The All New Falcon Bucoo SR Series Rod – Best $100 Rod? – Up Close Look!

Was in the market for a $100 rod and my search led me to the Falcon Bucoo SR rod. Just wanted to make a first impression video for you guys!


israel villarreal says:

thats why they look so good nice finis in the blank they are made in china

Ryan Crawford says:

I just got a 7’3″ heavy fast action. I put a shimano Curado on it, and man, it looks great. Try it out and see how it does for you.

Adam S says:

Falcon makes great rods but why in the world would they or anyone else put light gray grips on a rod?? They are obviously going to get dirty very quick which obviously doesn’t affect performance but common man it just seems like a stupid decision. The Dobyn’s Fury, Powell Inferno, Bass pro Carbonlite and few others are at the top of the list. Lew’s rods are one of the most overlooked IMO. I bought my first Duckett rod being the new Triad series and for $130 its so far surprisingly amazing for the price. Guide alignment isnt perfect on it but good and has 3 year warranty. Time will tell but i have several $100-$200 rods and the Triad reigns supreme. Good luck on the water this year

Robert Lavrakas says:

Excellent rods. Worth every penny

Graham Pedersen says:

They put the grey grips on it cuz it looks cool! Idk bout you guys but I like cool lookin stuff. I have a better day when I got cool looking shoes on. I have a lot more fun on the water when I got a cool lookin rod!! These rods are good. China or not. They got good components and are going to be just as good as any other rod with this price point.

James Brady says:

Just LUV how people talk down about gear due to being ( cheap>>$100) Comical…oh, and its made in China, so it automatically sucks….Obtuse. I dont own this rod but Im buying a few. And I will be using them in the Costa series next year, God willing. PEOPLE…most ALL rods are made with parts, blanks, guides, grips, etc., that come from CHINA, Indonesia, Russia, etc. Stop being so hung up on these “labels” I fished for years and years out of the Walmart tacklebox and have won and top 5`d many many tournaments using these exact items. The fish dont care what rod you are using and other than a difference of about 2%, there are practically little to no differences in rods between 100-400 bucks when it comes right down to it. Maybe a few ounces. Look, to each his own, but dont waste your money, and dont buy in to the cheap means sucks thing because catching fish boils down to how well you can fish, NOT how much money you spend.

Christian's Weekly Bassin' says:

You can get the vendetta for 80$ you don’t need something like this

Nolan Andrews says:

Awesome video due, looks like a pretty cool rod! I have never ever held or had a Falcon rod but they look like a nice brand! Keep up the videos man and if you have a chance please give my channel a look, I would really appreciate it!

GreenGhostMan says:

Interested to know how it fishes. Taken it on the water yet?

Jared Randall says:

Is the cork on the bottom whats made in china or is the rod?

israel villarreal says:

thats why they look so good nice finis in the blank they are made in china

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