As the hot fall bass fishing bite begins to fade the bass become difficult to catch. These are my top 5 winter bass fishing lures to use during the winter to trigger stubborn fish into biting. If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a LIKE, leave a COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching!

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Colin Wurzinger says:

can u make a video of what kind of lures or spinners to use in april

Garrett Horak says:


Luke Nicholson says:

Thanks for the video Im taking my son fishing in a couple of days and was wondering what bait to throw.

Austin Reed says:

you should come to Chattanooga tenesee andfis lake chickamauga flair

littleboylukas 5678 says:

good tips thank alot

Neil Drummond says:

I have been trying to catch bass since November and can’t seem to get any yo bit I have never thrown a drop shot what do you recommend for weight length of worm or shad and size hook for them I want to try this it seems like a good way to fish very slow. I have been using a suspending jerk bait but haven’t gotten anything

Cobra Thomas says:

Can you add a Pause Note like Line, Weight, Rod, Reel, You get what I’m getting at !! FISH ON.

Nick Walker says:

Its a clear water pond im dealing with. In winter I often like to relax and just slow my presentations down. Could I throw a texas rig (weightless) senko and just barley twitch it? I know a weight will take it to the bottum but there is also grass where im fishing. I hope hoping to keep it suspended right above to grass line and slowly retrieve it.

Garrett Horak says:

Hey, are you a deer hunter? If so, could you make some videos? Thanks

Arkansas Outdoorsmen says:

what camera you using?

Mike Wratten says:

Very informative Andrew. Theres a big chance that some of these tactics could work for Australian Bass. Different species over here but a Bass is a Bass is a Bass. Keep up the good work, thoroughly enjoy the vids.

Nat Nat says:

Thank you. Excellent info

Krankflips YT says:

i honsetly think the fish would tell you to fuck off @Andrew Flair Outdoors

cameron Wood says:

my lake near my house is about 2-3 weeks to freezing what bait should I use?

Drew Bertram says:

like the video what would i use for a small neighborhood pond in the winter.

Liam Ford says:

Hey man, recently the bass and even small pike have been slamming a blue chrome red eye shad and the water temp is low 50s, high 40s. When would you say to switch over to the jerkbait? This is in CT. Great Vids!

Josh Hoeve says:

Great video, tips and tricks are great and I love the length. Thanks! Keep em comin

Jake Farrell says:

I want to live the life u do haha that’s awesome

Isaac Vaught says:

can u put a video up about how to use a jerkbait and what kind of shallow crank is best for dirty water?

Jake Farrell says:

Thanks and do you make a good amount of money from the videos because I was considering starting. Love the videos

Tony Tha Killa says:

The water is already frozen here. What should i use to try to catch a bass? Smallmouth or largemouth…

Anthony Rondolone says:

what are your thoughts on hair jigs?

Jack Craddock says:

no pun intended at 7:13?

Dawson Lynch says:

in my pond I have very aggressive bass but it has tons of slimy moss and almost all my winter baits catch moss what would you prefer and it has a couple of deep spots and and a lot of shallow spots

Jorge Almeyda says:

great video. One question tho (might be a stupid question ’cause I just got into fishing)…
I understand that for the drop shot you have a weight, but what about Shaky head and skirted jig? do you add weight or you use only the bait. thank you.

Jj Rayguns says:

Great video Flair, good segment on Jigs. Will you be at I cast this year??

Don Motley says:

good informative video.

Cole Mitchell says:


Rich Fishing says:

Great video, help a lot!

Cobra Thomas says:

Andrew NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THE LENGTH OF YOUR VIDEO’S ( When it comes to Educating your viewers )

Coby Logan says:

when you come down to cali where are you going ?

JSF Fishing says:

I agree 100% man, good video!

Kyle Tinny says:

Good video, dude. Very standard lure choices for just about anywhere in the country. My top-2 lures from ice-out through roughly the mid to upper 50’s are a jerkbait and a lipless. If I’m forced to slow down and I’ve got some targets, I’ll pitch a jig around. No need to over-complicate things, especially in the spring when they’re chowing down. Peace

Andres Ramírez says:

sort skrt skrt

David Nau says:

Dude you have no clue how much you’ve taught me and how many different techniques you shown me
You’ve inspired me and I think I’m gonna start my own channel to teach people some of the things I do that are unique
Thanks Flair!

Flippin Fishing says:

Check out the video of pond hopping by Jon I flamed that guy for ya


Great video, I learned a lot thank you flair.

Wyatt M says:

Bass fishing YouTube

Randy Nunez says:

Hey Andrew, I appreciate what your doing and glad to see you younger guys on the lakes and not running the streets. Keep it up.

Coby Logan says:

you should come to yuba city ?

bass_master_slinger_101 bishop says:

have you ever cault Any thing else on it besize bass on it or no

Ej Zabojnik says:

Good selection of winter baits but you should watch the action of some of the baits in your video in a pool so you can see exactly what they are doing. The finesse worm on that shaky head will be lying on bottom unless you use one that floats. They do not just automatically stand up on that round ball shaky head. A drop shot with a finesse worm is also a good winter presentation.

Austin Close says:

Why does every video I see mention shad baitfish and shat pattern baits? I live in Oregon and I’m pretty sure we don’t have shad just blue gill. Is there a difference?

Wyatt M says:

4lb bass on jig smoken shad

Lightning chasing BassAss says:

What’s your suggestions for Central Florida shallow lakes n ponds for winter…..Anyone.?

Matthew Lejeune says:

Awesome vid thx for help

Langdon Bautista says:

Keep up the great work. I love your videos.

Dana Dane says:

I love the chatterbait

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