Best Rod and Reel Combo Under $200

In this video I go over the best rod and reel combo for under $200. I believe this is the best set up for beginners or anglers on a tight budget.

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East Ohio Fishing says:

Crazy to think about where you’ve gone since this video. Haha. Hoping you’re loving those new combos. I still love my Denali rods. But I like to try different stuff also.

FinalFlash says:

dude youre freaking awesome best tuts

Owen says:

Boi look at his hair!!!

559LILPAW says:

I can’t find the Lews MG on tackle warehouse

Zuk says:

I can’t find your most recent video of best rod and reel combo

Josh Pinkley says:

If I was going to buy only one rod what lenght and and action would you recommend for a alll around rod that can do just about everything

John Why says:

My balls are sweaty

Cherryl Bruce says:

when you sign up how long does it take for it come I am very unpatient

Benzene says:

What’s the difference between the tournament MG and the tournament MB?

Im bob 15457 says:

The thing i need is string my hands and a hook lol im cheap

Bassfishingillinois says:

ok so i bought a new bait cast reel (abu garcia revo sx) what rod should i buy for around 110. i use chatter baits spinnerbaits buzz baits cranks baits and jigs

Logan Finch says:

Great info, but if I didn’t use braid could I use a crank?

Yakin'SC says:

Lol for flipping, frogs, pitching, punching, chatterbaits, buzz baits, everything- 12 lb mono is all you need

javier pepin says:

Great info thanks

Austin Pires says:

Whats the difference between MG and MB because the one i can find is the MB for $139

Yakin'SC says:

How about…. Best combo under $100 lol I’m not rich

andy pincince says:

Little boy Flair..what a cute little boy!

JG55 says:

Can u make a new version of this video?

Mike says:

And what makes this guy the expert again?

Coleson stevens says:

What kind of rod do you like for throwing a crankbait?

XtremeBassin'101 says:

Where do you get the rods because I want all of my rods to be Denalis

Chris De leon says:

Should I rather spend more money on the rod or the reel

Southernoutdooraddiction says:

I have a reel to use for everything and it is 6.3:1 is that ok to use

DJ Outdoors says:


Gus Heinze says:

Do you have a newer video with these types of recommendations? I’ve been looking online for this MG model and not having much luck finding this 7.1:1 used. Do you recommend any of the newer Lews reels that would be a quality replacement of the MG? Do you recommend any other rods? The one in this video is out of stock. Thank you.

Spencer Marsh says:

Would u recommend a medium or medium heavy cranking rod for mainly square bills and lipless cranks

PJ Dohm says:

I’d say get the Berkley Lightning Shock Trigger Rod in 7′ MH/F for $55 (sub $50 at Walmart) and the BPS PQ in 6.4:1 with 50# braid

dinger dude says:

speed spool lfs and duccet ghost rod

Brayden Howard says:

What is the best combo under 150

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