Shimano Curado Rod Review | Worth the Money???

Have you seen the new Shimano Curado Rods? We all know about the new Curado K Reel but now there is a rod to match! We got the opportunity to fish them this Summer and really give them a test run. Watch the video to find out what we thought!

New Shimano Curado Casting Rods:
New Shimano Curado Crankbait Rods:
New Shimano Curado Spinning Rods:

Stand Out Models…
7’2″ Heavy- Frogs, Light Flipping
7’5″ Heavy – Frogs, Flipping, pitching
7’6″ Med/Hvy Moderate- Jigs, Texas Rigs, Light Flip
7’6″ Heavy – Heavy Flipping, Frogging, Pitching
7’8″ Medium Heavy Crankbait: Crankbaits with size 2 or larger trebles
7’2″ Medium Crankbait: Size 6 or larger trebles
7’1″ Medium Spinning: All-around Spinning Rod

Shimano Curado K Reel:

High End Rods with Comparable models- Expride Series:
Price Point Rods with Comparable models- Exage Series:

Other rod options with “moderate actions”…
Dobyns Champion 765 Flip:
St. Croix Legend Elite 7’6″ Med/Hvy Mod:
St. Croix Legend Tournament 7’2″ or 7’6″ Moderate:

Line Options…
Frog and Flip- 65 lb Sufix 832:
All-around fishing Braid- 50 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
All-around fishing fluoro- 15 lb Sunline Assassin:
Crankbait Braid- 20 lb Sufix 832:
Crankbait fluoro- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:
Leader Material- Maxima Ultragreen (8-30 lb):

Lure on the rod- Strike King 8.0:
Rod Racks on the wall:


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Wesley Werstiuk says:

Hey Matt, nice video I enjoy your content. Do you have a link to you talking about moderate fast rods for jig fishing?

Elijah Faber says:

Do an exage review

Ying Yang says:

Thanks for the review on the rod Matt. I’ve been thinking about getting me one of these rods since the debut at ICast. Glad that somebody finally made a review on them.

dennis groves says:

Hey Matt, for the guys back east can you define the word premo? Lol

Bravo TX says:

Of the curado series of rods and reels which would you recommend for paddle tail swimbaits 5-7 inches?

she's bitching I'm fishing says:

I just got 4 of the exage crankbait rods and for 100$ i think there phenomenal but I’d love to hear u guys opinions on them

DW B says:

The Curado K is my hands down favorite reel. It is outstanding.
I plan on trying the Curado rod and very much appreciate the review. Timely. The Exage is a nice budget? option.

Jolly Giant says:

Serious question: you fish with anything from $300 rod and real combos up to $1000 but recommend $60 sunglasses? Are these sunglasses just a good price point or do they preform as well as the bigger name brands?

Grant Huddlestone says:

What’s you take on the laid-back trigger?

Green State Fishing Team says:

Who’s this guy with the beard and collared shirt? Lol

Aaron Vella says:

Nice Review! Got to love it when companies produce the actions your looking for! Still looking for that 7,6 spinning though shimano!

jimbo jones says:

I believe the crank rods are saying they are Glass composite but not exactly sure on E or S glass ? Shimano seems to not go into details on it. Lot of TT and reviews on Shimano rods in the past has been tip heavy , was wondering if you felt these were tip heavy in balance?

Billy Noles says:

Which one is best for salt water spook and 130 whooper plopper

Branden Myerson says:

I know you guys fish a lot of dobyns rods and you have done reviews on the lower price point Fury series. Have you had a chance to fish any of the colt series rods just curious how you would compare them to the fury series

Mike Miller says:

Thanks for the review. Looking at both the rod and reel, this was very helpful. Thanks!

kurt cerny says:

Matt I was a little surprised when you said your K was 7.1 on a crankbait setup..???? thanks

Kimber Rain says:

How do i know which series Curado I have?

John Oortman says:

Check out Matt sporting the facial hair:) Always informative.

MrMgbattousai says:

How does it compare to the dobyns in that price point?

israel villarreal says:

u nead a megabass x7 rod 7.5 hevy it have the best tip ever

Shaun Moore says:

Thanks for the great review! This channel has helped my fishing more than I can relay. Im in the market for a better jig rod and was leaning towards something in the Dobyns sierra line. Do you feel the moderate fast action on these curados would be better for the application? I mostly throw 1/2 oz. bottom contact jigs and 3/8 oz. swim jigs. I should also mention i’m in the north east and pretty much get fish in the 1-4 lb range. Thanks for any advice you can relay.

John Smith says:

I’m looking to get a 7 foot zodias spinning rod to fish some lighter jigs. I want to be able to fish from 1/8 to 1/2 oz . Should I get the med lite rated 1/8 to 3/8 or the med rated 3/16 to 1/2.

ethan spruiell says:

I’m digging the stubble Matt lol

Michael Sousa-Johnson says:

So you guys would use the Champion 765FLIP as an everyday jig rod, and a flipping rod? I just the Fury 734 at the moment for my everyday jig rod, but could you go a little deeper as to why the 765? I’ve been going back and forth for like a year about getting a 765FLIP lol

Pete Mortimer says:

Could I throw the S-waver 168 on a 7’3 dobyns fury heavy or mag heavy. Which would be best?

Barney Witherington says:

Thanks for the great info. Looking for a 7′ plus rod and the Shimano just might be a good fit.

Woodie Lynott says:

Have you guys ever used Irods?

Kyle Copley says:

Love these kind of vids guys! I’m actually in the hunt for a jig/froggin/Flippin stick. Been looking at the dobyns fury in the 7’3 heavy fast application. Would you recommend that? Also I’m up in Northern Michigan so fish really are only 1-6lbs.

Shane B says:

I’ve been digging around, and looking at the rods you guys leave in the description for swimbaits. I want one for Huds, to the Swaver, and anything I can get away with in between.. in the 100-200$ what would you recommend to cover a lot of different swimbaits, as I can’t get into having multiple swimbait rods yet lol.. Thank you thank you in advance!!

Leslie Kahn says:

I watched one of your videos where you were were talking about what spinning reel and rod you recommend in the $100 price range. For a reel you liked the Shimano Nasci 2500 and for a rod the Shimano Compre. I went out and bought the Nasci 3000 but I can’t find the Compre in any store. So where can I get one of these rode in 6 or 6-1/2 feet?

Twangtown7 says:

Awesome stuff as usual. I just ordered the Curado K and have been eyeing these rods. Was thinking about the 7’2″ medium-heavy/fast for jig fishing. Personally, I just feel more comfortable with 7’2″-7’3″ being my max length. I’d love to try out moderate-fast tho, but they only come in the longer models it seems. Thanks again for the review!

Billy Noles says:

I’m looking for the best mid range spook and 130 plopper rod Matt

BassGeek says:

Is that swimming a jig that you like the moderate? I’ve watched for ever and don’t know how I missed you talking about it. I like the mod’s on the treble baits but never thought about one on a jig. Hmmm.

dumb boy short vids says:

Used that setup for big treble topwaters.

Keenan Moore says:

I just got the Curado K 8.5:1 .. I want to pair it with a rod for Frogging and punching. What kind of rod should i look for? length, action, tip, etc.
I fish from a Kayak if that makes a difference.

Felipe Orea says:

I’m looking for a Texas rig rod that sometimes may double as a 3/8 or 1/2 ounce spinnerbait rod. You think the 7’2″ MH is a good option?Am I completely off trying to throw Texas rigs and spinnerbaits with the same rod? I don’t use spinnerbaits much and, at the moment, I can’t afford a rod specific for that tecnic. Thanks guys, awesome video as always.

Keith Spencer says:

Great review Matt. I’m looking for a rod to dedicate strictly to 8 and 10 XDs. Will this rod work for that?

The RodFather says:

could yall do a review on Favoriterodsusa? i would really love yalls input on their rods and if they’re really worth the price.

Michael Yang says:

Thanks for a great review video Matt and Tim! Could you test the Okuma Casting rods? Many of the rod models are listed as Moderate-fast action, so I think you might like it and it would possibly fit your style of fishing. I would like to hear your review on these moderate-fast tapered rods. Thanks.

7’6 H/MF Helios:

Danny Mayorga says:

What is your opinion on shimano dc reels? Do you think the shimano Antares dc is worth the $600?

steve hendricks says:

Great video as always! I would love to see a video on rod actions and why you choice certain actions over others for specific techniques. You two are the best teachers of bass fishing I’ve ever come across. Thanks again

Ladybass says:

i have only used the rods for a single weekend, but i love them so far, especially the 7’4 medium fast spinning rod!


What about Shimano caenan reel? Is it any good for a first casting reel

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