*NEW* KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rod Review (Bonus Catch Footage – 2018)

The NEW KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rods retail for $109.98. There are 15 technique specific rods available (11 casting/4 spinning). Are they worth the money?

I’ve been using these rods for a few weeks and can’t believe what KastKing did with these rods. I’ll discuss the rod components, sensitivity, weight, toughness, comfort, and balance.

I also took the 7’3″ Jig/Worm rod out and caught a few fish. You’ll get a first-hand perspective of how this rod performs…

Speed Demon Pro Rod https://amzn.to/2qleFJl
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John Ames says:

What is the difference between the Speed Demon Pro and the bass rods besides price

Feral Grandad says:

Debo. Are these rods one or two piece please?

Az Scout says:

Lookin good brother. Catching fish. Love it

Always Lookin4fish says:

Awesome review!!! Definitely in my amazon list to buy!!!

Sandy Cohen says:

is the rod exposed under the reel seat?

Joseph Beymer says:

One word for moving the bait keeper lower…BRILLIANT!!! Ordered one of these today along with the speed demon pro reel. Can’t wait!

JR Lagasca says:

7-3 medium heavy is a good all around rod. I think.

D.Nasty Fishing says:

What’s up brother .. just dropped a thumbs up and subbed.. great footage nice product.. swing thru

John Frank says:

I’d like to see you put the equivalent Speed Demon Pro, Royale Legend and Perigee II up with each other. Compare them w all the criteria you did here…blank, grip, guides, weight, etc. Because it would be nice to see the actual differences bet them vs the 59, 69 & 109 price point.

Lambert Anderson says:

Could do a comparison between a speed demon rod and the Royal Legend rod

Carl G says:

The rod seems really nice for the price, as do most Kastking products. The only thing I’d mention is that I find the color scheme a bit too obnoxious. Less is more sometimes. Not like you need coloring to help find your rods. A subdued, more subtle color scheme to me is more classy and speaks higher for the product. 🙂

Reel Fishing says:

As you mention that even though these are design for certain technique rods, maybe the first test is just comparing it to your regular rod and see if it makes any different , after all is it worth it to go out to buy a new rod just to be use for a certain technique .

Can’t wait to see this video , since I’m on the fence in trying to see if it justify the reason to go buy another rod

JJ Golden says:

I am no expert but I love the squarebill crankiness rod I just got which I paired up with a Spartacus reel. I look forward to using it more this fall.

MagicYaker says:

I see you like singing too! Great vid as always bro!

TheDigihax says:

Damn dude at 4:00 it sounded like your reel was about to fall apart wtf…

Kigai11 says:

These rods came out just a little to late, I already bought 4 Royal Legends and 1 Perigee the perigee with the stealth reel for my weightless setup because Debo said that was a good because of the tip on the perigee rod. Thanks Debo

Victor Franqui says:

Dude I want one, that series of rods are really well tough out

Fishing With Lou says:

it looks really nice

TheDigihax says:

Nice video man I subbed I like your channel…

borodkun says:

What is the longest spool of casting in your series?

Reel Fishing says:

Maybe just compare these with the bass rod version then compare it to the royal technique rod version .

Lastly does it REALLY make a difference in performance using these technique rod vs a regular baitcaster rod or is it just a gimmick ?

Michael R. Foreman says:

Compare it to the Shimano Schimatar 8′ 6″ medium/heavy. You know, the rod I told you I just purchased. Weight and balance seem very much alike going by your video.

Therese Woodford says:

Hi..Its good that you reply to all comments.. that will surely help to build your subs…good luck.

Joe Mauritz says:

you are not show the rod in a peace.. only 20 cm

David Thomas says:

Hey bro shoot me a call 972-896-2110, call me anytime need to chat a sec!

Greg Hinton says:

So, I see u also go with the spinnerbait w/ trailer hook. Always? Sometimes? Theories on this. I do it some. It just seems like a lot of extra stuff and work. Wondered if u could dive deeper on the subject someday. I’ve heard some different ideas from YouTube and the interwebs. Just curious. Great vid!

Jim McVey says:

Awesome Review! Thanks Debo, Thanks KastKing! I’d like to see you compare it with a St Croix Premier and the Walmart $50 7 foot Red and Yellow StarLite Halo Rod, which I actually love mine. I have many St Croix rods and I find myself using the Halo alot!

raWr Fishing says:

my fav gotta be teh nano carbon technology within the blank and the alconite guides from Fuji

Kerry Parks says:

I just ordered a speed demon 7’6″ casting rod. I’ll let you know what I think of it when it arrives.

Dylan Mathews says:

Prolly the best reviews I’ve seen on YouTube, keep it up!!!!

KastKing says:

Thank you DEBO for the great explanation!

Nate The Skate Outdoors says:

I would love to see a review against a Sixgill Fishing Creature rod. They are priced about the same and I believe that would be a good comparison

andy pincince says:

What would a rod like that cost if it was a name brand?

The Fishing Adventures of Catterman says:

Excellent video Debo! Love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these SICK rods.

Therese Woodford says:

Is this rod top of the line for Kastking?…my guess is that they are probably is the same level as the Lews Speed Stick or the Fenwick HMG,..basicly,.. 80. to 100. dollar rods….or are you saying these new Kastkings are in the ballpark of the higher end rod like the Fenwick Elite Tech., which run about 150. each?…just wondering, thanks.

solaydbak says:

Don’t understand why they don’t have MH rods…

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