World Famous Catfish Bait

Crappie Chris World famous catfish bait.
Things that you will need: 2 packs Cherry Kool Aid, 1 pack Bar S hot dogs.


Lee Pearl says:

Nice, simple, inexpensive, and fun to watch; I will try it my friend. Thanks for the share. Good job!!

Ethan Cruz 107 Gonzalez says:

ok but i made good catfish biat and it chanlle cat

Pellet Gun Pro Kinda says:

Im gonna try it at my grandmas creek this weekend. Once I saw a 13 in. 2 lb. catfish and the creek is only 5 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet deep. and once I sorta wrestled a rainbow trout out from under a log:) Thanks!!!

Daniel Acuña says:

Thanks for that Récipe i got 4 cAts yesterday

enragednathan says:

I work at Bar S. Lol

Isaiah Vallejos says:

I caught a 16 pound catfish on a blue gill head they work good

Cody Keefer says:

I tried this I thought it sucked at first till I got a 19 LB flathead catfish I owe you one!!!

Gordon Mendez says:

Do I leave them in the sun?. Or do I keep’em in the fridge?.. Can’t wait to go fishing!!

John Bullock says:

does this work better during the day or night?
also….. how often do you change your bait out?

meñocabezon carp&catfishing says:

I’ve tried several times and nothing I guess is not for texas catfish lol

Preston Williams says:

Wouldn’t the cool aid come off or does that attract the fish and that hat dou

István Németh says:


chevy boy says:

lol toke off the pipe

john smith says:

mmmm that’s good smoke lmao

Aztec1212 says:

hi crappie Cris, what kind of catfish would I get with this bait and do I leave them sitting out for 2 days or can I use them right away? Thanks a lot.

Ethan Cruz 107 Gonzalez says:

is there other biat that u use stike biat

smokedjoweed says:

live in ohio and i swear up and down hotdogs work really good but i also really like just packed on frosted flakes on a hook works suppperr great all day long.

Brandon Brewer says:

any tips on getting bait to stay on the hook chicken liver, hotdogs,etc.

Aidan Roesslein says:

Try frog heads with the guts sticking out just cut half the stomach off

Jordan Reynolds says:

i got a 63lb flathead

Mr. airsoft 101 says:

Oh I will

Kartron says:

squeaky voice like a chicken

Aztec1212 says:

that was Strawberry kool aid right?

jean kazama says:

Dude didn’t work!my cat only eats mice

Ethan Cruz 107 Gonzalez says:

like bluegill ok then

Linh Ngo says:

will chicken work?

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