Top 5 Favorite Pier and Beach Lures—Florida Fishing

Went fishing at Destin Florida this summer and thought I’d share the top lures for pier fishing and beach fishing. These lures are among the most commonly used and my favorites. Lures work great at times, but be sure not to overlook using fresh or live bait!


A crowe says:

I’ve never heard our seen a straw rig before pretty cool thanks. I one saw guys in Jersey catching on frozen crinkle cut steak fries! so anything is possible.

ZombieDeathRace says:

Where did you get the neon green tubing from?

XrayVison sonisc says:

I saw a dolphin

Christian Knight says:

Where did you buy the bubble rig at?

Googan Fishing says:

+Bow To Drift I fish navarre pier

Dane Mcgraw says:


Ben Savage says:

wat was the name of the second lure

Arturo Perdomo says:

Great video. Very informative and useful. Thanks for posting!

Save vL says:

Anyone who fishes the Okaloosa Island pier knows those Dolphins never leave. They’ve lived there for decades. There’s about 15 of them that hang around and torture the anglers lol.

PrinceWilliam TheFox says:

ZACK.,….Yuo’re very difficult to understand!!!,…..You speak WAY tooooo fast.Terminal!!

Abigail Ortiz says:

2:16is that a Shark

Nuper says:

what could work best at night?

Toni Busic says:

Sabaki rig, lol

CeL LoKi says:

You expect people to think you know what your doing, but yet your using a damn spincast….

Zack Attack says:

Sabiki rig is pronounced saa-bee-kee

RisingSun says:

Top 5 Favorite Pier and Beach Lures—Florida GULF COAST Fishing. Only the spoon will actually work on the Atlantic side and even then its extremely rare

hamaad rana says:

Is that cocoa beach

griffin3922 says:

“saboki rig”

Jake Thornbury says:

Awesome dolphin in background

Joel Vodola Jr. says:

This is a great to the point video. I love the tips. I am very curious as to what exactly is the neon green tubing. I could use it straw, but it does not look any near as flexible as what you have in the video, and I think that would add to a little more of the life-likeness like you have.

Mango Love says:

Holy shit I live there

drewhon says:

nice job thanks

Googan Fishing says:

this dude said sabaki ha its sabiki

João Pacheco says:

what is called the metal one?

Sarah Lee says:

Thank you Zach! I am going there on vacation in November. I cannot wait to utilize your ideas. appreciate it alot.

Vahsikurt GT says:

Üste lolly pops stick whhite one and paint red his head i use much its good

Sara Chenn says:

What is the name of the song

Ayad Noail says:

2:18 a dolphin in the water lol

ivan leal says:

tnx for the video dude, one question about the bubble weight, do you use it on all your lures, for exaple the spoon and the jig? also if you could make a vid about how you made that straw lure. tnx again.

Donovan Hartman says:

I was deirfeild pier and got about 200 bait fish with the bait rig in 12 hours

salvatore stonelli says:

WOW i learned more from you in 3 minutes than i did surfing 2 weeks!
thanks a bunch. i’m sending this vid to my phone so when i get to walmart i can watch it but i prob. remember most. THANKS THANKS THANKS

Caleb McAndrew says:

Dolphins at 2:20

Preston Cobb says:

2:22 dolphins

orion m42 says:

nice video young man very good presentation I will take your advice thank you.

Below Zero says:

Two quick jerks


2:18 dolphin, shark, seal? TELL ME

caP2 says:

nice video brother

Jon Mike Yates says:

not seh-bah-kee, but sah-bee-kee

CCindy says:

What is the name of the 2nd lure, the copper one with 2 treble hooks. I keep hearing “Dachi” lure, but I can’t find this one.

Richard Ruyack says:

thanks some good infomration

DarkSoul76 says:

thanks for the video, this was really helpful!

FishingWithJoe 1 says:

Dolphin at 7:15 in background

pizzamon 79 says:

Fort Walton Beach is where your at, not Destin. Okaloosa island to be specific.

Alex's Fishing vlogs says:

its called a sabiki rig

no ack says:


Arley Martinez says:

there was a shark bihind you

Titi Duru says:

“sabaki rig”, LMFAO

Tophe Cura says:

I didn’t know you could use lures when you go fishing in piers/ saltwater… I thought lures (like minnow) is only used for fresh water fishing… can you also use lures when Beach Fishing? I’m just afraid you can’t cast far if the wind is too strong. Thanks for the video I’ve learned a lot 🙂


My son and I cant thank ya enough for this video, we fished under the bridge this evening at Captain Andersons in PC. Using most of the lures you mentioned. He caught 13 sea trout and then on the last cast caught a 10 lb red fish ( we let them all go) all on the tsunami got-cha lure that we bought at Wal-Mart lol made the trip a blast. Nice job young man. Also, watched a cool dauphin for about an hour lol

Shannon Koleff says:

what is a sabacky

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