DUCKETT Micro Magic – Rod Review (Hat Cam Bass)

A comprehensive review and comparison of the Duckett Micro Magic casting rod.


Kori Whitchurch says:

all my rod are the duckett ghost

Ryley says:

I recently bought a duckett micro magic pro and its a great rod. But I recently looked down the guides of the rod and the first guide is slightly crooked to the right but not by much. I know all guides arent going to be absolutely perfect, but i was just wondering if this was okay for a higher priced rod and if its fairly common. btw love your videos and keep up the great work man.

Glock Nessy says:

I’ll stick to the Falcon. Made in the USA.

BWardOutdoors says:

I’m with a carrot stick.

Sam Smith says:

arent they going to be a step down from the micro magic and for a more entry level fisherman?

Anthony Jirele says:

For the 20 year warranty do you have to buy them from Duckett’s website or could I purchase them from Tackle Warehouse and still get the 20 year warranty.

lakeforkmafia says:

Broke my 7″3 last week the customer service is fantastic 15$ for a new rod can’t go wrong

DJR Bassinallday says:

The ghost is exceptional I have it in 7 3 md hvy sweet Eva foam split grip long for torque strong guides and extremely sensitive best rod I own

TexasRigged says:

I’ve been using a Fenwick Elite Tech, as well as a Fenwick HMX. Can feel a bass breathe on your lure with these rods

Ronald Cox says:

I buy all the top rods and field test them all the brands are: The New Shimano Cumara HM-1,St. Croix Legend Extreme,Cashion Custom,Duckett MicroMagic 3 of them, and many more and I like the Blank on the Duckett but the last one I just got I had sent a rod back because the blank was bowed so they sent me a new one and guess what it’s bowed to and I can’t afford to keep sending rods back and I have called Duckett for 5 days and left messages with Sean Schuyler which is the main man under Boyd and he won’t call me back so I’m going to try one more time to contact them and if I don’t hear back I am DONE with Duckett..If you want a rod that will outperform a Duckett in all ways and especially the warranty it’s the St.Croix’s the best rod I’ve ever used under $200.00 and it’s made in the USA if you have it 20 30 years whatever and it’s breaks even if you shut in a car door and break it they will replace it no questions asked so that’s a no Brainer and Duckett won’t even be in business 20 years from now so that’s why they give a 20 year warranty because they know they won’t have to replace them and Ducketts are made i CHINA!!!!.

Martin Charles says:

What reel do you recommend to go with this rod? You know like specific brand and the model and i am looking for a hood baitcaster

Lake2Sea Fishing says:

I have a Dobyns champions series 260 bucks but its freaking awesome, now going to get the new Dobyns Fury for 109 bucks. Also the Fenwick Elite Tech, is another awesome rod.

SuperGunner50 says:

Dobyns Savvy Series Micro

chaz b. says:

falcon, and kistler are both made in america and are good.

Clayton Rawlings says:

shimano clarus

Sam Smith says:

do you think you will be purchasing a ghost

Julian Boesch says:

found it very helpful, thanks.

HatCamBass says:

I am very eager to try them out. I’ve heard from someone who tested a prototype that they are the real deal.

Moe7133 says:

I sold all my Ducketts rods because I have issue with the Micro guide they are using. It wears out Braided line fast. I think the Micro guide are just way too small. For some odd reason, I don’t have this issue with other Micro guide rods that are a bit larger. Second issue is tying a leader. Micro guide is too small again and the knot will sometime snap your line.

If you really want the best rod, invest an extra $100 more and get a St.Croix Tournament Legend.

Outcast Outdoors says:

A big “Ghost” stick recently caught my eye, in a photo. It just looked bad-ass! And I’m a Dobyns guy thru & thru. They perform the way I feel a rod should. Balanced, correct guide placement & size, with a sweet working tip and plenty of backbone. I could probably run Fury’s if they had the Champion’s selection. Expense doesn’t matter if it’s not set up right (for you) in the first place.

Andrew Moran says:

How will this thing handle a braid to fluoro leader knot (Albright Special)? I’ve heard the micro-guides on here are smaller than any other micro-guide on the market…

zack 801 says:

If you look at Duckett’s site, only the white ice rods have the 20 year warranty, the micro magic rods have a 5 year warranty.

ryan andrepton says:

this dude must be rich right here not a lot of money

Ricardo Quezada says:

I broke a damn guide

Phytobedo Fishing says:

Very cool. I always assumed Ducketts were more expensive.

chaz b. says:

i have had both and i am only buying powells from now on. but thats only a personal preference.

Justin Barber says:

20 year warranty

Dice Man says:

I have 4 ghost series rods: 7′ moderate cranking, a 7′ medium, a 7′ med hvy and a 7′ medium spinning…..I’m about to order 3 more. You CANNOT beat the quality in a Duckett Ghost rod for the $$! I had a few St. Croix rods and ended up selling them. Took the money and bought more Ghosts 🙂

ford 247 says:

i love my duckett mico magic rod

Team Wagy says:

I have 4 Abu Garcia Veritas rods because dick’s had them on sale for 70 bucks, but they also had a 50% fishing items ending in .97, so I got them for 35 dollars a piece.  for that price, it’s impossible to criticize the rod!!!

fishinonline says:

Srry instead of the carrot stick I meant the veritas rod?

badboybootz8 says:

I love the veritas, plus you can find them in the 79 dollar range. I do like the ducketts, but have never tried a micro guide rod.

chengsterboi07 says:

Phenix M1 and recon for best price and performance!!

HatCamBass says:

I always prefer micro guides but go with what you feel confident in. There are advantages to micro guides but they aren’t so drastic that regular guides aren’t still useful.

Justin Barber says:

you’re comparing graphite rods to glass rods.

bAssBareK 17 says:

What do you recommend me to fishing on jig (3/8 Oz.),Duckett micro magic 7MH, 7H or 7,6H?

RussianSpetsnaz0123 says:

I use 7’6 wright and mcgill blair wiggins flats blue rod works perfectly for catching sea trout redfish any bass and small cobia i use it mainly for saltwater but hey works great on bass

Brozy says:

Love my duckett ghost

Matt Meyers says:

Does anyone know if these are made in the USA?

fishinonline says:

What should i get a carrot stick or a duckett ghost for crankbaits and what is lighter and more sensitive? PLEASE REPLY…

Chris In Kansas says:

Ghosts can’t be beat man. I’ve got three of them. Bought the 7′ cranking rod, a 7′ med. action spinning rod and a 7’3″ heavy action casting rod! All three are amazing rods, and at 99$ I don’t think they can be beat!

smiller189ify says:

Gonna spend that much throw in $20 more and get a Powell max. Cant go wrong

kaitlin ang says:

you can get a good ugly stick for 30 bucks you are stupid

Alabama Outdoorsmen says:

Should I get the heavy or medium heavy?

Martin Charles says:

Would you recommend the micro guides or the regular ones?

Outcast Outdoors says:

Congrats on the Top Water Win! A visit to Bamaland is # 1 on my list of dream trips. I hope your arms ache for a week, from all the hook sets.

Shane Deel says:

I got a couple of ghost rods and absolutely love them. I would like to try a micro magic to see if it is more sensitve? only difference i see much is the warranty. ghost is only one year warranty. 

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