Surfcasting Rod Review – 11-foot Tsunami Airwave Elite 1102M

Supports my book This is a surf rod review. The Tsunami Airwave Elite 1102M is a nice open beach rod at a very reasonable price.


qbny944 says:

Would you recommend this over the Lamiglas XS 101ms? (GSB1201L Factory Rod). Can’t decide between the two. Would be used for plugging. Also, are rods with the K guides worth it? The lami just as the Fuji Alconite concept guides.

Matt Fleming says:

Mr.Skinner, how do you find these spots that you fish at?

John Toth says:

John I am a casual surf fisherman, three weeks out of The year, I have 2 7 foot rods a ugly stick and a Shakespeare. I am looking to get a surf Rod, good for the pier and surf, would the 10 foot, serve my needs? Another question I had is how much more distance do you getfrom a 10 foot, and a 12 or 14 foot, is it that significant?

palabful says:

got a 10’6″ tsunami airwave surf, almost similar with yours here, sir. planning on cutting off 1-foot off the bottom same thing you did on one of your 10′ lamiglas in your other video. wished i have a better location like you guys have; not much around the surf out here in Virginia beach. but great video nonetheless. also got your “bucktail” book. although i have yet to catch a game fish around these shores i know it’s just a matter of time. im learning a lot, thanks.

PV pv says:

good morning. I just started getting into surf casting. I fish over by cupsauge beach. is it better to fish the pocket by the inlet or fish the sand bars? also if after a while if nothing is biting should I move around or stay in that spot? im using poppers, plugs and bucktails. thanks for the help and all the videos/books.

Fluke Killer says:

Cani make a rod and reel review series every time u get a new rod

Daniel Rodriguez says:

hey john, just starting to get into fishing. currently reading your book fishing the buck tail. is this a good rod to buck tail with? I’m looking for a rod that is not going to kill my wallet. i currently use a 10ft uglystik but it is not doing the trick. i can barely feel the buck tail tapping the ground. thanks!!!

Adam Sisi says:

John, how would you compare this rod to the 11ft PENN PREVAIL which is a bit cheaper then this rod.

john Barry says:

You put tons of time/thought/effort in your work John….but Man, what fun work!

sevan bozukluian says:

Hi john skinner where were you fishing for this video

Bill Dave says:

Would this balance well with a vs200 for a plugging rod? I’m between this and the St. Croix mojo. Thank you!

FishJonesBeach says:

Nice review!!! I cant say much about those rods never used one but the popper is top notch love them have all shapes sizes and colours and a bargain for the buck!  Thanks as always for sharing!

adrenalina m says:

hi john can you tell me what is the different on a tsunami 10 ft medium heavy and 11 ft medium is because i ant to buy a surf rod but the 11 is too big for my car to carry

Nick says:

Hey John, can you recommend me a 9 or 10 foot plugging rod for around $200 that can throw 2-3 oz comfortably? Thanks

quad boyz says:

What happened to all the stripers in the sound?

tcmrgk says:

Hi John. Thanks for the video. Great information. I was wondering if you had a chance to test out the 1102H and if so, what you felt was the major difference between the 1102H and the 1102M. I know it’s rated 1/2 ounce heavier on both low and high but as far as weight of the rod and feel of the rod if there is a major difference? I have a 10’6′ rod rated at 3/4 to 2 3/4 rod now and wanted something a bit heavier to handle some of the bigger plugs and bucktails(most of those weighing around 3oz with a few around 4). Do you think I’d be ok with the 1102M or should I go with the 1102H. This rod will be used in beach, bay, jetty and inlets. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Matt Bean says:

John, any chance you could recommend a setup (rod, reel, line, etc.) for fishing via boat on LI Sound topwater for Bass/Blues? Thanks.

Bill scrivener says:

I have the same rod with a Diawa Saltist 4500H and love it. I also have used my Shimano Stratic 6000FI and it worked well also. The biggest reason I originally bought the rod because of the lighter weight so I can cast longer with my torn right rotater – lol

AsianInvasion says:

i’ve had this rod for a year and absolutely love it. i’ve done everything with it such as plugging and bottom fishing. super light rod, can’t wait to pair it with a van staal soon

Hijikata gintoki says:


Hijikata gintoki says:

hello mr. John I enjoy this video thank u so much. I want to ask you how many kg or pounds does it fight ? This rod

Hernán Cortez says:

I have to say THANK YOU John Skinner.
This video helped me a lot to decide to buy this amazing surf rod.

Hijikata gintoki says:

And does it light or heavu rod ?

Keetong Champha says:

Hello John. casting distance better than St. Croix Model MSS106MM2 ?

Adam Baratz says:

Hey John, do you think this rod could lob a 9″ 4.5oz sebile magic swimmer knockoff that my tackle store sells?

greenmtnman says:

My primary rod is the 10′ 6″. I love it. Landed fish to 45# with it this year. I am weird and use a vs150. I know, blasphemy “the reel is too small”. BS, it holds 300yrds of line no problem. no issues so far, I walk 10+ miles some nights I need the setup to be light, light light. Throws everything from 1/2oz bucktails to 3.5oz dannys and even lob 4oz+ riggies without much of a problem. 30# powerpro super slick 8. Like I said had no problem putting the heat to my personal best 47.5″ fish (which I caught in the SCJ catch and release tourney!) & multiple fish over 25#…

salchipapa says:

John, could this rod be a replacement for the custom GSB 120 1L? I want to use 3/4 Bucktails and eels on this rod with a SSV6500BLS

WickedAnglerTv says:

Would the 10′ 6′ model go good with a 5000 clash ?

Keetong Champha says:

i mean St. Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods St. Croix Model MSS106MM2
Length 10’6″ / Sections 2

Flatheadfletch says:

Thanks Mr Skinner. Great review!just ordered mine off eBay, free ship$ 179.99

Roland Pacheco says:

Hey John, i was hoping you could make a video explaining how to read the surf for cover and structure or at least direct me to a good video. I’ve seen a few but none really give that proper explanation like you do on your videos. I watch all of yours and prepped myself with all i need and i go out to the surf and catch nothing. not only that but no one around me as far i could see isn’t catching anything either which tells me that i need to choose a better spot to target the fish.

Aziz Sharustamov says:

Hello John. I enjoy your clips very much and learn a lot. What type of knots do you use? (braid to swivel and fluorocarbon to swivel and clip) Thank you.

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