Favorite Rods Review

I got all my Favorite Rods in and I reviewed each of the rods. So far I am pretty happy with my purchases! It was a tough day on the water, but I got to meet some intersting people. Please subscribe, like and share if this at least makes you smile!..

Fishing Gear
Green Pumpkin Gary Yamamoto Senko
Cabela’s Rod
Saguar Flippin Braid 35lb
Gamakatsu Bend Hooks
Duckett Ghost Casting Rod
Booyah Spinnerbait
Saguaro Fluoro
http://favoriteusa.com/balance-spinning-rod.htmlfavorite rodshttp://fish.shimano.com/content/sac-f…

Camera Gear
Canon T6i
Rode Go Mic
Lav Sennheiser



Barry McCockiner says:

grizz guy eh? you just gained a new follower. cheers, thanks for the information and advice.

Robert Garcia says:

Jon B is not with Favorite Rods. He is sponsored by Shimano.

ComanderStryker23 says:

Is the big sexy rod good? I’m looking to get a couple favorite rods any suggestions

TheReelHighZoneFishing says:

Whats your opinion on that White Bird? Something about the (almost) all white rod makes me wanna click ‘Buy’ immediately, despite the fact color has zero to do with performance…. Only thing that has delayed me is not being able to decide if I want to get the spinner model or the casting model. Your thoughts?

Johnathon Stribling says:

Kentucky y’all!

jimmy wilson says:

love your videos! keep it up!

Richbirdhunter 2016 says:

I bought the defender rod and it doesn’t have a very sensitive tip. What do you think?

FishHub says:

You got some sweet setup bro.

CrankThatBait Fishing says:

How do you like the rod with the orange seating?

Trevor Howard says:

How do you like the Defender? What size and power is it?

Shack's Outdoor Adventures says:

For throwing a jig and it being heavy it’s not bad.. the select 7 is super sensitive. Once I get the the 7 ft defender I will let you know!

Sidonio Sousa says:

Nice vedio man,you got my sub if you can check out my channel and sub that we’ll be awesome keep up the good work.

Afro Bassin TV says:

just subscribed! nice video bro!

FourFinsFishing says:

Keep it up SHAD Daddy, Shack works too. Great video man you got my sub and I would appreciate it if you checked out my channel as well Thanks!!

Fishinn Charles says:

How do you edit your videos?

Shuya92 says:

Hey, i was looking at the absolute rod and wasn’t sure if the rods were one piece or two. Couldn’t find a lot of info; read it was one piece and just wanted to confirm.
For travel and convenience sake, i usually prefer a two piece.

nub Fishin says:

Thanks for the vid and the review of the rods. Been checking them out and this is the first vid that I watched that actually reviewed them. Even though you didnt catch anything, you met some folks and got to spend time at the water.

Richbirdhunter 2016 says:


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