Fishing rod challenge! Can I break a St. Croix Mojo?!

Fishing rod challenge, can we break a St. Croix Mojo rod? The St. Croix Mojo fishing rod is probably one of the most underrated rods on the market, with a meager $120 retail value it’s worth every penny. Watch Chris and myself test the boundaries of this rod by attempting a fishing rod break test by lifting heavy objects. Objects that include: A kayak anchor, leaf blower, dumbbells, chainsaw, wagon and a 60lb block. The rod is pushed to its limits until it ultimately implodes, breaking at the fore grip and the rod tip. This is the same rod I used to create my safety pin rod tip hack and you can see that it held up to all the abuse. This particular rod was the 7’6″ medium fast inshore rod, a great choice for everything from snook, redfish, trout, flounder and bass. If you are interested in purchasing here is an Amazon link:

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John Strand says:

My wife broke my Mojo Bass on a snag. I was looking right at her and know that the rod has bent more than that before. These rods like every other modern graphite tubular rod, gets brittle in the sun and soon snaps within 2 feet from the rod tip.

Anime4 Mii says:


Frank Vincy says:

hi, what kind of reel were you using,im looking for a saint croix rod don’t know which one there are so many to choose from

Kent Yammo says:

“We’re here to see if I can break this rod that I broke…”. Oookkkk…?

Lucan Hernandez says:

What specs are that rod like the 8-17 6-12……love the vid keep it up guys!!!

Byron Quinley says:

I was drifting with a Mojo Med-Light, moderate action and snagged a dock. Rod broke before I could blink. Line stayed intact.

Ricky Ray says:

Big Cat Fever rod would have lifted it.

Quarashi says:

Been using St. Croix since the 90’s and just love them. My first St. Croix is still strong and beautiful despite the hell I’ve put her through.

The Clueless Geologist says:

I broke mine when I got caught on the gate as I was leaving the house. Guess it can’t handle the bricks.

Cory says:

Penn battle 2 3000 or 4000 ?

Charles Valeriano says:

cringing on the abuse its subjected to , hats off to the Mojo

trailwatcher5 says:

Mine broke casting a one and three quarter ounce plug into the surf, sapped right in half. I’ll stay with ugly sticks

AG Coarseman says:

Would love to see the same with Legend Trek and Tidemaster Inshore Travel.

sky says:

is this a mojo glass..?

B U N G I E says:

Wanna snap a rod? grab a 13fishing. It will snap while casting 1/4 baits lmao.

Тимур Самцов says:

I love spinning st.croix !!! It hurts to watch the experiment! But science requires victims

4runner Express says:

My ugly stick can do that lol


Was this a medium strength or heavy or what strength was the st croix?

A Triple J says:

-makes video demonstrating rod won’t break

-uses broken rod

Leonard Simmons says:

You guys are killing me. Good video. That’s a test! Lmfao!
I’m buying one !

Jacob Barlow says:

Where do I would I get that sweet shirt?

Zzzzzz... says:

The ugly stick gx2 would have picked up that block without breaking a sweat.

Sam Cortez says:

Looking at the 7’6 fast action for Bass and blues. Would you go medium power or med/heavy? Going to be using 20lb pp braid. Great video!!

Jack Torrance says:

Inshore must be a hell of a lot better than the freshwater, because that is by far the most broken rod by people I know, and I’m a St. Croix fanboy.

John Strand says:

I own two and like them a lot. They have great feel and handle fish well. My only complaint is that the line, especially braid seems to wrap around the end guides a lot in the wind.

norman caicedo says:

great video. Friend Joshua, I am Colombian and this year I go fishing for payaras. These are fish of 20 to 25 pounds and can reach up to 40 Ibras, they are aggressive fish that maintain in torrentuous rivers and they give a great fight of fishing. I would like to know if this vara of the video could resist a great fight or what you recommend me, preferably not more than 7.6 feet long. Thank very much. I am very sorry for my bad English, but I hope you can understand

shred5 says:

When wheeling Chris in the wagon, you should have played the Rocky theme lol

Frank Vincy says:

I wish the mojo was 2 pieces, rod,what kind st croix is just as strong but a 2 piece rod…

Jack B says:

Can I use it for 10” to 20” flounder in New Jersey?

Clayton Farmer says:

Do you even lift bro?

Sweswio says:

Awesome rod for the money and crazy strong and they have an awesome action to them.

norman caicedo says:

and make it as light as possible

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