KastKing Perigee II Rod Review 2018 (My Best Rod for Weightless Senkos/Stick Baits/Flukes)

I finally got ahold of the Perigee II rod from KastKing. I’d like you to join me as I discuss the specifications of this rod, what I like about the rod, and the castability using weightless lures. I’m always on the lookout for rods and reels that preform above average for certain applications. This rod does just that for casting weightless senkos, stick baits, and flukes.

Speaking of casting – I’ll take you to the field for a first hand casting demonstration. Would you like to see a full video dedicated to casting weightless lures? COMMENT BELOW AND LET ME KNOW!


Check out the Perigee II Rods here: http://amzn.to/2w5M3VT

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Yankee Tanker says:

it’s a good looking rod no doubt.. well done with the info in the field too regarding weightless baits and rod action..

Dennis Unger says:

sorry took so long to check out the vid but love the new rod!!

Bait N' Boujee says:

Well you’ve got me sold on this rod.

Ride Along Fishing says:

Informative and entertaining as always my friend. Well done! I personally use a 6’6″ medium Royale legend rod with a KastKing stealth as well and I agree on the tip. Certainly leans more toward moderate and I LOVE IT!

Az Scout says:

Nice! The pergee I I was the reason I decided to look into kastking a little more. Get the spinning outfit. Lol I to want it for a finesse rod. Having that option to jump to a medium or if you need heavier rods med to medium heavy is a cool idea for a kayaker. Even on my 14 foot hobie space and weight are key

andy pincince says:

Looks like a rod I would buy, just for fun ,but Amazon and Ebay dont have them in stock.. Anywhere else?

andy pincince says:

flipping and pitching with a medium heavy is not a good idea…go to heavy in a 7’4″ length….with braid if possible….

andy pincince says:

Hi me again..lol..was wondering which Kastking line you like the best…the copolymer or the fluorocarbon…great reviews for both on Amazon..thank. Andy from R.I.

4 Da Kidz Fishing says:

Awesome review brother

andy pincince says:

Sounds good, but will the rod and reel hold up over time? Where do they sell this brand?

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome video and great rod. I just subscribed to your channel and as always happy fishing and tight lines

andy pincince says:

Just wondering..what year did you start fishing?..I started in 1957….

IrAbynormal says:

I have seen a few other youtubers review this rod and I finally ordered one, they were out of stock for quite a while. I’m hoping to us it as a all around rod however I do have a 7’3 Lew’s Carbon Fire for frogging already. After seeing your video I think I can use this rod for top water as well as worm and jig, next month I will be pairing it with an Kastking Assassin reel. Thanks for a great video.

Trevor H says:

Best rods for the money in my opinion. There is $100+ rods that can’t compete with The Perigee II series.

Allen Mol says:

For the love of god can someone explain to me the options the 2 piece casting rod comes with/has available to them?

Kigai11 says:

What pound flurokote do you use for weightless rig

BucketMouthBass says:

How is the sensitivity? I’m looking at more expensive rods and wanted to know if there’s an a difference in sensitivity. Thx!

Albert Harris says:

Man i want something i can feel, I was given a cabelas rod my royal legend is on and you can’t feel nothing you can see it on the tip but you cant feel it. What do you recommend?

BD Customs says:

I’m digging that reel seat. Eva grips and that hook keeper are a nice touch. I like the way that rod loads up. Great video!

Tim says:

Currently unavailable… damnit im looking for a better combo for senko fishing. My pflueger is good but I need better

Hooked On says:

do they ship to south africa want that rod so bad

andy pincince says:

I doubt this rod is sensitive enough…think Ill stay with the Diawa Tatulas…or Fenwicks..

Chris McVey says:

Definitely a slick looking rod. I like how the hook keeper is in front instead of on the side. I would like to think that would make a good walk the dog type rod as well. It seems like those moderately fast type Rods seem a little better thus giving more action. Thanks for sharing all the info about the rod.

Jesse Stanfield - Broken Curl Outdoors says:

Super clean man! lice looking set up! thanks for sharing.

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