September is here and that means two things, football and excellent topwater fishing. I go over my top 5 Fall fishing lures and the areas you should be targeting this time of year.

September is here and that means two things, football and excellent topwater fishing. I go over my top 5 Fall fishing lures and the areas you should be targeting this time of year.

Walking Frog –
Incredi Frog –
Bull Shad –
Whopper Plopper –
Underspin –

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mbrya012 says:

Have you ever tried the KVD Popping Perch? Would really like to get your impression on it.

DanLewis says:

The 110 whopper plopper solves a couple of problems. The 90/130 size would move somewhat nose down which required you to hold the rod tip high to get the nose out of the water and get the tail to spin properly. Also, the edge of the body and edge of the tail were flat so if you hit anything on a cast, or a fish bent the joint slightly, the tail would not spin properly, or the whole bait would spin. They fixed this by making a slightly concave shape (bowled) on the end of the body and a convex shape (coned) on the connecting tail end. It’s very easy now to get the tail spinning properly without the need to hold the rod tip at 12 o’clock.

Howabouthetruth says:

Down here in central Florida, I love the Whopper Plopper so much YEAR ‘ROUND, that I’ve always got either a #90 or #110 rigged & ready at all times. And I literally catch at least 1, if not several bass, every time I go out, and quite often 1 or more of those fish will weigh 4 to 8 lbs. ( so far )…….I do like the new size 110, but I was slightly disappointed that they made it weigh a whole ounce, instead of 3/4oz. This means you really need to use an extra beefy rod to cast the thing far. They already have their 2 “wood choppers” in the size 190 & 130……..why in the world they felt the need to make the new size 110 weigh 1 whole ounce, is a mystery to me. The new “open/tapered joint” of the spinning tail section of the 110 does help in keeping hydrilla & fishing line from getting hung up in that joint. Although I do use the 110 a lot, I still prefer the size 90 down here. I totally agree with keeping the rod tip high on the retrieve. Anglers also need to experiment with retrieve speed IN ADDITION to using the rod to get the best action & sound.

Natural State Angle says:

Great stuff! Love fall fishing!

Colton Defelippo says:

If I order that terminator Jr, since I live in mobile, will you deliver it to me same day?

Drew_E says:

War eagle

Craig MacFayden says:

Does any one throw the storm chug bug anymore

TravisBassing Tv says:

I been getting em on live taget swims

DEBO'S Fishing says:

Awesome vid. I love the ole underspin!

Daniel Quinn says:

Hey BamaBass! question… I love frog fishing and just recently bought a terminator walking frog. CAN NOT get that sucker to walk! I’m no rookie either but all it does is lunge straight at me and bob, nose straight up. I’ve tried slack line like other walkers need, and different knots. No luck. Any ideas? I use a heavy 7′ rod, Revo xs reel and 17lb mono right now and I’ve tried it on braid too

will wigginton says:

War eagle

Jordan Gregory says:

Do you always rig yoyr keitecs backwards like the one in the vid ??

Caden Triplett says:


Speck Sports says:

I went out and got some shad swimbaits today and got my first crappie out of a pond while bass fishing

leard08 says:

Where in Alabama are you located?

TheAwesomeAustin says:

Landed my PB on the 90 whopper plopper frog color. 5 pounder in a little pond 😉

toyotrustPR says:

Great video thank you

Isaac Sanchez says:

Excellent video, thank you!

Zach Roberson says:

Roll tide baby!!

Sadboyfishing says:

You know what really grinds my gears. Bamabass be catching 10 pounders with literally no reaction. Even when he sets the hook into a monster. Knowing myself I’d go crazy over a 4 pounder LIKE OHHH SHIT FISH ON . This guy has no soul

southern preacher says:

I live in the White mountain region of NH and I have been using the whopper plopper 130 for small and large mouth bass .I really like the rattles that they put inside.I have caught about 100 bass on this lure in the last 2 years.I think that you may want to check this one out as well.

Sal Palos says:

Give the size 90 whopper plopper a nice pop right as you start reeling and that will start the prop chugging too. I tend to keep the tip higher throughout too….but not all the way at 12. Popping in it at the beginning helps with that.

Paul Gibbons says:

Is tank vid tomorrow

William Prescott says:

Nice tips

Dakota Wall says:

Bamabass u should do a stutter step video

Clayton Shaw says:

i have trouble with my buzzing frogs sinking or not running right, right now im using a 7-3 heavy action rod on 65 pound braid or 17-20 pound mono. the frog i use is a bizz baits pad daddy. i have used a 1/4 oz keel weighted hook and a weightless frog hook and it still sinks… is there anything i can try to help this out?

STL bassin and survival says:

I can’t wait till October for a week and can’t wait to do some frogin

Alex Barnes says:

I love the whopper popper I killed the fish on it this weekend the pike strikes were insane I even caught a walleye on it it was nuts says:

Great lure choices man! I’d love to get up with you and Liz one day for a collaboration. YouTube doesn’t have enough Alabama bass anglers lol

Jack Collins 27 says:

What if there are no shad in a pond you fish

Maryland Bassin' says:

What if your lake doesn’t have shad and only has bluegill . Grass mats r along shore

Chiki Morfi says:

Already ordering some frogs before I even saw this video

Cast & reel outdoors Miller dyer says:

Rain drop drop top my whopper plopper goes plop plop

Bubba Bass Anglers says:

I swear every bass you catch is HUGE! I need to get down there with you!

Jakehiggins10 says:

Do you fish at the warrior river?

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