Shimano Zodias Rod Test

Went out and tried the Shimano Zodias line of rods. Funny name but great versatile rod. If you are looking for a well rounded rod to do a lot of things with, Zodias is one of my top choices.

Check out all models here

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TexasSaltwaterFishin says:

Thx for the review. Im looking to that same rod for my chronarch ci4 reel.

Evan carlson says:

will u please post more than 1 video a week! keep up  th e videos!

Njord Fishing Channel says:

Grate tips

Nick Hall says:

200$ for a china made rod? maybe if it was made in japan… 200$+ gotta go st. croix…

fantastic4pac says:

Hey justin, I was just wondering why don’t you upload maybe like twice a week?

Khoảng trống im lặng says:

how money ad..thanks

Pao Lee says:

Loving the Zodias .. sadly i drop my in a lake !

odotzlz says:

Why don’t you fish lake fork no more

Shanley Yang says:

I have that rod and I am not disappointed! Caught a bass and a whole salad bowl along and it impressed me…

RedNeck Shenanigans says:

If u get a vacation make sure u do an adventure u make them look awesome keep up the good work

Sir MeowCuddles says:

Do these have a hook keeper? I’ve been looking at a few photos, and I haven’t really seen any. Tight lines 🙂

Bud Brothers says:

Come check out our instagram @gone_fishing_hunting

Bovine says:

Where did you get your buff? Looks like it covers your neck very well compared to normal ones.

Dylan Feeds Gaming says:

Hey lake fork guy. Have you ever used a Denali rose wood. My dad uses them and says I need one and was wondering if they are worth it.

Ben Bass says:

Does the Zodias have a removable handle, or is it a true 1 – piece rod?
Also how would you describe the M/H’s taper?

Pheng Vang says:

@LakeForkGuy Hey Justin, I’m planning to get one of the Zodias rod for worm and jigs. I was thinking of the 7’2″ Medium/mod-fast or the 7’6″ Glass Med/Hvy with mod-fast action. But I would like your opinion on which Zodias rod is best for worm and jig. Thanks.

Wyatt Georgea says:

Watching you on Big Bass Battle right now

Joshua Henn says:

Awesome! Need to pick me up one for sure

torik kun says:

hey lake fork guy im 13 years old and i love fishing just like you and i love your videos dont stop making them there entertaining 😀

Tyro says:

+LakeForkGuy what pound line do u usually use on ur baitcasters? Plz answer

Nicolas Del Frari says:

Hey justin, i think you failed a bit in the video.
At 45 seconds from the beginnig you can clearly see that the rod used isn’t a zodias but instead its an expride.
Anyway these rods seem to have a ModFast taper, do you confirm?

PKV 8 says:

Can you do a review on the Dobyns Fury Baitcast Rod

Outdoor 1999 says:

What rod in the Zodias line up do you recommend for weightless senkos and 1/8 to 1/2oz Texas rigs? Also what rod in the Zodias line up would you recommend for dragging a Carolina rig out deep, fishing a football jig and fishing a big worm? Lastly, do you think the 6’10 medium would be a good jerk bait rod? I know those are both large category’s but I can’t afford a rod for every technique. I’m fading in and out news set ups and i like to
keep my stuff fairly similar and I was just curious is the Zodias line up had everything I was looking for. Please help me. Thanks

Tristen Rodriguez says:

Is that the new citica I? How do you like it compared to the g series?

Calibassin96 says:

Can you do a review on the new shimano citica..thanks.

Far East Angler says:

I wish they had made the blank one piece, straight through to the butt.
I found this out when my lock nut came loose and the blank almost launched out of the handle. 🙁
Nice rod other then that.
Got mine for Y14,000 here in Japanland.

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