7 Best Affordable Catfishing Rods – Cheap Catfish rod review – Best Rod setup

Here are 7 fishing rods that will catch catfish without costing a lot. These are my favorite affordable fishing rods.
Bass Pro Shop Cat Buster

Cabelas King Kat

Meat Hunter

Ripping Lips

Ugly Stik Catfish Rod http://amzn.to/2vmZamj

Ugly Stik GX2 http://amzn.to/2vjw096

BnM Silver Cat

Check out my Ultimate Catfish Rod Review Video

Check out my Crazy GX2 video

Walmart $50 fishing rod challenge

Fishing with cheap rod combo in a lake


The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 14.0 http://amzn.to/2v4JXaX
Canon T5i (700D) http://amzn.to/2wsH9m3
GoPro Hero3 Black http://amzn.to/2v4EhOf
GoPro Hero 5+ Black http://amzn.to/2v4lnXH
GoPro Session 5+ http://amzn.to/2v4xwvQ
GoPro and Camera Acessories
Goose Neck Clamp for GoPro http://amzn.to/2v4O3QA
Smartree Smartpole Selfie Stick http://amzn.to/2v6x5Qd
Camera Tripod http://amzn.to/2v4ybNJ


Joshua Weidner says:

Also i loved the video of catching bass and catfish on jigs cause it helped me catch my pb bass and 17.5 pounds. I wolud love to see more videos like that.

Haskel Campbell says:

Picked up a new Abu Catfish Special last week and went out to get a Silver Cat rod. To my surprise you can’t find the casting version anywhere and only a few spinning. I went to the BnM website, only available there in medium action. They are apparently now pushing a “magnum” version at more than twice the price. I shifted my efforts to the Rippin Lips and am I ever glad I did. I can’t imagine a better rod, especially not for the price!

Teresa Hall says:

I have ugly stick Gx2 and it cast pretty far 40 50 feet I think and I catch like 4 5 pound catfish

James Wise says:

what rod do you suggest if you are going after 10 lb or less catfish

John Burris says:

I’ve caught a lot of catfish, never had one ask me what kind of rod I used…My newest favorite is the Rippin’ Lips spinning combo I bought at the Catfish Conference, right after I talked to you. That thing casts like a rocket launcher! So far I’ve caught 4 channels over 8 lbs on it, one was 9 1/4. I caught that one on a stretch of the Great Miami River that I own, here in Ohio.

Shaun Perry says:

Hey luke.i see that the king Kat made the list.was wondering if you had any input on the king kat ll/big water. cabelas has them for $45.also it is a telescoping rod,what’s your take on those?

RoMi j says:

how can I win one of these rods

cr0nick says:

im looking for a cheap combo to get into catfishing. looking into the cabelas rod and want to pair it with a decent reel. what would you guys recommend?

Austin Abbott says:

Gx 2 isnt a catfish rod

Sterling Simpson says:

I need more videos

John Hulse says:

Which reel would be best for the Rippin Lips, Abu Garcia C3 6500 or 7000?
20 to 40lb flathead, bank fishing.

SavageCrnbread says:

what size reels for the rippin lips, and ugly catfish rods?

Fart Box says:

Got my Ugly stik gx2 for 25 bucks XD

Beaver silva says:

What do you think about the chad ferguson whisker seekers with the okuma trio 55s like the ones you have?

Scubaguy5 says:

I’m looking a purchasing a couple rippin lip rods. Do you like the 7’6″ M or MH better? Also, is a penn fierce II 4000 or 6000 series spinning reel better? I don’t want to oversize.

Jonathan Dickerson says:

what makes these rods exclusively for catfish could you use them for other big fish

Joshua Sutherland says:

you should try a mudville catmaster rod. I got one years ago at Kmart. it’s cheap has metal eyelets, and metal reel seats. the reel doesn’t hold up as long as the rod. but it’s awesome at the price point if you haven’t tried.

Michael Hensley says:

yea I broke my gx2 this past weekend was pretty pissed

Tyler Hawk says:

hey Luke, you should do a review on the Zebco hawg seeker rod and reel combo I have two and love them!

CammCamm says:

do you use the same rods for carp

Sterling Simpson says:

need move videos

shred5 says:

I hear the Rippin’ Lips Supercat is a really awesome catfishing rod, although I’ve never personally got my hands on one. But you also can’t go wrong with the Cabela’s King Kat.

Tyler Milard says:

How can I win a rod

B10 BALLA says:

I bought a burglly big game with a zebco 888 real

Mark Bigger says:

I have never fished with anything other than an Ugly Stick, Some of my rods are 35 + – years old and still works great

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