A look at the Humminbird Helix 5 DI fish finder

This video is not an in depth review, but a first look overview – exploration of using the finder and the user interface. The Helix 5 DI in this video is set up on our 5ah magnetic boat mount kit, with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount that can be installed on either the side or transom of a boat. These fish finder mounting kits make almost any fish finder portable. If you have any questions please call us at 1-855784-3474 or email us at sales@floattubefanatics.com


willie mays says:

Great video btw. I have a question….on my current fishfinder (Lowrancex136df) that I’m getting rid of. If I go into dual frequency mode, it splits the screen in half, one side for each frequency. I hate that! On the Helix 5, if I want to use both frequencies, does the screen split whether I want it to or not? My old Raytheon gave me the option of just one screen. Thanks

Maryann Charney says:

I just purchased an upgrade. I went from the Pirahna Max 20 to the Helix 5 Chirp. Can I use the three prong cable temporarily until I get the 5 prong run through the boat?

bwanadave76 says:

You know what makes for an interesting video. Not recording in a dark garage or where everything is back lit.

bassinwithbooth says:

Does the helix 5 di come with gps in it? Please let me know

SkinnyWaterBoyzTV Barela says:

does it have gps that shows the contour lines?

David Massey says:

Thank you for the information. I have a Hobie Outback which is “Lowrance ready” as they say. Can I run a Hummingbird or other finder instead of a Lowrance? I’m asking because I’ve never purchased a finder before and don’t know which unit offers the best value for the money. I would like to be able to use the transducer mount plate on the bottom of my kayak. Any direction you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

LakeViewOutdoors says:

Im thinking of getting a fishfinder. Do you preffer the Lowrance elite 5hdi or the Humminbird helix 5di gps!

Lorenzo Besana says:

do you think that is possible to link a helix with a 997si combo? i would like that when i save a spot on the 997 in the bassboat console , the same spot was saved also on the helix on the deck.

Adam S says:

Thanks for all the info. You seem to have alot of knowledge about fishfinders and probably have tried many out on the water. Im currently researching and looking to buy a new fishfinder for my 9 foot Sun Dolphin boat. Ive been conflicted between two right now — the Humminbird Helix 5 DI w/GPS and the Garmin Striker 5 DI. The Gps function isnt a big deal since I mainly fish local smaller lakes and ponds. But which of the two which you buy??? Your opinion and help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

David cuziwanna says:

Can you have the map and di on at the same time?

William Petro says:

Can this transducer be mounted inside of a fiberglass hull?

Dan E says:

How would you mount the transducer on a kayak? Specifically being that it is polyurethane material, and would it be mounted in the rear or on the side. Looking at getting the Helix 5 right now. Thanks

Pits McGoo says:

How do you mount a magnet on an aluminum boat.

Hennie Barnard says:

I’m trying to decide between this unit and the Lowrance Elite-5x chirp. Any suggestions maybe?

Chris S says:

Im thinking of upgrading from a humminbird 120 to the Helix 5 GPS for trout fishing in lakes. Do you think its worth spending another 4 – 500$? Does it accurately mark fish or is better for just marking structure, drop offs and bottom etc?

Bass Monkey Fishing says:

Does it show fish on the down image do you have to constantly mess with the setting’s to view fish on the down image

amatais says:

A friend and myself have started a small fishing business using 2 fiberglass boats in Sri-Lanka and it’s been going well but we’ve been thinking of investing in a fish finder to get better results.

Where the boats go the water is definitely less than 150 feet (most of the time it’s less than 100 feet) and we use nets to catch.

I know someone who is coming from England so any potential device will need to be bought there and I’m willing to spend up to £300.

The screen should have a back-light and I’m not not sure if you can get version which come with their own battery as the ones I’ve seen need a 12V source. I’m not looking for major bells & whistles, just something that’ll help us catch fish.

As the water is shallow I was thinking of something like a CHIRP unit or a 455/800kHz unit but I’ve only recently started looking into this so I might be completely wrong.

Currently I’m looking at the Lowrance Elite-7X Chirp & Humminbird Helix 5 DI which are under £300 (the Si and it’s side beam capability seems very interesting but I can’t afford to buy it and I don’t know if you can get side imaging for <£300) but I'm not sure about which one to choose. I'm leaning towards the Lowrance because if offers Chirp and a larger screen. Some advice on what to buy will be very much appreciated.

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