer. The only element you will find is the side vu and not down vu. Down vu is located at the very end of the transducer and sonar is on the front. I own a garmin and I know it inside out. They are outstanding units if adjusted and installed properly. This video is put out only to discourage fishermen from buying garmin through conspiracies such as “synthetic downscan imaging” even though they know it’s not true. Garmin has phenomenal technology such as panoptix and other advancements. This video should be banned. Full of lies. Very upset with lowrance

Pickwick Bassing says:

They should of adjusted the Garmin to get optimal detail and performance

Pickwick Bassing says:

I own a garmin striker 7sv and it shows very detailed Images on side and clear vu, probably as good as lowrance. Both units should have been adjusted for optimal imaging. This video shows just how the marine electronic industry works and advertises

66sorrydog says:

I have a Lowrance on my console and Raymarine Dragon Fly on trolling motor. I mostly crappie fish. Lowrance would n like me to do a side-to-side comparison of these two. Next month replacing my Lowrance with another Dragon fly.

JulioPlexiglas says:

Now I wonder – who is cheating who.

So you say someone robbed you? What about fees you have taken from other manufacturers? Will you refund?

ThatOpNoob says:

wow so leme get this straigh u work for Lowrance company clearly right …. then say u say the flus of other fishfinder on the market and urs the best .. this vid would make 1%100 since to me if just regular dude got asked in the coment to make side by side comparetion for both of them .. but hey what what do i know right … Dislike

Sal Palos says:

Shouldve run them LITERALLY side by side to see what they display in real time instead of pausing and “explaining.” Seems like smoke and mirrors….let them run head to head and let people decide.

Just cuz you won the lawsuit doesnt mean you are a better product. Run em side by side at the same time and lets see who shines.

Its Tom From Brooklyn says:

i switched from Lowrance to Garmin and could not be happier. My Garmins show way more then the Lowrance units ever did the fact that Lowrance has to make a video bashing Garmin says everything you need to know. Panoptix is Great the side imaging quality is better then Lowrance but not as good as hummingbird in my opinion and the clear Vu works exactly how its supposed to work. I can adjust the setting on this guys lowrance unit so that it to does not show anything so please take this video with a grain of salt.

Mooch says:

I would like to see you making adjustments on both for the most optimum picture quality you can get off each, the reason I say this is I run a lowrance and garmin on my boat, both of them have been tweaked for best viewing and I kind of lean more towards the garmin but I get what you’re saying and seeing on yours.

Samsam suyoi says:

do you have to do the setting?

Jordan Dvorak says:

Did Lowrance just remove this video and add it again to clear all the comments about from the people that like Garmin better? If they are going to post these videos bashing another company they should be open to hearing criticism in their comment sections and not just delete the video when they don’t like something they see.

Diego gonzalez says:

Got an elite 7 and while I moved the boat fish show up I anchor fish and nothing or as soon I stop nothin appears the down scanner help a little bit wondering if what I mm seeing is fishing or not

Aaron Kroll says:

Why use different screen colors when performing this test? Striving to make everything else fair and equal, and then choosing the red or orange pallet for the Garmin seems odd to me. It may be personal preference, but that would be the screen color I would be least likely to choose to use on any unit from any manufacturer.

Kenny B says:

Great info

Jeffray Gooch says:

IF you really want to compare then you should have added Humminbird….way ahead of either unit you show here? But i understand why you didnt, you for sure are either a Lowerance rep or just have them on your boat. I dont blame you if you had shown the new Helix units then it would have shown the lower quality that Lowerance offers

tracy moore says:

You must be out of your mind to think that this video means anything to a person that knows how to adjust settings on a fishfinder. Are these the type of tactics used at customer service? Now thinking twice about a 3d scan package.

Its Tom From Brooklyn says:

he either missed the trees on the pass with the garmin or has the settings set way down as to not pick up the returns. This is a joke any unit on the market will show you a TREE if its under you. Trees are very obvious no unit will miss a tree thats right under you thats a FACT

C Johnson says:

This was much needed. TY


how effective and viable is structure scan on A kayak?

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