Top 5 Baits for Early Spring Bass Fishing

These lures will help you catch big bass during the prespawn this Spring. Tim explains how to use each style to cover water and catch big bass.

Baits Shown In This Video…

Lucky Craft LV-500:
River2Sea Biggie Squarebill:
Lucky Craft BDS Squarebill:
Lucky Craft Staysee 90 Jerkbait:
Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait:
Matt’s Swimbait Head (for the A-rig):
Bladed A-Rig:
Finesse A-Rig:
Gan Craft 230 Glidebait:
River2Sea S-Waver 168:
Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact Swimbait:
Owner Flashy Swimmer Hook:
Osprey 6″ Swimbait:

Best Net:
Best Camera:
Best Jerkbait Replacement Hooks:
Best Squarebill Replacement Hooks:

The Key to catching big bass in Spring is to cover water and find the aggressive fish. Once aggressive bass are located you can switch between colors and styles of bait to keep the schooling fish active for as long as possible. Switching betwen a squarebill, jerkbait, alabama rig, etc… will keep them biting long after they would have given up on a single bait. Apply these bass fishing tips to your advantage this Spring and you’ll begin catching more bass right away!

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Griffin Heffington says:

What’s the water temp that will put fish in prespawn mode? 50? Above 50? Is it a bad idea to fish in the creeks in this 50 degree water? I’m in north ga on a TVA style lake if it helps

Brett Wise says:

i live in south carolina and we are in early prespawn what do you recommend throwing to target those really big bass when the water is still just starting to warm up?

Ben Zerzanek says:

Any opinions on big topwaters in shallow water during spring? like the MS slammer?

Brian Gipson says:

I been watching Tactical Bassin for about 6 months and I like to see you and Matt boat flip those 6 ,7 and 8 pound spotted bass.

lijitfishing lijitfishing says:

awesome tips keep it up

R Squared Fishing says:

Whats the email for yalls gear. looking for a new hat

Merrick Poo37 says:


Kentucky65 says:

Guys when throwing a swim bait,or crankbait or what ever how long do you fish that per say color or what ever befor you change baits or color because of not getting hits or catching ?


M79Man says:

never really tried those other baits…in the spring the only thing I throw is a tandem spinner bait…I have always caught my biggest fish on spinner baits…perfect conditions for me mean 5 or 10 mph wind blowing into a bank…preferably with lots of wood in the water…my 2 cents…these guys are experts and I respect their guidance…

Jamie Young says:

How come no one talks about spider wire braid?

Hayden Morel says:

Is this for California or the midwest?

Shaun Roberts says:

Awesome love your guys channel. You guys are the best and keep up the good work.And again thank you

Ryan Wright says:

I’m new to your channel and just curious are you guys California based ?

tim welch says:

should not of scraps the video should I edited it explain what was going on narration and edit

Jo Reinsch says:

hey guys. I’ve got an 7’3 extra heavy, fast rod. and a 7’6 heavy, fast rod. which one would be best for flipping and then a jig rod. please help.

Buck Wild Outdoors says:

some good baits. Definitely worth a shot! we are hoping to hit up some more bass fishing videos when we get open water in MN. We will be waiting and watching your content on the water and we hope you can enjoy ours! Find Your Frenzy!

Jo Reinsch says:

keep videos coming.

William Whittenburg says:

I have had trouble in locating bass during the transition periods while fishing in the California Delta. Do you find that bass in the tidal environment follow the same migration paths or do those fish have smaller “ranges” in which they migrate? Thanks for all the information and continued efforts to increase the interest in bass fishing.

David Jackson says:

thank you for what you do . you reach a lot of fishermen

jay bugni says:

Early spring is a long way away for me but I don’t mind. A buddy and I caught 89 blue gill on the hardwater this morning. Too bad we had to leave in the early afternoon. I was hoping to break the 100 fish mark in one day.

Ryan renshaw says:

Glad I found your channel good work

Larry Cederholm says:

First thanks for the work of making these videos….  That being said I’m new to bass fishing and still confused on bait for seasons, presentation of each bait, finding fishing locations in the lake will you ever do a vid on these thanks

GirlsHuntToo Vlogs says:

Nice, I wish we had open water. Went out ice fishing a couple days ago and caught 35 perch

Bennett Gaeger says:

What temp does the water need to get to before the bass begin to move off of their winter spots? Any other thoughts on water temps and baits would be welcomed. Great show.

Jo Reinsch says:

thanks again for all your help.

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