Fishing rod challenge! Can I break an Ugly Stik GX2?!

Are ugly stiks fishing rods really as tough as people say? We put this medium action Ugly Stik GX2 to the ultimate fishing rod challenge. We are determined to find out if we can actually break an ugly stik fishing rod. I bought this fishing rod with my own money and had a ball seeing what it takes to destroy it. You can buy the gx2 combo at almost any place that sells fishing rods.

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Here is where to buy the Ugly Stik GX2 combo

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Joe Durkin says:

Your kid made the video

Phillip Atanacio says:

My friend caught a 40 inch sturgeon on the same size ugly stik used in their video

Vector says:

What is this model of gokart ? XD

dovydas pajada says:

it broke becouse you put on the metal on the rod and then the presure was hi and it broke

Game Changer says:

From a 6 ounce wait to a cat fishing boat to a kid on a go kart I think it can handle some bass

Adam Webber says:

The only time I’ve ever broken an ugly stick whas when i was riding my bike and It fell out of my backpack and got caught in my spokes…and that was probably 15 years ago so they’ve probably gotten better

Gbub Films says:

What type of go kart is that

Dylan Alexander says:

My dude u wering flip flops not a hater just funny

Jesus Pence says:

If that thing broke I’ll feel sorry for your kid.

DanMoto says:

can you test the 4 piece 6’6″ rod?

ThePrimeGameProtector says:

Once, a Goliath Grouper (or stingray) snapped the rod in half and stole my reel! Why the hell did my brothers think it was a good idea to bring that 14 MILES OFFSHORE!

TMP playz says:

goes from a milk jug to a kid to a kid in a kayak wtf?

Nate V says:

What kind of reel do you have on this rod?

kem edgman says:

It broke because of that metal piece the rod was up against

Jason Fick says:

You’re awesome.

Alpha Wolf says:

It just wants me to buy one because I have seen how much it can handle

Caleb McLain says:

This whole video is awesome. IDK who had more fun you or the kid. Very cool keep up the good work.

Rick Evo says:

Reason why it broke was because u had that harness clip at its weak point (hollow) and of course the pressure is all forced to that area so ur bend point started there.

GiDD says:

I just got a gx2 at Walmart on sale for 30$ I put a not so good baitcaster on it and it’s a serious workhorse. I’ve gotten hung up on downed logs and branches with no problem. I’ve had it flex to a horse shoe shape and it didn’t mind at all using 50lb braid I know I’ve got the backbone to fight through any hang ups or big fish.

Philip Kaiser says:

Sold! Thanks. Been killing rods flossing salmon in Alaska.

Cody Powell says:

You know that line really broke that kid would go face-first on concrete common sense

shannon stephens says:


Joe Durkin says:

I now love ugly stick

young grasshopper fishing says:

i got this at walmart for $32 tax included

stepitup says:

This is why I buy only Ugly Stiks!! I often hook go carts when I fish!!! And stumps, and trees, and myself, and my friends, and my car, and and and….

Marc Appoo says:

Do the ugly stik catfish rod

Streaking Herculobus says:

when your kid is more normal than you

karoljo80 says:

Were do you get the rod from

Ethan Faunce says:

Now I know what I’m taking Florida fishing!!

Aaron O'Neal says:

I love how the kids seem to start to get tired of how much fun your having hahaha

Riley Verellen says:

bought 2 broken em in a year well the reels suck but their cheap so thats what you expect i bought a penn ii and a kast king 8000 reels ever since then they’ve been working great

Hitman47Sniper says:

my dad bought me ugly stick about 15 years ago and i havent had any issues with it. i highly recomend these things 😀

Minh Vu Nguyen says:

What kind of line? Please

j hackett says:

Watched this video..immediately went and bought an ugly stick lol no lie

Cayden Gordon says:

Never knew ugly sticks could take this beating, my grandpa tried throwing away a 30 year old ugly stick with a 30 year old shimano reel and both are in perfect condition

Dans Digital Dimension says:

im so glad i found this

Gary Walker says:

Im a huge Ugly Stik fan… Notice that the rod broke where the clips were attached to the rod…… Still speaks volumes about these rods…

Adam Ostellino says:

Where do u get that yellow 80 lb line I need some

J.T. Cooper says:

Look’s perfect for my style of fishin’!! I’m buying one tomorrow! Lmao!

Xander Pedraza says:

Or you can just shut it in a door seems to brake all of my rods

Dana Knesal says:


Shield Spear says:

Bye I need to go buy a gx2 now.

ummarqureshi says:

Your son is always in good spirit.

maddoxwray says:

was that a two piece

JJ says:

The last rod you will buy

Fishing MN says:

Freaking Awesome!

Chase Williams says:

Ugly stiks are chuck norris’s back scratchers

Bob S says:

ok no joke i laughed the entire time. this was great! your son really added a fun kick too!

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