Is the Powell Inferno right for you? (Rod Review)

Where to find the Powell Inferno:


Brendan Heine says:

Quick question, what reel do you have on that rod?

Jig Master says:

Anybody reading this please go check out my fishing channel.

Pasty says:

Check out Dunamis rods. Would love to see a review on one of those. 

Reel Issues says:

Awesome review. If you ever get your hands in the powell 3d max can you do a review?

Will Tankersley says:

I had a choice between the inferno and the lews custom speed stick. I chose the speed stick mainly because i felt it had a bit more backbone(i bought it for jig fishing) and i also liked the EVA grips

NorCal Bassin says:

Are you sponsered by powell?

EverythingOutdoors says:

I know this an older video but your color grading is way off

CD Outdoors says:

what size reel do you have on this? 1000, 2500?

BakoBassin says:

Dude your spot on with the full cork grip handle i love those! I have a dobyns simple to your powell but it is a spit grip like your, but i would like a full cork grip as well! Love the video!

pluckey0826 says:

Hey man, is that an orange finish or a red one? thanks, and awesome vid.

Zack Lee says:

man I like full cork handles better too. I feel as if it just balances the rod better

StevenSWM says:

I wish you could have stated categorically why it is you prefer a full cork handled rod.  Are you just thinking back to some of your earlier rods you grew up using, and the nostalgia is kicking in?  I’m guessing there’s got to be a reason for it besides just the cosmetic look of it…right?  There must be something about it that actually aids you technically in the fishing.  Maybe it’s nothing more than the feeling you have a better overall grip and more confident casting, but whatever it is, I wish you could have come up with it.  I’m always bothered by those kind of missing bits and pieces of knowledge.  lol   Anyways, I enjoyed the review!  

Fakhruddin Rahimi says:

i have powell rod the high series one they are the best

dave boekeloo says:

Good job bud..keep um coming. Like ur vids

jerrythefisherman94 says:

Nice rod review.  Just a quick question regarding waders.  How many pair do you have.  My son and I just picked up a pair of the Herter’s Three Forks Uninsulated Felt Sole waders since we do most of our river fishing from late spring through later fall.  What is your opinion regarding the types of waders to have?  With the uninsulated waders, what water temps can be safely waded into?  I know there is a point where a pair of wool socks will be needed.

MoreCheesePlease says:

Check out the Fenwick HMG if you want a full grip cork handle. The rod is frickin sexy in my opinion. I just got one. The cork is a thinner diameter than normal cork handles too.

cjr4497 says:

lighter doesn’t automatically mean more sensitive. it is all about vibration transfer. the lightest rod i own isn’t as sensitive as some that i have that are heavier. Same with price, i own and have fished with $200+ rods that weren’t as good to me as some $100 class rods. With all that said no other rods have impressed me as much as Powell. I have 9 Powell rods now and they are all remarkable. If one didn’t know the pricing on them, they would guess they all cost $100 more than they do after landing a few fish with them.

BVCTop Ten says:

Great video Jon!

Mohamed Hamed says:

What app do u use to edit ur videos

Fsf Compilation says:

What reel were ypu using and if you had to pick one real that goes best with the 7 medium light what would it be

SNHBassFishing says:

Great review i agree with almost everything. I got the new max 3d and it has the Powell feel it replaces the endurance’s well definitely worth getting one if you get the chance.

FishJK says:

I thought that the lighter the rod the more sensitive too but I have been told that the stiffer the rod the more sensitive… think of the analogy of a string stretched tight on each end vs a string with a little less tension…you would feel more on the stretched…right?

Great videos by the way been a long time view. Keep it up

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