Okuma TCS Rod Review



Bret Hilliard says:

are you branching out from your Ducketts?

Blake Isringhausen says:

Could you do a review on the ugly stick gx2 rod

Zak Hancock says:

Great review!!!  Any idea when you will be posting your review of the Fenwick Aetos?  As a die hard Fenwick guy I have been looking forward to this since the first time I saw you using one!!!

Guilty Spark says:

Review bravefisherman braid line

Nick Kaczan says:

Dude,  This is awesome.  I really want a Go Pro!.  Been missing a few fish this year and want to see what im doing wrong

Brandon Amador says:

why did scott go with the moderate fast rather than the regular fast action ?

jmtooleyaw says:

Gene, would you still recommend these rods? I snapped my No.8 Blackout MH on a hookset so I need a new 7’MH. I am really interested in these so may pick one up soon. Thanks.

Justin Behrendt says:

First, thanks for always answering my ton of questions. Ok, I got the 7′ M+ and I think i should have gotten the 6’9 MH/MF for squarebills and traps. What’s the best use of the M+ besides jerkbaits?

Thanks as always!

Tracy Benson says:

The Helios are even better!! Okuma

Jeff k says:

Very nice review gene thanks for sharing that with us

Fishing Channel says:

nice review  I shared your video in oficial Okuma facebook page for Portugal 


25Patman says:

When is april’s mtb slam coming out?

1faSStchevy says:

I’ve been on the fence about picking up an Okuma rod and reel. Now I think I’m gonna have to.

Kobie Kennedy says:

Would it be a good frog rod

VJTrey1 says:

this can be use for saltwater inshore fishing?

steve4321able says:

Great review Gene! A note to add is that most of the rods in this series are a moderate action. I have used several models and I thought i was using a medium action rod until it loaded up. You can really keep the bass pinned with these tapers. Parabolic in the true sense of the word. Don’t expect a true fast action tip on these. You will soon learn how to set the hook like Greg Hackney if your using a jig! Plus it looks dramatic when you have a 2 pounder on and the other boaters think you caught a 10! The hook keeper sucks but not a deal breaker. I have a love hate relationship with these rods but I agree with Gene, awesome rods!

Ben K says:

What one of those rods would you use for chatterbaits, lipless cranks, and crankbaits? The 7′ MH or the 7′ M+? Thanks

BoPlayz FTE says:

Where is that fishing place???

Noah Turcotte says:

Hey Gene,

Quick question for you. I just bought a Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 (7ft 6in, Medium Heavy, Moderate Fast) and it was delivered today. When I took it out of the box I was surprised to find that about 8in above the reel seat the pole telescopes down about 8.5 inches. I have never used a telescopic pole before, so I don’t know much about them. My main concern is (since I plan to use the pole as my jig rig) will the pole be as sensitive as a one piece? My second concern is whether the pole will be able to handle heavy hook-sets? I spent over $100 on the pole, so any advice would be greatly appreciated while I decide on whether I should send it back or not. 


steve4321able says:

Gene, I want to to get a TCS rod for weightless flukes. Is that jerk bait rod good for that?

fishguy3321 says:

Hey Gene. I was wondering what the power means? I hear around like for example ” This is a 6 power rod” I don’t know what that means. I know what like medium power or heavy power is. I just don’t know what those numbers mean. Hope you can answer me back. Thanks!

Justin91476 says:

Awesome!! How many rods do you own?

Bryson Samsill says:

Thank you Gene! Cant wait to pick some up!

steve y says:

nice new boat Gene 🙂

Dubx says:

Will you be doing the April MTB SLAM this month?

TackleJunky81 says:

Nice review Gene! I’m actually doing my rod review tomorrow and I agree with you on the hook keeper, I’m not a fan of it either.

Aidan Shenton says:

I got the 7’11” version so I’m assuming that might not be ideal for using soft plastics or texas riggings a senko? Can anyone enlighten me?

Chris In Kansas says:

about how much do these rods retail for Gene? I didn’t catch that in the video or the comments.

Miller Reid says:

These rods can be found for low 100$ like under 110$ on Amazon and on Walmart for around 90$.

301Bassin says:

When is the MTB Slam coming out? I’m really anxious lol

Kenneth Kraft says:

Just ordered the crankbait rod and couldn’t be more excited! They’re on sale for $94 on Amazon right now. What a steal.

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