Okuma TCS bait casting rod

The past five years have seen an influx of truly great rods at the $100-$150 price point. At this pricing we now see rods that are seriously lightweight, super sensitive and strong as heck. For your consideration I would like to submit the Okuma TCS (Tournament Concept Series) into that already crowded arena (that’s a good thing!). Stand out features include, above all, a limited lifetime warranty. The second main attraction to the TCS line up is the looks….these rods were designed to turn heads…bar none. If you are strictly a function over form kind of person than I have good news as well because this series is a solid performer. While I can only comment directly on the model I own here (7′ Medium+) I can tell you that I’m really impressed by it. Perhaps the most notable feature common to almost all the rods in the TCS line is the moderate or moderate/fast taper. These rods are allegedly designed by Scott Martin and their design implements his philosophy of “keeping fish buttoned up” aka, having a rod with enough give to not rip hooks out. In a bass market dominated by mostly fast action rods I’m happy to see a series that caters to those anglers who prefer a somewhat softer and slower taper to their rod. Overall, I feel the TCS series is a winner. BUT, when you consider that by shopping around you can find this rod for around $90 (with that lifetime warranty) you have a home-run product. Good looks, good performance, exceptional warranty!


Chuong Nguyen says:

I was skeptical on Okuma brand after fishing with them many years ago. They were poor quality because they would break easily. I got plenty of rods already, and wasn’t in the market for a new one. But after seeing your review, I pulled the trigger and purchased a 7′ Heavy from Walmart.com based on your tip. Great looking rod, very light weight, and well balanced with my BB1-Pro. For $105 shipped to my local Walmart store, it was worth  giving the TCS a try just for the heck of it. Thanks bro, keep up the good work!!

ArcticDreamers Rapture says:

Amazing looking rod! Here in Sweden i have seen 2 Okuma models in the stores, but both are Heavy Pike and Musky rods! They are supposed to be exellent though! But this lighter rod i have not seen! Looks really nice!

steve4321able says:

Ok Carl, I broke down and picked up the 7′ heavy. Love the rod! Caught tons of fish and its powerful! One comment I must put on the table is the aluminum oxide guide inserts. I have heard from many guys that these get worn from braid! Funny how Okuma says great for braid on their website. Rod builders say the material wont last with braid. I wish they would have went with at least alconite inserts. I run braid exclusively so its a real downer for me. I will continue to beat the crap out of this rod and give you my review. Maybe even a video review.

steve4321able says:

Thanks Carl! That hook keeper might be a deal breaker for me. How about the heavy model? Did you ever feel the action on the heavy? Keep up the great reviews!!

dolucks1 says:

Ive been eyeing these for awhile, but don’t like the skinny handle.. maybe for the wal mart price Ill try one out

faithandfury says:

I am getting the 7’11 heavy or extra heavy. I haven’t decided yet. Since the guy lives near Okeechobee I would hope the flipping and pitching rods of the TCS line up are above par. Sides you put those rods through hell and buying a more expensive flipping rod and having it break on you would be more depressing.

Rocky Latham says:

I’m looking for a swim jig rod and I will definitely be using braid with a fluorocarbon leader. I have been fishing saltwater off the Gulf Coast of Texas for the past 30 years and having to learn all these techniques from scratch now I am here in Southern California and these clear water reservoirs. Is the Okuma Scott Martin TCS Casting Rod 7′ Medium + heavy enough to handle big bass or should I go to a heavier model?

Shane Winburn says:

Just ordered the 6″6 medium plus thanks for the heads up on the Wal-Mart deal, been looking for a shorter rod for bank fishing, excited to try it out when it gets here, great review by the way!

rdmnks says:

Which Okuma rod would be good for jigs?

Cooney Family says:

I just bought a 5.5 inch rib snake. Is that to big.

steve4321able says:

Just and update on my testing and reviews on this rod. The first heavy action rod was absolutely perfect as far as action and weight. Then, I ordered 2 more of the same model. Warning! The actions and the weight of the rods are very inconsistent! One was more like a X fast and noticeably heavier. The other one was close but still not the same action as my first one. Don’t get me wrong I love the rods but these inconstancies of the same model is the trademark of poor QC. Not a company I would trust if I have to buy 5 rods of the same model and pick one that feels ok to me. On the other hand, I caught my personal best on this rod! LOL! Its powerful and I deliberately lifted this rod with at least 5 heavy fish just wanting to see it snap. It didn’t. I was impressed. My hats off to Okuma for a great rod but they really need to work on the continuity of the models. If we switched rods with the exact same model you would think you had a different rod in your hand. At this price point there are many rod makers that can equal each model knowing what you are getting. This is not the case with the TCS.

Caleb Jones says:

Is there a bait casting rod and reel out there that you can use multiple types of baits on? Such as crank baits, lipless crank baits and top water baits? I just do not want to go drop a bunch of money on multiple rods and reels.

Juicy Juune says:

Okuma tcs or Mojo bass ?

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:

YEP, I’ve looked at rods on Ebay and saw the ads at the bottom of the page on Walmart.com and saved $25, right off the GIT-GO. From certain Ugly Stiks not available anymore, to a rod I just bought, a Wright & Mcgill 8′ Walleye rod, that’ll work for my large lure casting in saltwater……..”BECAUSE i HAVE MY BID IN FOR A DAIWA RYOGA SHRAPNEL 300″ If I get it, it will be my large lure plugging combo. Walmart?????? Go figure?????? Your fault Carl, I’m working on my 7th DAIWA Ryoga!!!!!!!

TeamRippnLipz1 says:

Great video.. I been looking at this rod alot lately 

yeeeeeehaw says:

Sir you have the absolute best review videos!

You mentioned you own Falcon rods….how do you like them?
Im about to get my first baitcaster rod/reel and in the market for a rod in the $100-$150 price range.
Out of the rods you own or have used what would you recommend for an “all around” caster rod in that price bracket?

VJTrey1 says:

can i use this in saltwater for inshore fishing?

SEBFishing says:

Really well done video!

FishingEmpire says:

Cool looking rod

miller murdaugh says:

Could y u do the g.loomis e6x

joel maust says:

ok sooo ive been watching these vids religiously, love them and I just purchased 2 larger swimbaits to test the water with them and would like a recommendation for which rod to throw them with. I got the lucky craft real blue gill ss and swiped a shellcracker g2 off ebay. I am like you preferring a med med/fast taper since that’s what I learned on as a kid with dad. but ive never delved into any of the more expensive brands, I also prefer a split grip. lookin to be around $200ish

TackleJunky81 says:

Another Excellent video Carl and a very slick looking rod. Well done buddy!

Jon Morgan says:

Awesome Vid,here lately if I’m going to Buy Something I always See if You have a Review on it 1st… So Informative, Keep Up the Great Work.. God Bless

James says:

What is the guide ring material?

Thetugis myDrug says:

What type of graphite do they use?

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:

You’re a ENTHUSIAST Carl!! Admit it. I have 2 candy apple red SEE-THRU “tubular” glass rods by Phenix that the aesthetics are unbelievable. Any one using the word “aesthetic” makes them a bonified Tackle Enthusiast! (because of you these rods sport my two totally blinged out Zillions)

rdmnks says:

I Like the bonus footage of the canoe at the beginning.

Robert Grasso says:

Just got the med heavy 7’0 jig and worm rod I really like the look of it but I feel like I wouldn’t wanna throw heavy jigs with it. It feels like it would snap. I’m still happy with it I think I’m gonna make it my senko rod. Awesome video

joe buck says:

Hey man, awesome videos I love em. I would love to see a video on a froggin setup, just a thought. Thanks for the great videos!

Yarik Andersson says:

Super! i am press like….

Simon A says:

I also love softer tipped rods, they just seem to hold the fish better

Justin Behrendt says:

Hi there, I have a couple of the tcs series already and I like
them. In your experience do you think this would be able to
cast a ¼ x-rap shad? It’s rated for lures 3/8-3/4 but sounds like
moderate action. Thanks for the help!

hmoobmua12 says:

looks like a high end JDM style handle. what is being used for the guides?

steve4321able says:

Great video! I just looked at these rods at a local store. I am looking for a new crankbait and lipless crank rod. I believe I handled the M all purpose rod. To me it felt like a wet noodle compared to what I was used to. Is the 7″ MH moderate fast good for this? Also I hate the hook keeper. Keep in mind I’m sure Okuma will void that warranty if I remove the hook keeper and add my own? How did you make out with this rod review? Do you still own it? Any breakage issues?

ArcticDreamers Rapture says:

I am a Little old school about rods! I am not generally a fan of too fast taper! But i sweden we say actions!

YakAnglerNJ says:

This was a great review and extremely helpful.  I recently purchased the Shimano Curado 200i and have been looking  for an all around rod that can handle shallow to medium crankbaits. I think I am going to give the Okuma TCS 7′ MH some serious consideration!  I hate the location of the hook keeper but as you said there are many after market hook keepers you can place on the rod.  Thanks again!!

Lupe Campos says:

Q: I just got the Shimano CI4+ baitcaster what’s a good rod I should get for bass

Matt C says:

Hey man I’ve been watching your videos and wanted to say they are excellent quality and informative.  I am definitely considering this rod for squarebills and lipless and was wondering if you’d go w the med or med heavy for this.  I fish NJ too.  Thanks and happy New Year.

MidwestVideoDepot says:

Would that rod be good for light Texas rigs, say using bullet weights from 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16, twelve pound mono line on a baitcaster and seven inch power worms and zoom trick worms using 3/0, 2/0 and 1/0 hooks?

Mr66Yellow says:

I took your advice and bought the same rod (M+) online for less than $100. I just received it, and damn! It’s a nice freakin rod, comparable to my Gloomis NRX rod. Much appreciate your honest un-bias reviews. Thanks, and keep up the videos.

Alex Fu says:

Another great review as usual. Looks can be subjective, personally I really cannot stand the sight of cork. The anodized blue aluminium is nice, but sandwiching the cork with the EVA looks horrible in my opinion. Oh and then there is the reel seat, I don’t know what are these called, Shimano also uses something similar in their Teramar inshore series. I just do not like them, it makes the rod look cheap. I much prefer having the reel seat recessed so the reel sits lower making it easier for palming. I recently bought a Daiwa rod called Team Daiwa T which they will be phasing out and as such they are are dirt cheap in most places as they are on clearance sale. You wouldn’t believe how cheap it is, it only costs me $46 from TackleWarehouse. Take a look at that rod, it has a similar colour scheme as the Okuma, although it is made in China, the level of finishing is pretty impressive. I have been using it for the past 3 outings and it has taken a 20 lbs Redfish, let me tell you it certainly punches above its weight.

Stephen Waldon says:

To late, they bumped it up to 92 and up .

Nick Hummel says:

I’m debating buying the 7’0″ M+ or the 7’0″ medium heavy rod for shallow to mid depth crankbaits. After using the M+ for some time, do you think you would prefer the medium heavy model instead?

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