Abu Garcia Veritas vs KastKing Royale Legend (2018 Rod Comparison)

The Abu Garcia Veritas rod and the KastKing Royale Legend rod are two great options under $100. Can the $69 Royale Legend be as good as, or even better than, the $100 Veritas rod? I’ll discuss the features of both rods, what I like about both rods, and what I don’t like about each rod. I’ll give my final thoughts and let you know which rod I’m still using.

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Nix Weav says:

The Royale Legend reminds me of the Shimano Zodias, but it is $130 cheaper!

Az Scout says:

Nice job on the comparison. My only complaint is you put it against a 2.0. The regular Veritas is quite different. And price wise probably shoulda went up against the vendetta. Still interesting. I’m debating on trying out some kastking products. But as a kayak tournament angler it’s difficult to determine if people are saying it’s good because of it being good or they want a sponsor. Thanx for the comparison tho. Best I’ve seen yet

raWr Fishing says:

awesome comparison. love my veritas used it for years and i actually like the ratchet feature to secure the reel on the rod. Can’t wait for the new KastKing rods tho!

Lance Howard says:

If I can find the link I’ll post it for ya D. It is a story from Gary Loomis back early on. If not I’ll tell you the summary. It really is a good point about rod tech now days.

Fishing In Columbus says:

Very informative comparison. You knocked it out of the box again Devon.

Quang Truong says:

chao ban , can kastking cau ca o viet nam khong co ban , toi tinh mua ban co ban khong

Joseph Venezia says:

Hi they sound good but can’t find them on Amazon

Fon Jet says:

I’m not to sure we can get that model KastKing rod here in Australia ..I wish we could !

Doom Boles says:

Hay Bro, the TON rating for carbon modules is in fact a world standard. IM etc are company created and are not any kind of standard.

Steven Palmer says:

I have two veritas rods one is seven eleven and the other is seven something , what I’ve noticed is that the butt section is way too long for my stature , beer belly , and if I have over sized jacket or a sweatshirt on the heel gets in the way , very annoying , so I just broke out the old hacksaw and cut to fit , doesn’t look very pretty but did trick then I put on a rubber chair leg floor protector on the butt , doesn’t look that great but it worked , so yeah I just screwed up a couple of rods but I like’em

Chris McVey says:

Nice video bro. Very informative and entertaining as always. Thanks for taking the time to make the video.

GreenHouse Predartors says:

Since i get my first kastking rod i never take any other rod, all my new rods and reels are kastking now . And i cant be more happy with this gear , i can buy 2 or 3 high end combos for low money . And in my opinion the performance form kastking gear is the best, for me,i cant talk for other people its only my opinion.

Rush Voorhis Outdoors says:

I love my Veritas 2.0!!! sick edit bro, i just subbed!

Cheee Zie says:

You’re so cute! SNAP

Kstokley says:

Do one of the kastking and the dobyns Colt!!!

andy pincince says:

Good job with the review….good speaker..still not sure about this company…will these Kastkings go long term?

GreenHouse Predartors says:

Hihi with the vegeta shirt

Victor Franqui says:

What toray carbon dude that good shit right there

KastKing says:

Great job DEBO!

ddm62571 says:

It’s pronounced “Veritas” not “Veritis”!

Joe Simpson says:

Nice break down. I really like kastking products. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Look me up too. I subbed. Thanks!

Joseph Venezia says:

Thanks for info

PondBoss Baits says:

Great video, very informative. If I had to guess I’d say the KastKing rod feels lighter because the added 3″ allows it to balance better in your hand.

naagesen says:

Had thumb down the music

Dario Ortiz says:

Great video again debo! If both rods were the same price $70 or $100 what ever you want, which would you choose?

LeRoy Marshall, Jr. says:

Great comparison.

Tyler Haber says:

My eyes got wide when you said “break test”! Good video Devon. I have both rods and I am slowly replacing all my Abu Garcia gear with KastKing.

Blayne Nichols says:

You should do a balance test in future reviews, like show the balance points of the rod with and without a reel along with the reel weight. I feel that this also plays a big part on how a rod feels. Great detailed review/comparison, keep it up!!!

BigCountry1911 says:

2 piece m/mh spinning for 60..I think I am sold..

Hayden’s Fishing Australia says:

have a veritas and casted a 1oz spinner bait and ripped 3 eyelets off hahaha

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