Top 5 Best Crappie Fishing Lures, baits, and Jigs

These are some of the best crappie fishing lures, baits, and jigs from my past experiences. Jigs (marabou and plastics) are my go to for crappie, but often I enjoy using small crankbaits and inline spinners as I often catch bass along with the crappie.

Let me know what your favorite crappie lures are. Always looking for new lures to try.

Good Luck Fishing!


Ronnie Britt says:

my favorite is a black body chartreuse skirt on a 1/32 unpainted jig head, with or without a float depending if there shallow or not

Caleb Billodoux says:

Creme lit’l fishie. Best lure I’ve ever used for crappie.

Phillip Carr says:

great video! I’m just getting into fishing now that my kids are old enough to hold a pole. Fantastic info. Thanks!

Mike Bailey says:

great video. thanks

Cody Skipper says:

super small spinner baits

Peyton Sharp says:

Golden color crappie crane

Ezra Schneider says:

I like using minnow’s

Gabriel Morris says:

crappie shad #2

delirious dugtrio says:

Bobby garland 1.25 cm baby shad in pearl white color on a small plain hook and fish it like a fluke give it a couple quick jerks and let it sink

Gabriel Morris says:

go go go minnow to

Mid West Outdoors says:

AnglersExcape, Nice video, I found the 2″ gulp minnow on a crappie hook to work wonders also. You can see it in action and slamming the Crappies in my videos.

delirious dugtrio says:

Bobby garland 1.25 cm finesse shad on a plain hook

Ezra Schneider says:

Or rooster tails

William Mayer says:

Mines any size grey storm swim shad

Royal Lions says:

your welcome

Royal Lions says:

great fish man your awesome man!!!!!!!

fishin freak says:

What is the heaviest jighead that you’d use?

Quinton Dumas says:

black and chartreuse triple tail.

Haitian Drake says:

U have to show bigger fish bro

HookSetters says:

Charlie brewers junebug chartreuse or avacado glitter sliders on an 1/8 oz roadrunner jig head

jamani1086 says:

nice vid bud. i think the only thing that has worked for me on crappie is a minnow.

The Slavinator says:

Believe it or not….topwaters, like Heddon Torpedo (#360) or F5 Rapala.

Ethan Edler says:

marabou jig

Lonnie Clemens says:

Excellent video! Thank you for sharing. I have been wanting to learn more about crappie fishing and the appropriate lures to start out with.

Radioactive Diamond says:

Panfish assassin

eric w says:

So basically anything around 2 inches or less for Crappie is good? Newer to the Crappie scene.

510kon says:

Lunker City Fin-S Shad.

Jeff Ree says:

Gulp minnows or bobby garland shads

Blake Sperfslage says:

Twister tails and worms or wax worms

Brandon Kinney says:

Crappie kings joker my fav

Nyckolas Seery says:

I like the rage tail crappie grub for the summer and spring but the maribou jig in the winter and fall I also like to use rooster tails in the summer and spring that’s for panfish in general

Cody Edwards says:

Where do you pull crappie in Missouri, I live out side St. Louis in eureka and all the spots I find are over fished and only produce 4-5″ crappie

Jordan S. says:

Whats the trick to casting those light lures?

mohamed abdou says:

Great vid. Good and useful tips God bless

Treasure Tracker says:

Nice video! Do the jigs with the crappie plastics catch bluegill and other panfish too?

Jered Cizek says:

Strike king bitsy minnow

sgtpavlov says:

Jig spinners work great for crappies,brim,and anything else,for me. I sometimes get crappies on the smaller pin’s minnow,from yozuri.

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