Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Review – Keep’R Cull

As a tournament angler it’s important to be able to trust your equipment. It’s even more important as a co-angler due to the restrictions on equipment we can bring. So how did the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Micro Guide casting rods hold up to a season of BFL’s? Find out in this edition of Keep’r Cull by BassGeek.

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Hayes madden mobile says:

I’m finally back

Whatever Bites says:

I hate micro guides. I’ve had 2 and the guides always fell apart

Team Wagy says:

awesome video! I got some original Veritas rods and they haven’t had any problems

Michael Spurlock says:

Thanks for the info

Hayes madden mobile says:

Remember when u said I could have some tackle

mrBDeye says:

I never had guide issues with Abu Garcia blackmax rods or the silvermax rods. It could be the manufacturing location is different which accounts for the quality.
Did you know that fish can see a white color rod? Dark grey or black is best.

S&S Outdoors says:

I have a 7 ft med hvy with the micro guides. Had it since last march(2016) no problems with guides so far. This video was really nice and informative by the way!

The mad Basser says:

Never have liked the abu rods personally. Just wasn’t a good fit for me, so I’d agree with this cull lol

Jason and Owen Stamm says:

I don’t think I’m going to bye those rods any more even three of my Abu baitcaster have lose Handles I think I can ship the reels of to be repaired but I think I’m going to stick to Bps and duckett because I fish tournaments to and that’s not good when your equipment is breaking and also the hooks on rapala lures are garbage they break on little 2 pounders and almost costed me my Pb striper on Cherokee and boo yah spinnerbaits we’ve had bass multiple times break the bait right in half and then you lose the fish and then we tried terminator spinnerbaits the blade flew off the bait when those giant 6 pound Cherokee smallies attacks it and the Abu Ora sx has 4 or 5 guides missing on it and the same thing for the Ora sx reels get vary loose in the handles

Fishing Western PA says:

I like these vids I’m a big abu user but never tried those rods don’t think I’m going to either lol

Double Down Fishing says:

Awesome video!

Whuckfisle says:

no issues here with my veritas micro. I also use a fluro leader with an fg knot that constantly runs through the guides. I don’t throw my rods around though

KingZion Aahluminhaa says:

thank you you saved me money. I didn’t buy the thanks to your review.

TNBassin' says:

LOL!! “heh, yeah it’s floating” That was awesome! keep doing this series.

Ajdizzle4rizzle says:

I liked this video

J S says:

All my rods are the veritas. Use the micro guides on a couple. Honestly do not see a difference between them and the regular guides. I’ve never had an issue with any of the 5 I own. I fish quite frequently so they’ve been through a lot. Sorry to hear you don’t like them.

Elite Catch TV says:

Awesome video, subscribed! Check out my first video when you have a chance!

WStoreyFishing says:

I have the 73 MH too and i have had one of the ceramic pieces fall out too.

Michael Spurlock says:

I was looking at one just today! Saw your video and that changed my direction. Do you have a med/heavy 7 + you can recommend without breaking the bank?

BassBulliesTV says:

I had a micro guide veritas.. HAD I agree with everything you said buddy good video

Rod Royal says:

keep or cull “keep or cull”? Definitely keep! Thanks!

Kentucky65 says:

Keep doin more Keep or Kill/Cull LOL !! great stuff brother

SIC Fishing says:

nice video!

Kawidaddy 710 says:

Always appreciate another fisherman’s opinion and review on gear or products. Keepem coming.

Brandon Hatch says:

I’m a pretty thick n through Abu guy I have three vengeance rods, three veritas 2.0 and two villain 2.0 rods and I’ve never had a problem never lost guides never broke a rod. I appreciate your review but don’t totally agree. I’ve ripped 4,5,6 lb large mouth out of big grass patches and these rods haven’t once failed me.

Realistic Fishing says:

How do you know if its a good guide by looking at it? For when I am checking out rods at the store…

FishingupstateNY says:

I absoltly disagree, Its a keep for me all the way it os only 75 bucks and i have never had any problems with the guides at all also has a soft tip with a great back bone

shonnell white says:

did you replace the guides.

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