Here are my top 5 favorite baits to use in the pre spawn.

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Jacob Cavaleri says:

Hey I really like your videos can you post more videos showing us how to use certain baits? Thx

New England Bass says:

Any good soft plastic craws you would recommend?

Namescharlie says:

We have the same finesse spinning reel.

Smallmouth Bassin says:

Hey guys I’m starting up a new channel and I’ll be trying to upload every week! If you guys could give me a sub it would mean the world to me thanks!

Tactical Tying says:

Thanks for the video! Really helpful

Jake Gibbs says:

please make a video on your new boat and how you have it set up !

John Adcock says:

great video! i caught a 3.5 lber on a crawfish crankbait yesterday.

Kegan T. says:

I’ve been waiting for this video for so long

ronald lukovich says:

Good job youngster

Kyle Morales says:

Good lord Flair, what did you record with back in 2015? a toaster?

legokid 3222 says:

here in Georgia its nice and sunny

Bassin' Assassin says:

What do you use to edit your videos? I’m trying out some websites and apps but so far, none of them are working. thanks

Jayson Eslira says:

I see that a square bill crankbait isn’t on your list? Caught a lot of 3-4 pounders in Papillion on Saturday.

Jake Nelson says:

Hey I’m also from Omaha, are you on Zorinsky? Looks an awful lot like it.

jabman549 says:

northeast ohio – up here on lake erie…’s going to be  a while.

The Dream Catcher says:


Sammy Rainal says:

Thanks for the vid, helped me understand a lot!

legokid 3222 says:

I live in Valdosta, GA 20 miles from the Florida line.

Marlon Hardeman says:

I live in Texas and the water temp is already 75 degrees. Any baits you recommend?

Tanner Scanlan says:

Sweet video man, can’t wait I live in Canada everything Is frozen still

Jordan Rorke says:

Sweet video man, keep it up

Brendan Kelly says:

very helpful

Brendan Kelly says:


Andrew Allen says:


Adam McKinney says:

another great video…..

Salt Life says:

Awesome, dude! #WayOfTheWaterman

The Rod Benderz says:

Its cold and rainy here in North Carolina.:(

Realistic Fishing says:

Watching 3/11/17 to look for tips.

Dan Guy says:

What’s goin on partner, I live in Illinois our lakes right now are about 50-55 degrees, not a lot of cover mostly clear water will a chatterbait or a spin work? I’m new to prespawn fishin and i do a lot of bank fishin since I don’t have a boat soany tips would be helpful, thanks’

Tonya Saliba RN says:

awesome! ^_^ I gotta try these out! thnx for the tips!

Shane Deel says:

andrew i was a straight lews man until the other day when i went to buy a tournament mb but they didnt have any. the man talked me into buying a daiwa tatula. i really like the tatula, casts as far or farther and a little smoother on the reel. give it a try if you get the chance. thx for the vids. always like to see you fishing. good luck in your tourneys this year.

Mike Bickley Fishing says:

Good ole prairie view lake. You must be out of omaha! From Fremont myself. The state lakes are producing some nice fish at the moment.

BSB Fishing says:

Hey, can you subscribe to my account please, i just started!! I do tutorials big bass and lure tricks!!

Reed Dunk says:

who is watching this in 2016

David Hall says:

Nice dude wipes in the back

All-Star says:

I use the havoc Pitt boss in junebug color with a Texas rig its killer in pre spawn in my lake (Cachuma lake)

jb kirsch says:

When your filming with the go pro, what editing site do you use?

Sam Brentwood says:

Well we just got 6 inches of snow in northern Illinois so maybe in a couple weeks

andy pincince says:

Keep up the good work kid, you might be a pro someday..

bassinbill96 says:

I dig the homemade power pole

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