Can I break the NEW $60 Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod?!

A fishing rod challenge, can I break the new $60 Piscifun torrent bait casting rod? This rod will be available to the public Monday August 20th 2018 via Amazon, HERE is the link:

James sent me a couple of these rods to test and I am truly impressed, this particular rod is the 7’6″ Medium heavy carolina rod. 14-30lb class. Chris and I spent no less than three hours trying to break the rod with conventional measures. We gave it all we could with what we had and it didn’t break. We dead lifted 7lbs, then 15lbs and finally we hooked it to a 60lb bucket of concrete and we couldn’t lift the bucket but we also couldn’t break the rod. We finally put the rod in a fence pole and attached the line to the hitch, surely 5000lbs can snap the sucker? Well, it did finally break but at the point of contact on the fence, so it wasn’t a very fair final test. I only recommend gear to you all if they are worthy and I can tell you that this might be the best $60 bucks spent on a rod. I have to get another rod from James to continue my testing but WOW, it really did shock me. Nice work fellas. Also, what did you all think about the Star Wars effects? Did you like them?

Be sure to give Chris a follow, he helped a lot with this video and he has been working hard on his page:

Check out our St. Croix rod break video:

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Salvador Cisneros says:

Great rod my brotha that’s one bad matha troca

Big Sam says:

No expert but i think your left peck hang lower then your right, that might be out of place… but im no expert

Gilbert Gomes says:

What is the weight of the rod like?

Siyuan Zheng says:

I think Ugly Stik GX2 finally has a competition lol

Unlucky Angler says:

The only time I’ve broken a rod is when I was pier fishing and I was bent over on it trying to untangle the line and i snapped the tip off from the second guide. Oh well.

Richard Ilog says:

green balloon casted, red balloon hit.

BJ Greaves says:

I have another rod breaking story that goes back to when I was 11 or 12 again. I was fishing the same spot as my other story. This time we were at our fishing spot which was on the Nipigon River in Northwestern Ontario Canada at a place called pancake island! It’s a bunch of big rocks that act as a breakwal. We put our rods down on the rocks together in the same spot as we were looking for crawfish! My buddy was borrowing his uncles nice rod that day! I happen to lose my balance and step square down on both rods! My buddy yells my uncle is going to kill me for breaking his rod. I’m thinking my dad is going to kill me for breaking his rod and my buddy’s uncle’s rod. We heard a big snap so we knew something was broken. When I picked myself up off of the rocks we inspected the rods to find out only my rod was broken. Then once again my buddy started laughing once he realized that his uncles rod was fine!

The Autistic Angler says:

Anglers against plastic – Nooooo!

K Digiacomo says:

I don’t break my rods, but my friend breaks mine for me. He’s broke 4 of mine so far, in 1 year. 2 never even hit the water, other 2 had only been used once each.

The Autistic Angler says:

You’re out of place, you’re not at the beach or jetty!

The Autistic Angler says:

Salty scales, freshwater scales more like it.

Soren Grow says:

Broke my rod riding my bike(I’m 13) it got stuck in my spikes when it hit a tree and swung it was a lews carbon fire

Fishing with Rick says:

You went from wearing flip flops to wearing sneakers

4 Da Kidz Fishing says:

Strong ass rod, awesome break test guys

TheStaniG says:

This rod doesnt ship to australia, and piscifuns aussie amazon page doesnt have any rods at all!!! What gives??? I NEED THIS ROD IN MY LIFE

Big O! says:

Your getting pretty creative brother, I LIKE IT! Brother, u r a good actor. Great to see Chris back at it with you. That is a tough rod brother. I appreciate the fair shot at it tactic. I kind of expected to see u hit it with a bat but you didnt. GREAT STUFF AS ALWAYS. The ballon that hit Chris was different…lol.

pesca e entretenimento jp says:

Where can I buy this fishing rod?

Gabriel 777 says:

Wow thats amazing!

Joe Anthony says:

hey Josh, I’m here in Houston, what store can I purchase this piscufin rod at? Any help brother? Tight lines never stop!


Love it good demo!

Brock Dunning says:

Love it

Cory says:

Hey Capt Taylor/ and Chris. Great video and love the affects.
I know your trying to create new ideas for your channel and it’s working. Good on you Capt.

If you have e time. Can you do a video of Snook fishing with hard plastics, wade fishing and the different techniques that work for you. It’s my favorite sport fish and I’m working on my skill.

Cheers Capt.

Sonny Dryer says:

My Torrent finally arrived today…it’s BEAUTIFUL…and it was packaged well, Foam cups on each end of the box, and the tip wrapped in cardboard….. I would have never bought this rod without seeing this Video. You guys came through again……

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