Top 5 Best Catfish Baits Made Simple – Blue, Channel, Flathead Catfish

Catfish bait is the foundation of success for catfishing. You need to put the right catfish baits in front of the right species of catfish using the right presentation to have the most success. In this weeks video I walk you through the best catfish bait for each species of catfish creating a list of my top five best catfish baits that always catch catfish..

I find that many anglers don’t really understand catfish baits and they make things way too complicated looking for magic potions and secret catfish bait recipes that are the “next big thing” and the truth is, there is no such thing and choosing the best catfish bait is very simple.

I’ll cover the best catfish baits for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish covering the five catfish baits that I use year in and year out as a professional catfish guide and they’ve been working for me for over twenty years!

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Cesar Gee says:

Vienna sausage always works for me. caught a 15 lb channel cat. new PB!

Dale D. says:

I’m watching all your vids! Please tell me what size circle hook I should use for ELEVEN-INCH bullhead catfish in my local lake.

brian clay says:

Prepared bait has never worked for me(southern va) I’ve tried time and time again, have cut bait/livers/shrimp will out catch the fake or prepaired stink bait 100 to 1, every time

paul og says:

catfish dough is the best

jbolin105 says:

drift fishing or bumping in the Ohio river I have the best luck with mooneyes or skipjack for blues & channels. flatheads i like big chubs, live shad or live mooneyes, goldfish or really anything live that is legal. channels cutbait.

Riverside Country Club says:

rice slicks!

71160000 says:

I generally like to night fish for catfish on lake conroe during the hot months of the year. My go to bait is shrimp. I buy a two pound bag of frozen shrimp with the heads on. Shell and fish with a circle hook. I normally catch channels two to four pounds with the occasional blue or small flathead. If I want to use liver I don’t mess with the chicken livers I go to walmart and buy a pack of frozen beef liver. It’s sliced thin and while semi frozen you can cross cut it into strips that are the right size for the hook and a lot tougher than chicken liver. I also pour soured milo over the side of the boat from time to time to keep the fish there.

Catfish Edge says:

What’s your “go to” catfish bait?

Cincinnati _513_ says:

I’ve had success with leeches, gold fish, blue gil, rockbass (warmouth), chicken and night crawlers

Savioun Johnson says:

you and steven douglas should have a fish off some day that would be a good match to see cause he catch giant catfish of all kind

Melvin Henry says:

How do you catch catfish in a small pond


Is there any good size catfish in lake conroe?

thomas huffjr says:

Night crawlers,plan simple and universal….I’ve caught all 3 species of cat and some nice ones

Orange !! says:

Sorry to ask How about African catfish

David Martinez says:

Say Chad, what lakes are best to fish in the dfw area? I’ve been looking to do some out that way. I live just west of the metroplex and I normally fish Hubbard lake, the Brazos, and every now and then Possum Kingdom. Been wanting to try some new places tho.

AMB 1322 says:

My state doesn’t allow the use of live bait… sucks

Fortune PTg says:

for me corn works with the catfish , today i caught one with corn , i was fishing for another kind of fish and lots of catfish started to bite the corne and riping of the hooks or whatever that is cald

Shane Knight says:

lil sausages called bahama momas in the beef jerky section … huge flat heads musky suckers 8′ – 12′ long northern il 35lbs + flatheads

Melvin Henry says:

How do you catch catfish in a small pond

Ashlynn Coke says:

Have you ever fished in Alabama?

Leeland Waller says:

we have decent sized channel cats here in Ohio and by far I’ve had the most success using chicken liver.

Tim Conway says:

I live in Marinette, Wi and all I use is nightcrawlers. Every day I go out I catch 2-6 channel cats. Less mess, less smell and a decent amount of results.

Catfish Bubblegum says:

Catfish bubblegum needs to be in that list.

Savioun Johnson says:

i caught my pb channel cat on skip jack 10 or 11 lbs

Savioun Johnson says:

i caught my pb channel cat on skip jack 10 or 11 lbs

Jerry Bee says:

Good video.

kron tlou says:

Worms are pretty good for channel catfish. I usually use sudden impact and worms on 3 rods. Mix it up

1v 1 says:

I got a 60lbs catfish

Jake_fsf says:

I’ll tell you what throughout my years just the cheapest pack of hotdogs you can buy I always have great success with.

John Lover says:

so what night crawler it’s live bait

Mike P says:

I’ve caught yellows with shrimp from heb

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