World’s Best Bass Bait

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith use the skirted jig to consistently bring in giant bass from Ice out in spring to Ice up in the North country.



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Bane_of_Zane says:

guys… what would happen if he… D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DROPED THE BASS?

LivingOnTheLakes 1 says:
John Doe says:

cool. how much did you pay the marina for those fish

Vortexthrower says:

Icusually catch 0 of those in 3 years

Landon Thacker says:

What is the lure

roy jr. says:

I use the football jig

Gabriel Rivera says:

are bass able to eat?

XxevilgoatxX says:

3:06 LOL

ThatOneGamer_22 says:

I am currently in Michigan and i will soon be going to Florida for Thanksgiving, i have rented a house on a canal/river bank and was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions on what lures i should use?

Wilson Chibonore says:

thanks for your effort to teach us fishing

Elias Berry says:

where does this guy catch such huge bass?!

804archie says:

Damn that’s could have been some good eating if u didn’t throw it back

Bobby Nowak says:

what brand of jig is this

Luke Smith says:

People shun bass all the time but its really pretty good I prefer fried bass to grilled trout but that’s just me

Pasi Posti says:

I love the underwater chew shot, great stuff as always!

Rapperbro Vids says:

whats the name of the bait

Pamela Gordon says:

How much did it way


Jigs and spinnerbaits are super good

Clayton Austin says:

Which lake is that at? 😐

Kerry Parks says:

When it comes to jig n craw, black n blue never EVER works for me. Blue, purple and green and PnJ are the two color jigs that produce for me.  1/2oz give me a long cast so I can cover more water.  I am dumbfounded that some colors work for other fishermen, fishing the same lakes I do, but Black n Blue ain’t one of them for me.

Anthony Shelton says:

Will river smallmouth bite this too?

Wahi' Valleys says:

The bait is the “skirted jig.” Wahi’ Valleys

Solidatermx says:

What kind of fishing rod are you using with that?

Sunny Island says:

what great way to catch bass. skirted jig with plastic craw. tossing it to exact spots. that’s some enjoyable angling! a number of the bass are whoppers.

Victor Kelley says:

Hey guys. I’m pretty new to fishing and I was wondering what bait I should use for Largemouth Bass fishing in a small lake that it probably 18 feet deep at its very deepest points. I have used a rubber frog with a hook in it and had no success. Any suggestions?

Black Frost says:

I use a lour of a giant worm

Darren Winsett says:

I’m planning to bass fish in the river this weekend, should I stick to the more shallow set off areas that come off of it or should I just cast deep into the middle? The river usually moves pretty quick as well.


Where is this place your fishing at

maxbruhgamer says:

hey I guys I need your help I made a fishing rod but can’t set it up right so does anyone know how to set it up right

Bass Sabbath says:

quite a claim

Little_Saxon says:

What’s the lake name?????? Does anyone know plz answer if you know thx

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