G Loomis NRX – Is it Worth the Money?

G Loomis NRX Casting Rod

G Loomis NRX

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Fred's airsofting says:

I use st croix mojo bass

vsonic86 says:


southbaybassin says:

actually 650$ i think

Sven de Leeuw van Weenen says:

Personally my favorite is the 13 fishing fate chrome, I’ve used many 200-300 dollar rods but somehow 13 did something to make those rods crazy light and sensitive. I love all brands including g loomis but for the price I don’t think there is anything better than the 13 fishing fate chrome

Alex Fu says:

I have never spent that much on a baitcasting rod, on saltwater rods yes, but not baitcasting rods. On saltwater rods, sometimes you do need to spend quite a bit for the reason of strength and durability. But, for baitcasting rods, ultimately you are paying for sensitivity and I suspect it is probably a case of law of diminishing returns. Most of my rods range from $100-250. Having said that, I do plan to purchase something nicer and that is from the REAL G.Loomis as in Edge Rods by Gary Loomis himself. Will be going for a First Strike as opposed to the more expensive Black Widow as split grip to me is paramount. But, if the question is what is my most favourite rod in my current collection? Then it will have to be the Daiwa Tatula XT 7’4″ Heavy, Extra Fast, 1/2-2oz. The rod is incredibly light, while it has a ton of backbone, the tip is light enough to be versatile to cast a wide variety of lure weights. And the best part of it all? It only costs $120. The rod is designed for frogging, but I use it for light saltwater and I absolutely love it. In fact, I would recommend any Daiwa frogging models.

Isaac Pelletier says:

Sick rod…but Id rather just get 5 dobyns fury’s for that cost. Unless I was an overhead crane operator of course 😉

Niko Brown says:

Can u do a review on the casitas

EastBassinOutdoors says:

For jigs

Jay Jackson says:

do you know any good bass fishing rod with a price range of 50$ to 100$

kime Hunt says:

The way I look at it if you have the money buy nice equipment. It may not make you a better fisherman but you will enjoy your time fishing more. Don’t scratch up that CI4.

Haydenturner56 says:

Great video dude!

Arcasting says:

Just because I like this rod a lot does NOT mean I’m against rods from 13 fishing, ugly stik or any other brand. Everyone has their own personal preference and that’s cool!

Bass Bumm says:

All my NRX Rods are Green

Tripper Harrison says:

I have the 6ft8in heavy action. It certainly is a nice light and sensitive rod. I still prefer a good old fashion glx mbr rod over everything else made. I have a new glx 7ft heavy and when each rod has an Aldebaran on them, it’s impossible to detect a weight difference and the glx is certainly AS crisp. I still have a lot of fun with the nrx, but, in all honesty, for excellent sensitivity, a straight up imx for $300 can take care of all your fishing needs. Great vid man. From a fellow tackle junkie in NY .

Lex Cooper says:

My crazy rod buy was a Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD 7′ 4″ extra heavy. By far the best frog rod on the market that you can buy argueably. But its extreme sensitivity makes it awesome for heavy jigs and some smaller swimbaits. Rod was $480.

Fishing Frenzy says:

What do you do for work man your arsenal is expensive asf

Peter Beefchicken says:

Me I’m using a shower pole with a water hose reel. It makes wonder! And I recently added a sling shot to be able to cast far far far!

bill5074 says:

I have the same rod in a medium heavy and it is worth every penny. I also have one of the spinning models that is awesome. Can’t afford anymore but they are fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Shimano Chronarch reel on it.

Adriene Pauley says:

First let me start by saying thank you for the video . My family and I are strictly recreational fishing family . For me I can’t afford to worry about fishing gear that is constantly being packed , tossed , and for the babies played with lol . I need to buy rods and reels that if I’m fishing and get a bite and my 3 year old grandson wants to reel it in I can hand it over to him fearlessly not wording if the fish takes it from into the drink hehe ! If I fishes for money I’d certainly invest in high quality equipment because it may pay for itself over time , but for me I know I certainly don’t save money on cheap Walmart or low in gear but the peace of mind is worth it in the end . Thank you again for the video always informative

Erick G says:

Sadly they stopped making it and it will be replaced soon.

Clayton Scull says:

Have you heard about the g loomis and shimano conquest?

christian beans says:

G Loomis,

I wasted 300$ on a walleye rod and my 13 fishing blew it out of the water

B U N G I E says:

For the price, i would personally go with a Megabass rod any day. As sensitive, light and look significantly better. Good thing with Loomis is the warranty, tho.

The Bopper says:

I currently own 1 NRX 853C…I use it as my general purpose rod and yes…I love it. Teamed up with an Aldebaran. I also have a GLX 852C that I also have teamed up with another Aldebaran which I fish my shakeyheads on. Love that set up as well. Looking to pick up a NRX 894C very soon. I might team that up with the new Bantam. I have numerous rods at different price points most $200 and north in price. If you are looking for a good $200 rod, I really like Castaway Invicta. Specifically there Spinnerbait and Topwater rods. I really enjoy those and think they are well worth the $200.

EastBassinOutdoors says:

What lb test line and brand flouro carbon

Jayce Garrison says:

The nrx is sick, but I’m a falcon rods guy. And they have the cara series that are at most $300 and I’ve found to feel just as good as the high end g•loomis. But it is all preference. Another good video btw!

Bass Bumm says:

yes there old ones I’m gloomis and shimano fan


Dude Im just finishing up editing a similiar video! lol… great vid. I need a better camera and editing skills!

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