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In this video, I take you all with me on another trip to Walmart’s Fishing Section. I show you what fishing lures to look for when you are on a budget. Some of the cheapest fishing lures / baits are the hardest to find in the tackle department. If you’re looking for where to get cheap fishing lures, Walmart is one of the best places to start. When I need to get some inexpensive fishing lures, I start at the bottom first (that’s where they hide the good stuff). At the end, I give you guys a tackle haul of all of the things I found. I hope you guys liked this video. If you did, feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. I plan on doing a giveaway when this channel reaches 1000 subscribers.

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Baits ———————————————————————————
Zoom Bait Brush Hog Bait –
Zoom Bait Baby Brush Hog Bait –
Yamamoto Senko Bait –
Yum Lures F2 Dinger Bait –
Strike King Coffee Tube Flip-N-Tube Bait –
Strike King Caffeine Shad Bait –
Strike King KVD Rodent Bait –
Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Bait –

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Camera –
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Gabe Medina says:

What’s the best color Senko for canal fishing

Kerri Lachermeier says:

Strike King lure are the best

Sato Fong says:

How I wish if there’s a shop like Wal Mart in Malaysia

Mikey Carter says:

when i bought the tubes i didn’t catch nothing I’m if that was because that where i live idk

Austin Allen says:

What part of Kentucky do you live in

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome video and products we like buying things from Walmart. That’s where we get our YUM Dingers and senkos.

Jackvoodo says:

pick your nose and go digging thought lures ……..just great

BiskitsBigBassin TV says:

The rodent is my favorite bed bait weightless rigged

Ramon Johnson says:

i got like 200$ worth of stuff for 70$ cuz everything was on clearance

Dysphoric says:

If you’re fishing on a budget, check out Gander Mountain. They sell 32 packs of senko style stick baits for 10 dollars. They work really well, especially with that unbeatable price.

John's Fish Tales says:

Cool channel man.

Bass Fordays says:

It work so good i caught 7 big bass in one day but not on my channel because i cant film but i fish ALOT and those dingers are my favirote

JR Venom says:

i have this lake and theres alot of blue gill and sunfish what lures should i get

Kentucky Kid says:

Where in ky do you live

Spicoli says:

The Walmart I go to always have lures and baits on clearance. I just got into fishing so I’m not sure what to look for exactly but when I see a $7 lure on clearance for $0.50 I grab a few lol.

Robert Robertson says:

hi you dident buy any hooks to rig all them plastic to show the rigging setup

Kevin Lilly says:

Going to Walmart today and am planning to pick those discount boxes apart.

bradleykmdean says:

seeing these prices makes me want to cross the border aha that swim jig is 8 bucks here

Lily Ong says:

OK can’t wait for your VID man

Nisir Johnson says:

never stop fishing

legend_27 _ says:

nice to see small but high quality vids like this good job

Tank TheMudRider says:

When I go to Walmart I graph a kvd strike king spinner bait (white and silver) and just yesterday I caught 32 out of the 67 bass me and my dad caught

Lily Ong says:

yeah man do a what in your tackle box vid

Belle 12 says:

What is a good bait for bass?

kyler kyler says:

What county in Kentucky do you live in

Bass Fordays says:

You should of got the yum green pumpkin dinger with the green tail

Fishin Pennsylvania says:

Dude reminds me of forest gump

wade willoughby says:

Are you from Kentucky? I am. If so, what part?

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

BTW we just subscribe to your channel too. As always happy fishing and tight lines. Fish On!

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