What Lures to Match With a Medium Fishing Rod – Bass Fishing

To continue my series on what bass fishing lures go with what rods this video covers the Medium Fast rod. It’s my favorite rod and covers a lot of lures in my box.

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Andrew Stephenson says:

In my experience, generally speaking, the cheaper the rod, the less backbone. So for a $40 rod and a $140 rod both marked “medium”, the $140 will usually have more power.

James Sipes says:

I need recommendation for a medium power rod to use fishing 1/4 oz Texas rigged worms. Should it be moderate or fast action?

HawkeyeBassin says:

Fluke, out of all the fishing channels, I find yours actually helpful. Thanks for the tip videos. Keep doing your thing!

shred5 says:

This video was really helpful. I picked up a MH glass cranking rod (it’s in the mail) and was trying to figure out if I could throw baits like spinnerbaits and chatterbaits on it as well — I hear a lot of mixed things, but you seem to have no issues on a medium rod which should be similar.

Omar Zavala says:

on a medium action rod

Nick Winchester says:

Hello Gene, great video. Quick clarifying question. On the first series of lures/baits that you covered (spinner, buzz, chatter and top water baits) are those all lures you recommend fishing on a medium power moderate action rod or just a fast action rod? I understood the last grouping you covered, ie small square bills, lipless, shakey heads, finesse jigs and texas rigs were all fast/xfast action. Just want to make sure I got the first group correct. Thanks, Nick

[FaZe]Rayshaun says:

What about senkos

Andrew Lee says:

thanks for this video. One question: I prefer fluorocarbon over braid since I’m new to baitcasters. what pound of line should I put on this medium power fast action rod?

Jason Roux says:

has anybody used a carrot stick rod? I would like to hear some reviews guys, thank you

tyler jensen says:

Do you have a video on leaders, and why and how to use them?

All Reel Fisherman says:

Can you do a video on how to through weightless soft plastics on a baitcaster.

JD says:

Why does your Videos have so many commercials

Ben Nelson says:

What is your “small” whopper plopper size? the 90 or 130?

Ethan Lee says:

Can I fish this rod with a 7 or 10 inch worm, or is there a better rod for that??

Tation Rommel says:

So what do you use medium heavy extra fast for?

Jordan Wilcher says:

I like fishing Texas rigs, crankbaits, jigs, etc. is this a good rod for me?

Mason Jones says:

Rods are important but not that important if the hook sets it sets but if it doesn’t it doesn’t it’s not gonna matter if it’s a medium and not a heavy it’s really not that serious

Fugettaboutit says:

As a moderate-budget rod, I (as well as others) have found that the Garcia Veritas line runs a bit stiffer than others…so their ‘medium’ is more like somewhere in-between a medium and medium-heavy.  Makes for an interesting either/or if you’re only carrying one rig and need to cover different types of baits.

Peter M Fishing says:

This video is REEEEAALLY good!!!! Thank you Mr. Jensen!!!!

Working Class Outdoors says:

dang !!! you have been cranking out a lot of videos lately!!! I dont know how i missed this one lol!!!

steve4321able says:

What about weightless flukes?

Kyle McGuire says:

Was he wearing a packers hat

Logan Streeter says:

How long of a leader would u use?

bat2ball12 says:

I’m glad there are people like Gene on YouTube, that’s very informational. Been here for about 3-4 years and he never disappoints.

steve evans says:

gene love the video at the beginner you said you would not throw a 1/2oz chatterbait on this rod, but you would throw a 1/2oz lipless?

Zach Holmes says:

What about a frog

Gilles Laurin says:

if 6 foot rod medium is good for baitcast

Jacob Dohogne says:

a 1/4 jighead with a 3″ curly tail will work on a 6′ medium power fast action rod

Nate Shiz says:

I start Flouro always, then if there are rocks and what not I will switch to mono medium gauge. if in the ocean I don’t care always use a quality mono with a flouro leader or steel leader. If there is a pier or dock or trees underwater trees or pipes nets blah blah i use braid. but braid is last or if I am bottom catfishing in heavy flowing water.

Chickamauga jeff says:

Hey fluke, Love the videos,How do i get a flukemaster t shirt?

Jason Stemley says:

Hey there I just so happen to come across you video and liked the video. I’m brand new to fishing and was interested in getting started in fishing. I mean I’m so new I don’t have rod nor reel the first but I want to start. love the info you pushed out but now I’m more confused more than ever. I’m going to start off with a spinning rod and reel. I’m not to sure if I want to be a inactive or an active fisher such as yourself. so I’m thinking I want two of each two for catfish and maybe two for active pitching and flipping, throwing my lures out. But not really sure what or where to start out with (action), what length action. I’m looking at 15-20lbs braid with a 10-15lds fluorocarbon lead. I have my eyes on Ugly stick elite and the catfish rods but thinking of purchasing the reel separately. Not sure what yet or should I just stick with the combos that’s already together. Any help or assistance you give to point me in the right direction is and would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

alikan tropo says:

which one would you recommend?

Omar Zavala says:

ok thanks for the tips

Jeffrey Davis says:

Is this rod a good choice for weightless Texas rigs

FrankieTheDude says:

u pro?

Omar Zavala says:

fluke master how about a 1/4 oz swim jig

Andrew Lee says:

Thankful for your videos! I’ve learned so much from your channel. A question though. Did you mean to say medium action rod or medium power/fast action in this video?

Austin Stallings says:

Hey Gene, is there 1 single rod that will cover most of the situations where you would fish a crankbait (0-20 divers, squarebills, and lipless)? I know it might not be a perfect rod, but a good enough rod for all 3 baits will be perfect as I am just trying to conserve space on my kayak

All Reel Fisherman says:

What inexpensive baitcast reel do you recommend ?

ww3869 says:

So would a medium fast spinning set up be just as good for all these techniques you mentioned for this baitcasting setup? I have a MH fast baitcasting setup and a M fast spinning setup that I use for everything so in my mind I haven’t been able to justify getting a MF baitcasting rig. Am I missing out? Is there another combo you’d suggest to fill in the gap between what I have? I prefer to carry minimal gear so all around combos work better for me.

Kevin Adams says:

Thanks man… got it on the first try… CHEEEEEEEEEEHOOO… now do you suggest putting a leader on all the rods? They all have green 50lb braid…

andy pincince says:

Good video…but please loose weight..dont want to see you die young.

Woods to Water says:

I got two 7 ft med heavy x fast rods can I throw square bills and crank bait on this type of rod thx.

Jackson Dougherty says:

Why would you not throw a chatterbait on a medium heavy due to the large hook on it?

steve evans says:

Nice Video What are the specs on the spinnerbait and chatterbait rod in the video.

Joseph Doran says:

You have the number order wrong, the first number is the power rating, I have an 873 NRX Carolina Rig Rod, It is 7′ 3″, and an 8 power. Love your videos

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