Trying out LUNKERSTV DEFENDER rod!!!

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Definitely a great rod, thoroughly impressed!

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Cutthroat Fishing says:

Mojo Bass 7’4″ heavy with curado 7:2

Joshua Hoover says:

Lews tp1 7ft MH rod lews speed spool 7.5.1

outdoors weekly says:

St Croix mojo bass 7’2″ medium heavy with a lews speed spool 5.6:1

Luke Bishop says:

G loomis e6x dropshot rod 6’10” with a shimano stradic Ci4+ 1000

connor Knight says:

keep up the good work man great content

Helen Burnley says:

Where’s this pond at?

Arlo Wright says:

yak pak can you sub to me plz

Michael Keevan says:

my zebeco 202 combo it always works, because I haven’t mastered my bait caster yet

The Kd squad 10 says:

7 foot medium heavy with a 6:1:1 gear ratio reel

pappy k says:

nice rod keep it up!

Crankin' Caleb says:

6’6 Medium Fast Action paired up with a 6:1:1

The Fishmiser says:

6’6″ med-heavy with a 7:1 left hand bait caster is my overall go to.

Taylor S. says:

Awesome rod. I have the white bird from favorite

Kayak bass fishing Yt says:

What do you use for editing

jordan olsen says:

med heavy fast action for crankbaits wyd bro lmao

Jack Guerrero says:

Fast and heavy

Legendary fishing says:

abu garcia on a 7 foot jig rod and abu garcia black max

LargeSizeJellyFish says:

7′-7’4″ medium fast with 7.1:1 Also your edits are getting better. keep it up!

ACDCRD says:

Those lunkers tv rods look to be good Quality!

Louisiana Outdoors says:

I like a 6,6 or a 7,5 medium heavy with a abu Garcia reel 7.0.1 gear ratio

cooper mury says:

My reels are all shimano curados and citicas. My rods are all abu gracia veritas 2.0s, and i love my setups! They are on the more expensive end, but Im only 15 right now, and on my highschool fishing team. I worked for a while and saved up for these rods and reels and i find they are worth it all the way!

Galvakistan Veteran says:

curado 100b on a berkley amp

Gabriel Mendez says:

Medium heavy 6-6 to 7 foot with usually a 6:4:1 ratio reel and that algae is soo annoying gets on all over the lures

Fisherman Cam says:

Abu Garcia black max 6’6 model medium heavy

brandon agcaoili says:

lol russell’s photo though!!!

Ryan Mead says:

6’6 abu Garcia vendetta medium heavy with the abu black max in 6.4:1 I believe is the ratio I forgot tbh my parents got that for me when I was in a hard spot and told me to go fish and just don’t worry about life and yeah lmao

Timothy Land says:

7″ medium heavy 6.4.1-7.1.1

Dewey Cash says:

I saw your channel under Grablifebythefish’s channel. I subbed you please check me out and sub back. thanks

Rodney Jordan says:

duckett 320 7.1:1 with the duckett ghost 7’6″ extra heavy with 65lbs powerpro braid

connor Knight says:

this reminds me of job b b roll

Louisiana Outdoors says:

Nice I love y’alls vids nice stuff

Justins Fishing says:

Are u going to do any five seats soon

Adam Granger says:

7’6 okuma TCS with shimano casitas 7:2:1

Kart_ Racer30 says:

I love the lews carbon blue baitcaster rod and reel combo just feel just right in hands great throwing and pretty light and only cost me $90

Sid_1026 says:

Veritas 2.0 medium heavy 7ft and daiwa tatula Ct 8.1:1 gear ratio

Kyle Nieuwenhuis says:

7′ 3″ heavy 7:3:1

Artemio Roman says:

congrats on hitting 400!

Kollin Hatchette says:

7:3:1 concept A on a duckette ghost 7 mh

Arlo Wright says:

Lews speed stick 6 10

Justins Fishing says:

I like to run a 7:3:1 gear ratio 13 fishing reel and a vengeance 7 foot medium fast action

Kayak bass fishing Yt says:

I have a shimano anteres with a shimano rod

Brody Taylor says:

Are they any good for worms

Cade Griffin says:

Hows the concept A work for you. Ive heard some good and some bad

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