3D STRUCTURE SCAN! FIRST “ON WATER” LOOK! WOW! Simrad- Lowrance -Team Old School

See it for yourself! 3D Structure Scan is changing the game yet again! This amazing feature is incredibility EASY do use and Understand!



e501p says:

Has this 3D really made a difference in your fishing some good fish?

Macho Yak TV says:

Thats unbelievable

Ple Nkhaus Vos says:

Why pay lots of money to see rock and not fish… I don’t think I will spend thousands of dollars to see every single rock bottom without getting any fish.

Speedbird Nine says:

Mike why is the scanner working on the aft of the boat and not in the front…? If you are sailing in the Bahama’s shallow waters, I think the scanner is useless.

Mark N says:

So stupid question maybe…but does that have the ability to look forward? (forward looking transducer maybe?)

andakali says:

Have you get a big fish in 3d structure scan, and recoded or picture? like to see how they look like in 3D

Joey says:

sO COOOOOL.. I want one….

ROB H. says:


Suzette Gilbert says:

then trip storage and usb it thunder reboot

Kevin M says:

Why are you not seeing any bigger fish? The only thing I saw you pick up on the scan was bait fish. What do the bigger fish look like on Simrad?

Suzette Gilbert says:

thats unreal how bout a flash check then a bottom relaxer to chiller out

Suzette Gilbert says:

so if u crush one a slow mo he mite be scared they feedin when u comw around

Copy wong says:

would you tell me what model is ??

Michael Cain says:

my dad’s used to drive 6×6 8×8 he saw people dying because they fail to measure depth river flow and what below water

Bobby Talbert says:

You keep showing bait fish. Can you see game fish? I did not notice any individual fish showing up .

Foxy rollins says:

why are the monitors so dam expensive, seems like price gouging to me.. i mean the monitors which hook up to the computer.. 100nit fair enough but so bloody expensive

Johnny void says:

This is how we find asteroids.

Suzette Gilbert says:

ur beaches are now frozen when tide comes in was warm a few ago backa and forth 5 times

Baker Chambliss says:

So if I already have the 2D structure scan transducer and module on my compatible Simrad, will this 3D transducer and module replace the 2D equipment? I’m wondering if I can take out the 2D equipment and sell?

TBaker1964 says:

This is actually decades old technology from the military, while in the Navy 81-85, I remember watching the ocean bottom for hours on end, in full color. Glad it’s being slowly released to the civilian market.

Suzette Gilbert says:

the lobs just do caution no real config if they are ata trap they will be leary if they get stressed


come on guys .20 feet ?pls go on 150 to see what we will see

Dylan Byron says:

What does a decent fish look like on the sounder

Giambattista Tarditi says:

it works till 2000feet????

HobbsBhipp says:

I always wondered how submarines “see” underwater; this is what’s on the commercial market.

Michael Cain says:

did you ever tested for 4×4 6×6 8×8 while they are travelling threw river 3d 360 sonar might be great

coondogtheman1234 says:

I was hoping I could use this to digitize things but I guess it won’t work. Sort of like those cameras they use to make digital versions of ordinary objects like for a video game.

Nicholas York says:

that’s bad azz

Alvin Smith says:

when and where can i get it

Thomas Murphy says:

Was is to prevent you, as the owner of that device, from mounting that transducer on a pole that pivots in a bracket, and turning it 90 degrees so that you can see in front of you and not get stuck on a sand bar in the Wisconsin River?  Without having to fork out 3grand.

Suzette Gilbert says:

salmoooonnne e u could do a top setting casualll

Iam4outdoors 1 says:

That’s pretty cool. I want one

Peter Dillon says:

i know this is an open question but is the 3D worth the extra $1000? id be going from a HDS 10 gen 1 to the gen 3.

Crushonius says:

love the video thanks man . i am often in shallow water in canals to be exact and i would like to know how good structurescan 3d would work in depths of about 7 to 15 feet. the canals are between 100 and 160 feet wide . maybe you could even make a video when you are in really shallow water the next time . keep up the good work i love your videos greetings from germany

Peter O says:

Are you using the NSS Evo2 display or the NSO Evo2 display? What size is the display?

SticksNkicks says:

didn’t know this even existed but then again, I still find myself using a flasher occasionally.

Greg C says:

Dang … that is sick … almost like cheatin if you could make them bite as easy as you can find them … guess I better start saving , gotta have this kinda technology…. that is unreal … thanks for the show

andakali says:

Hi Mike, After the software update which support chirp, What type of transducer you fill in the installation page? I understand the 3D type, but for Echo I lost…

masomaf says:

How do you know how deep the fish swims i only see the depth in the upper left corner under the boat

Jim Springer says:

So this is the first time you’ve used it? It does appear to be easy to operate but you don’t really understand what you’re doing. No, you can’t see through rock ridges and see the other side. After all, it’s not a photo, it’s a computer generated image.

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