In this video I show you my TOP 10 SUMMERTIME BAITS. I go in-depth and explain how to use them, when to use them, and where to use them. This is a very informational video, make sure to watch the whole thing and take notes so you can catch more bass!!!!

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EnVision says:

Extremely helpful video. subscribes.

Joeschmofromcocomo says:

ill try the frog as well

Math Teacher says:

you’re pretty knowledgeable ..  thank you

Armand Charland says:

I’m doing everything I can with the popping frog and I know it can catch fish, but this summer it is the only lure that cant catch me fish. any basic tips than can change that?

Jorne Lindberg says:

i got some nu techs and they suckkkkk

Dan 2c plus says:

Have you ever tried a vilecraw as the trailer to a jig? Thing works magic

Michael Macdonald says:

could I have the link to the first frog that he said was the best?

Connor Pennings says:

Welcome back to another episode of me talking as fast as I can

Daniel Long says:

why do your jigs have two weed gards and do you make them or where can I get some?

Cory Killip says:

There is only candy craw or bluegill

Alejandro Yerbabuena says:

what well I use for a murky stained water ? I Wanna Catch Catfish and bass what well I use ?

Suzette Smithcroll says:

can u an apbassing come to Florida at Pembroke pines

NortheastTexasBassin' says:

i love my top water frog

Andrew.14 says:

Do you think a white/chartreuse chatter bait with a green pumpkin trailer would work well in clear water?

Chesney Crabtree says:

What do you use for Trailers?
on the NuTech Crazy Jig

Braydon Cooper says:

Where do you get new tech crazy jig

FireLine Fishing says:

Would a bluegill chatterbait be okay for shallow dirty water

Salior Gmaing says:

i use the black smoke fluke u can get em at wallmart

VINCENT Parker says:

Thank you Bro

Brandon Carton says:

Ok I will now proceed to throw everything in my tackle box and maybe my tackle box itself

bradley smith says:

Do a video on how to feel if a bass is hitting for beginners to bass fishing

KING ME says:

I Just moved to nutech swim jigs, I love them may never go back to jewel football jigs.

Mellow Hits says:

Fish are color blind, idk why you’re debating colors.

MZfishing says:

Lol way back

BigGameHunter says:

where is your salamanders?

bradley smith says:


Zach Domina says:

What about for right now when it’s super hot an i dont wanna fish at midnight?

Dustin Beatty says:

What bait color should be use if the water is a blueish green color?

Hayden Holleman says:

flair do u trim the weed gard down on ur jigs?

Autumn Willingham says:

my top number 1 one is a crack bait and lipless crank bait

Holden Clem 101 says:

Would a shaky head work well on clay/muck bottom?

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