Best Fishing Rods for New Fisherman

Its crazy how many brands, lengths, powers, and types of rods are on the market! Tim helps make sense of it all by recommending the 3 rods that you need as a new angler.

Tim’s Recommended Rods Based on Your Budget…

7′ Medium Spinning Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- G Loomis NRX:

7′ Medium Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Shimano Clarus:
High $$$- Dobyns Champ Extreme:

7′-7’2″ Medium Heavy Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- Shimano Zodias:

Reel Recommendations for each…

Spinning Low $$$- Shimano Nexave 2500:
Spinning Mid $$$- Saros 2500:

Baitcasting Low $$$- Shimano Caius:
Baitcasting Mid $$$- Shimano Citica 7:1 :

As a beginning fisherman you want to purchase the best equipment you can within your budget. These are fishing poles you’ll own for a very long time. However, you do not want to exceed your budget so we recommend spending more on the fishing rod than the fishing reel. For that reason we do not offer any high end reel recommendations.

As a new bass fisherman your first purchase should always be a spinning rod. With a spinning rod you’re able to master a variety of bass fishing techniques like dropshot, senko fishing, worm fishing, tube fishing, small topwater lures, and even a few reaction fishing techniques.

Once you’ve got a feel for these techniques your next purchase should be a 7′ medium baitcaster. This rod will allow you to branch into a few more techniques like rigging a senko texas style, fishing a jig, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, crankbaits, etc.

These two fishing rods are going to help you progress your bass fishing more than any other purchase but when you’re ready, add in a 7′-7’2″ medium heavy baitcasting rod. This rod will let you get into heavier bass jigs, texas rigs, large topwaters, small swimbaits and paddletails, and a handful of other techniques.

We know that getting into bass fishing and trying to purchase tackle and equipment can be very overwhelming. We hope these quick tips will help you make educated decisions while purchasing your first fishing pole. Good luck on your fishing adventure!

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Harry Cain says:

Why can’t someone have a mh spinning rod for everything?

GlitchEmpire says:

i have a coupld of rods the one i was to use is 4.8 ft rod i want to fish for bass and some other stuff

John Chile Lolo says:

thanks for this vid, I needed it.

TheBaitmanTV says:

Very good advice Tim! Lots of good stuff in this video.

Johnny Kim says:

just got a 7ft medium spinning rod. now I’m ready for a 2nd rod but don’t know how to use a baitcaster.. What should I get next?

Fishing Tv says:

Nice video with good advices!

Adam S says:

So i have a issue and thought tacticalbassin would be the best to help me. I recently got a new rod from tackle warehouse and opened it up today and noticed the second guide from the reel seat has a glob of epoxy inside guide insert. Its a small blob on the inside of the insert located on the side. Whats the best way to get it out without damaging the insert??? I will return rod if need be but thought if it would be easy fix then id save the trouble since they are sold out now on TW. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Fifty0ne says:

I agree 95%. The only thing I’d say is I’d prefer a heavy power rod in favor of the medium power. You definitely want a 6’6 – 7’3 medium power spinning rod in your arsenal. I think 6’10 or 7ft are the best middle-ground lengths. Plenty of leverage and tip.

My 3 rods to recommend people are.

1. Medium power spinning rod for finesse techniques. Drop shot. Shaky head. Light treble hook baits(top waters) and small paddle-tail swimbaits. 6’10 or 7ft. Lure weights will probably be something like 1/8oz – 1/2oz or 3/16oz – 5/8oz. You can even throw baby frogs on this without too much trouble. Line would be braid to fluorocarbon leader. 15lb braid, to an 8 to 10lb fluorocarbon.

2. 7ft Medium-Heavy casting rod, fast action. Lure weights will be 1/4 to 3/4oz. This rod will be for majority of moving baits, and lighter 3/8oz jigs, lighter texas rigs, etc. This is kind of the jack of all trades rod. I’d put 15lb fluorocarbon on this setup I think.

3. 7’3 Heavy casting rod, fast action. Lure weight will probably be 1/4 to 1oz(maybe even 1-1/4oz on some manufacturers). I’d put braid on this rod(30 to 50lb) and tie in a leader if necessary. Don’t be afraid to use a leader on a baitcasting setup if you feel you need to. Personally I wouldn’t throw anything lighter than 1/2oz on this rod. This would be my 3/4oz jig rod, my frogging rod, heavier texas and carolina rigs, and even some lighter flipping.

I think those 3 rods get you a LONG ways. You can cover so many techniques. You have a finesse rod, a moving bait rod, and a jigging rod that also doubles as a frogging(and big spooks) rod. From there the next rods I would buy are more specialized. One would be a medium power cranking rod with a moderate-fast action, and I’d use this for square bills, mid-depth divers and maybe even lipless cranks. And then I’d also buy a 7’6 flipping stick, probably mag heavy, something that can handle upwards of 2oz weights. I’d use this for punching, and maybe even throwing larger glide baits and swimbaits that get up over 1oz.

That’s just me. If I had to stick to just 3 to 5 rods, those would be the ones. I know this because the 3 I listed are the exact ones I bought when I first started getting into bass fishing, and they served me well for a long time. This is the exact path I followed, and just expanded from there. Great video though. People looking into the rod market are easily overwhelmed, especially when factoring in different powers, and the fact rod power can differ slightly from company to company. It’s especially difficult for people looking to purchase some upper tier rods from companies like Dobyns, and how there powers are rated by numbers. 3 4 5, etc. When paying for premium rods, especially without holding one in your hand first, you want to research and know exactly what you’re getting so you don’t pay a mistake, and that’s why I always recommend you CALL the manufacturer(like Dobyns) and tell them what you’re looking for, and what kind of fishing you want to do with the particular rod you’re after. They will be happy to guide you into the right direction.

Connor mitchell says:

I am looking at a Sedona 5000 and was wondering what rod would go best with it or if I should look at a different reel, I am looking for an all round reel that can go catch Barra and salmon and also some lighter fish too but I don’t want to limit my self. My price range is preferably under $200 for the outfit or maybe 250 with the outfit. I am also fishing land based but will definitely go out on the boat with my mates sometimes I am 13 and I have fished for a while but nothing searious, but am looking at getting into some more searious fishing. Much thanks. Connor mitchell from Darwin Australia

Nathan Kean says:

When and where can we purchase apparel

BassGeek says:

Good info man. You guys rock.

redbull1834 says:

Just picked up the Dobyns Fury Casting Rod, 7′ Med Hvy at Tackle Warehouse. Just starting out into Bass fishing so we will see how it goes. Thanks for all the great info.

Joe Rogers says:

I just upgraded and got a Shimano Stradic CI4 spinning reel. What rod would be good to pair with it? I do a lot of finesse fishing

Huntnfishnuts says:

Great advice Tim. We all should encourage more people to fish to grow the sport. Thanks for posting.

Mohammed Tahir Hussain says:

Can you please tell which gear is best for snakehead fishing including rod as well as reel

Montreal Player 15 10 20 says:

Thanks man really helpfull

Central Coast Bass says:

Always a good topic, I seem to use less then most. Like you I use rods that I can use for many baits. Less if more when fishing. Scott – CCB.

That Rod Guy says:

I agree completely with the characteristics of rods needed for bass fishing. I am definitely a fan of the MH fast action rods for throwing mid size baits and for strong hook sets. However; I must add one HUGE factor that can make the difference in choosing a rod and that is the rods spine. Make sure you are checking the alignment of the guides, reel seat and spine when you are in the store because rods can break if they are not built correctly. Anyway, really like the video TacticalBassin!

Tyler Salas says:

Can you help me with a 70$ budget

Zach Pham says:

do they need to be a fast action, moderate fast, etc?

Earl Martin says:

Always love the advice from u guys helped my fishing game out quite a bit this year..Please just don’t start vlogging like some of these other YouTubers

D.P. Tallinn says:

Great review! Thank you very much – it helped!

Wes Jones says:

This is absolute gold! You guys produce the most useful videos and I love what you guys are doing! Keep up the good work.

Ilmari says:

No spincast?

Craig Vaughn says:

I totally agree. I have actually gone back to medium action, I feel like I loose less fish.

King Kong says:

What kind of action should I be looking for in these rods?

Baheerathan Irasamanikkam says:

Which brand rod is the best?

Sid_1026 says:

what type of fishing line do you recommended for each rod that you mentioned for beginner’s

Nathan Kean says:

Nice tips thanks


what type of rod helps you feel bites? is it medium/heavy, medium/lite or heavy?

Flash Y says:

What gear ratio would you recommend on those baitcasters? I’m a newb, but I assume there would be a difference depending on casting, cranking, pitching & etc.

Jordan Wilcher says:

what kind of lures can you throw on the 2nd rod?

Ted McCarthy says:

awesome video Tim and thanks for everything keep up the good work

william ouimet says:

A day or two? Took me a year! haha

Asiatic Jeter says:

With the 7′ M/H bait casting rod and a Shimano Cardiff  can I throw MEGABASS MAGDRAFT SWIMBAIT 10″?

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