🎣HOW IS THIS ROD ONLY $40 Walmart!!! Lews Hank Parker Fishing Rod Review🎣

So I was down in Texas and stumbled across this gem of a rod. I stash rods at my parents lake house to save hassle…I liked this rod sooo much I came back and bought two more! This is an incredible rod for the price. The jury is still out on whether the guides will hold up, but this rod has great sensitivity….and leaves a lot of room in your wallet for more fishing gear.

2017 Skeeter ZX250
Hobie Pro Angler 12
Nativewatercraft slayer propel 13
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ROB H. says:

Yea boy they have good rods their thats were i shop for my fishing stuff and plus its close to me lol.

CoreyBanksFishing says:

Im number 9000

Cody Ranew says:

Bought lews one time rod broke first hook set and the bearing rusted within a week #fucklews

Ron's Kayaking and Fishing says:

Why when I go to Walmart’s web site are they all listed at $80 plus ???

Fishing Native Waters says:

Resell it! Daiwa all the way

Chris Connell says:

looked at every walmart store in my area in sw fl. no body has here of then?

GWShark1 says:

I agree, great rod, I have both versions, spin and baitcaster. Best part of it is I bought the baitcaster for $21.00 at Walmart last year. It was in the clarence section. I paired them with a pluegger president and with a lews speed spool respectively. LOVE THEM!

Boktor Productions says:

I fish with a 30,- euro shimano rod and reel combo and a 2,25 euro crankbait and im cashin’ some good fish lately, So you don’t need to have good gear to have fun!

jimforjzs777 says:

Cuz nobody knows ol hank anymore…

Gunforhire70 says:

Picked one up liked it so much have 8 of them now. Paired with lew’s carbon fire reels git on ebay for 45 best 100 bucks ever spent

Antone Anania says:

I’m from socal and bass fished my entire life, fish Loomis, Shimano, diawa, okuma, quantum, Abu I’ve fished them all. I was out of town for a long period of time and had to get a couple rods at Wal Mart. the
Jason Christie and mark rose baitcasters are awesome these Lew’s rods and the Brent Chapman pro advantage rods from Wal Mart fish as good as any of my $200 rods and reels 100%!!!!!

Haydog _322 says:

Wouldn’t recommend a friend broke two just by tapping them on a branch

Jacob Brumley says:

i just got this same rod at a walmart in missouri for $25 this past sunday!

Riding Gravity says:

i have that rod cuz i was being cheap lol, med is perfect for cranking and senkos lol jerk bait, blade baits lol

Dara says:

That rod has no business throwing deep diver…good worm rod though for the money.

Man on the Grassy Knoll says:

Just bought one cannot wait to try!

Frederick Braun says:

I bought one this December and used it for catching fish through the ice, did a great job.

Ken lynn says:

I have two also I talked to Hank about this rod and told him I was impressed, I would like to see them come out with a 7ft 6

Keith Powell says:

Hey brother thanks for the great tip on the rods went this morning and bought three of them at the Walmart here in Clinton North Carolina. I finally got me a fishing kayak a Jackson big rig and up to then all of my casting rods were the short pistol grip but as you well know they do not work well in a crate or in rod holders so I’m gradually switching overall mind of longer but rods so this was the best deal I had found on a quality rod

Larry Horne says:

Just picked up the worm jig rod. Can’t wait to pair it up

Greg Johnson says:

I can’t find these on the WalMart website and I have checked 3 different WalMarts in a 40 mile radius…none of these rods are out there. Can anyone help me find these?

basscali yinkkk says:

Wal-Mart suck they never stock any of there fishing products once a year maybe lucky lol

Timothy Aldridge says:

Mine broke within a couple months of ownership. And I wasn’t abusing it in anyway, just using it like all my others, got me a Abu Garcia Jupiter for about the same price from walmart and it’s been much better. I really wish my original colonel supreme never broke….had that rod for 10 plus years.

Blake Ervin says:

2:11 He didn’t use the Alabama rig right you’re supposed to spread it out


I’ve got 2 of them. I love them.

shawno009 says:

What abu reels are you running? I just got a gen 3 sx. I’m hoping I love it.

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