apbassin ROD REVIEW – Initial impressions!!

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Don’ forget to check out the Lunkers, FLAIR and Jon B rod reviews linked below! Super stoked to have picked this rod up. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Favorite USA: https://favoriteusa.com/

Jon B Rigged Rod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eseEuZt1aAI

LunkersTV Rod Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTkv05bMGHg

FLAIR rod review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdcl_bTNjMc

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Bassmaster 1 says:

I would love to see you get the baitcasring sick stick rod and reel combo it looks so good but yet so expensive

Fishing Ninja says:

Yes please and I love watching your vids

james stidham says:

out of all the favorites in your opinion which is the best all around i do a lot of soft plastics and topwater

Fishing North Alabama says:

Could you take all the rods on the water

Okcuse Norton says:

Hey brother nice video and review as always. Have you ever fished Crawford Lake?? Its not far from you in fact is close to some of the training areas of Fort Bragg. That is pretty funny about you getting skunked on Sharon Harris. I remember many stories of my dad driving way up there to catch nothing. Lol. We also call that the place of the glowing fish (of course never seen any) but just because of the power plant.

Nicholas_outdoors 99 says:

Roll tide Roll

Outdoor Adventures says:


Smallie Slayer says:

Do a big sexy reivew

jacob morrow says:

Yo man I️ got a good little pond to fish since you said we could fish soon.

Army_Outdoors 88N says:

Hey whats up dude. Sitting here on night shift catching up on all the fire videos!!!

Fishing With Lou says:

Looks like a nice rod I️ prefer those 2 piece two will have to consider it

Mary Brunais says:

Are you fishing Mott Lake?

Yankee Tanker Outdoors says:

Oh and #godawgs. Rough weekend for us.

Michael Keevan says:

I enjoyed the video

Shawna Pierce says:

you should get six stick heavy

Isaac Herrera says:

Do the same for the rigged rod

Thor. R says:

I have that same exact combo!

Joseph tro says:

there are no more sick stick combos. i wish i could get a combo. they dont sell the reels anymore

Logan Hunt says:

I got the 7’6″ Heavy and mines not a 2 piece lol great rod.

lojo.fishing says:

another quality review my friend

Duane'sCustom Baits says:

I subscribe to you, how about hitting me back

Kyle Lavelle says:

do the sick stick


Love color of that rod !!!!! And I used buy 2 pc rod guy now IAM a 1 pc rod guy but if ur travel a lot a 2 pc rod is nice.

Fishing North Alabama says:

Yes get a stick stick

Dock Braddock says:

Sick stick definitely

Ryder Rondeau says:

Nice vid keep up the good work

Jack Middlebrook says:

Is the Lunkers rod 2 pieces

Jordan Hall says:

You mention Harris lake…are you talking about the power plant Harris lake in NC? Where are you guys doing most of your fishing region wise?

trey brafford says:

Get a Big sexy next!

S Mayer says:

Great review and video, shame you didn’t get to fight a fish with it though! Of the Googan Squad signature rods, I think this is the one I’d buy, not only because it seems like the best bang for the buck, but I actually dig the two-piece configuration for easy carrying and travelling. Sick stuff!

Cameron Sluder says:

who else wants a yakpak rod?

trevor pegg says:

Do the sick stick. Idk if they sell the combo anymore but I’m thinking about getting one

murrayjrsamuel27 says:

Like to see a review on Sick Stick

BiggieSmalls Fishing says:

throw a texas rig worm out there an keep poppin it off the bottom, wacky rig. top water spook will shock you sometimes aswell

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