The Best all Around Rod for Bass Fishing

Beginning in bass fishing can be very difficult. A lot of people ask what is a good all around fishing rod. This is how to determine what is the best bass fishing rod and reel for you.


Kigai11 says:

Love your channel lots of information, I just picked up 2 Lews pro speed spool slp bait casters, I’m going to bass pro this weekend to pick up 2 rods and was looking at the duckket ghost, would you recommend the medium fast action or the medium heavy fast action both in either 7.0 or 7.3 foot. I don’t have a boat so I do a lot of bank fishing and that’s why I just want to carry just 2 rods and my tackle……also subscribed thanks Robert

SAVAGE _ O.G says:

What rod length and action would recommend for canal fishing and inshore lake fishing thanks ?

shred5 says:

Great advice. I like to fish spinnerbaits, swim jigs, crankbaits or top water baits myself (among sometimes other stuff). A 7′ medium or medium heavy fast action rod seems to handle pretty much everything I throw at it.

johnnymohani says:

would you recommend 6.6 or a 7 ft rod for spinning rod?

Tyler Fank says:

What are your views on heavy action rods?

Kiwi Bruh says:

what are some applications for a 7ft medium fast rod?

Josh Parsons says:

I notice you use ducketts. I’m searching for the most sensitive rod i can find south of 200$ for flipping soft plastics. I’m not loyal to any brand. I would appreciate any feedback on why you choose ducketts or any other brand for sensitivity. In a medium heavy

Mike says:

My family and I love all of your videos!! I have a question though, may be tough to answer but what is the best rod and reel(baitcasting) for all types of bass fishing? A rod n reel I can use with frogs, jigs, spinnerbaits buzzbaits, worms, Carolina rig Texas rig etc. I don’t have money to buy a pole for each separate bait right now but what are my best options for a rod and reel that can handle all those baits? I’ll spend good money on one good set up. Thank you!! And thanks for all your videos they’ve helped me a lot!

Frank Anton says:

I enjoy your videos, plenty of information. Your advice has had a true impact on my fishing technique and has improved my bassin a great deal. Keep those videos coming sir.

Lauren Howell says:

I have a big catfish rig. I’m looking for a smaller set up for fishing on the river (crappie, bass, drum, brim). Kind of an all purpose set up, what do you recommend (i.e. rod length and reel type)?

AnglerX says:

Your channel is the best! I’ve started getting back into bass fishing from a kayak (decked out Shadow Caster) but this rod/reel thing is very confusing. I have a 7′ Fenwick ML fast action spinning rod with spinning reel, Diawa Arid X 7′ ML fast action rod with spinning reel, a old Berkley MH bait caster with an Abu Garcia Silver max bait caster 6:4:1 and a tried and true 6’6″ Ugly stik with a Okuma spinning reel. I will be throwing mostly mojo rigs, lighter jigs and top water. The spinning set ups have 15lb braid and a floro carbon leader, the ait caster has 12lb mono. What else do you think I might need. I was thinking one more set up for heavy weeds. Please help lol

taylor 1277 says:

Well, I am thinking about getting back to using a bait caster, I won’t bore you or anyone else as to why I am not using one but was it you that mentioned something about putting tape down on the reel to help minimize those backlashes? Pulling out 4 arm lengths of line and then putting a piece of tape on the line. If it was I can remember when I tried to start to learn how to use bait casters, I even had one of those learning ones that supposedly didn’t spin backward, this was years ago. My question is what tape do I use, and when I pull out the say 4 arms lengths of line and then put the tape on the reel, would you consider I lay it across the line? What I am asking if I describe it you, you’re looking at the rod, tip top point to butt, the bait caster on the rod, do I lay it across the line horizontally. Would this work?

Tamatha Pope says:

Well I have a zebco genesis is that a good bass fishing rod and reel just asking

Flaming Gorilla says:

I use dropshot all the time and about a year or so ago I was gifted a rod from my dad for just dropshot. I cannot stress this enough BEST GIFT I HAVE EVER RECIEVED ever since then that rod is always accompanying me. If i am fishing that rod is always within an arms grasp. This advice is so good. Find your baits and get the perfect rod for that.

Marky M says:

What is a heavy 7-6 rod used for got one for Christmas

josue nuno says:

What type of casting rod and reel do you recomend for me if I intend to fish all types of baits on it plastic, Crankbaits, jigs ect?

Miller Murdaugh says:

Is the blackout made by No.8 tackle in 7″3 MH extra fast is a good all around rod or what is it good for

Outdoors Guy says:

I strictly use spinning gear. I feel with spinning gear you can have a lot more fun. But I know there’s a rod and reel for every occasion and purpose. I’ve been using spinning gear only for about 15years or so maybe a bit longer and used everything from jigs to top water from poppers to walk the dog style on spinning and caught everything from a few ounced fish to 7lb bass and small pike to several pounds on spinning gear medium action. And had a ton of success. I just don’t want to get into bait casting gear due to the high prices that each are I’m a person on a very small budget less than $50 on fishing.

Fifty0ne says:

6’6 – 7’3 Medium-Heavy power, fast action, are pretty good all-around rods for any kind of bass fishing. You can get more in depth with custom rods for cranking/flipping, etc… but a 6’6-7’3 MH is a great “first” choice if you’re just getting into bass fishing, and you will not be limited. It will do anything you’d like it too. The only thing that will limit you is YOU.

Colby Cobia says:

from your explaining videos rod action exc.

Zachary Edwards says:

Duckett ghost, 13 fishing omens, and st croix

Sebastian Arteaga says:

Do you think telescope rods are good?

johnnymohani says:

what length should the rod be? And the reel i want comes in 6, 7, and 8. What do you recommend for medium heavy rod?

Romeo AFS says:

do u know what is the best rod with good light around $500-$600 for bass fishing ?

518 Vlogs says:

What is the setup u have in the video

Thomas JTN says:

this is an older video, but now that more products have come out.. what rod/reel combo would you suggest that is the most versatile?

Bill Maguire says:

What’s the rod u are using now the action an power and line is it fluorocarbon pine

JD WuBzz says:

6 6

Fel Ta says:

6 footers(not too small not too big) mid power/mid action(if it’s not sensitive enough for bottom fishing, hold the line 😉 ) a good baitcaster/spinning reel with a couple of bearings and a 0.47 cheap monofilament will do the job, no n.a.s.a science needed! Have fun!

Spod10 says:

Best 6’6 Medium Heavy under $100?

drafting savant says:

thanks Jen Jensen you’re offering incredible value here on fishing because of you I got a Berkley amp rod and a Zebco Quantum pulse reel with braid and fluorocarbon leader with the perfect Hooks and I’m going to fish it every day

HY Limits says:

Awesome video! Very helpful to people who want to begin a healthy habit!

Mike says:

By the way, I live in Massachusetts so I Duno if that helps with the type of fishing I’m doing.

The Earman says:

super rod is the best rod!!

Ben Lane says:

what is he using in this video??

TheSodaThief says:

Can someone PLEASE help me! What is the best time of year to go fishing i live in florida gainesville area and i like to fish in the santa fe river, but this river is extremely dark but i have heard of bass and catfish in there among others, what should i use? Colors, etc. I have some shiny spinner baits and tons of white senkos

Michael C. says:

I’m curious, what reel and line were you using?

CoCo Chips says:

What’s the rod he is using in the video

Michael McCullough says:

Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel, 6.7 oz./120 yd./12 lb./8.3:1 tonight on Amazon, can you recommend a good rod to go with it?
Been looking for hours am stuck. Been leaning towards
Lew’s Fishing Speed Stick Series Rod, 7’/Medium Heavy/Moderately Fast Taper
This will be used for Kayak fishing, Worms, jigs, frogs, sometimes cranks. Thanks for any help

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